Submissions from 2015

Dalle Dolomiti all'Etna, Curt Cacioppo

Divertimenti in Italia, Curt Cacioppo

Fantasy, Air & Rag, Curt Cacioppo

Gloria, Curt Cacioppo

Ritornello, Curt Cacioppo

The Valiant Crab, Curt Cacioppo

Women at the Cross, Curt Cacioppo

Probing the Selectivity of Beta-hydroxylation Reactions in Non-ribosomal Peptide Synthesis using Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Louise K. Charkoudian and Robert Fairman

Emergence of Collective Action in a Groundwater Commons: Irrigators in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, Kelsey C. Cody, Steven M. Smith, Michael Cox, and Krister Andersson

Despite Initial Moribund Appearance, Critically Ill Traumatic Brain Injury Patients with Diffuse Axonal Injury Have Improved Survival, Rebecca J. Compton, Raphael Carandang, Wiley Hall, and Susanne Muehlschlegel

Behind the Frontlines: Women’s Wartime Experiences as Front-Page News (France 1870–1918), Kathryne A. Corbin

Women on All Fronts? Personal Wartime Experience as Front-Page News (France 1870-1918), Kathryne A. Corbin


Completing the Lienard-Wiechert potentials: The origin of the delta function fields for a charged particle in hyperbolic motion, Daniel J. Cross


The Physical Origin of Torque and of the Rotational Second Law, Daniel J. Cross

A Week in the Childhood of W.C. Fields, Thomas Devaney

First Instrument, Thomas Devaney

On Seeing William Larson's "Figure in Motion", Thomas Devaney

Runaway Goat Cart, Thomas Devaney

The Best Styles, Thomas Devaney

The analytical-Continental divide: styles of dealing with problems, Thomas J. Donahue and Paulina Ochoa Espejo

From sunset to sunrise, John Dougherty

Do we look happy? Perceptions of romantic relationship quality on Facebook, Lydia F. Emery '12, Amy Muise, Elizabeth Alpert '13, and Benjamin Le

On Exile: Tajiri's America, Paul M. Farber

Eclipse of Grace: Divine and Human Action in Hegel [Book Review], Molly Farneth

Hegel's Sacramental Politics: Confession, Forgiveness, and Absolute Spirit, Molly Farneth

Nicholas Adams and G. W. F. Hegel on God, Community, and the Endurance of Difference, Molly Farneth

Assessing the Past and Promise of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey for Public Management Research: A Research Synthesis, Sergio Fernandez, William G. Resh, Tima Moldogaziev, and Zachary W. Oberfield


An Increasing Stellar Baryon Fraction in Bright Galaxies at High Redshift, Steven L. Finkelstein, Mimi Song, Peter Behroozi, and Desika Narayanan

Testimonies in Art & Action: Igniting Pacifism in the Face of Total War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing was her Fighting: Three Guineas as a Pacifist Response to Total War in Spain, J. Ashley Foster


Discovery of Large Molecular Gas Reservoirs in Post-Starburst Galaxies, K. Decker French, Yujin Yang, Ann Zabludoff, and Desika Narayanan

A Sensor-based Framework for Kinetic Data Compression, Sorelle A. Friedler

The Fabric of Spying: Double Agents and the Suburban Cold War, Andrew Friedman

A Peptide from Human Semenogelin I Self-assembles into a pH-responsive Hydrogel, B. Frohm, J. E. DeNizio, D. S. M. Lee, L. Gentile, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

On the chaotic behavior of the satellite hyperion, M. Furi, Adam Landsberg, and M. Martelli


Infusing Theory into the Undergraduate Classics Curriculum: Examples from Haverford College's Senior Seminar, Translation and Transformation, and History of Literary Theory, Robert Germany, Bret Mulligan, and Deborah H. Roberts

Renaud de Chateaudun's "Queen of France" and the Royalist Lament in Federal Philadelphia: A Study in Atlantic Musical Politics, Myron Gray


Review of Catherine Jones, Literature and Music in the Atlantic World, Myron Gray

An Orphan No Longer? Detection of the Southern Orphan Stream and a Candidate Progenitor, Carl J. Grillmair, Lauren Hetherington, Raymond G. Carlberg, and Beth Willman


First measurement of the cross-correlation of CMB lensing and galaxy lensing, Nicky Hand, Alexie Leauthaud, Sudeep Das, Blake D. Sherwin, and Bruce Partridge

Positive Knots and Lagrangian Fillability, Kyle Hayden and Joshua Marc Sabloff

The Crown and the Cosmos: Astrology and the Politics of Maximilian I, Darin Hayton


Evolution of chemical diversity by coordinated gene swaps in type II polyketide gene clusters, Maureen Hillenmeyer, Gergana Vandova, Erin Berlew '15, and Louise K. Charkoudian

Roundtable: Woolf and Violence, Mark Hussey, Sarah Cole, J. Ashley Foster, Christine Froula, and Jean Mills

Photoconductivity of Nanofilaments That are Self-Assembled from a Porphyrin with Long Alkyl-Chain Substituents, Patrizia Iavicoli, Julien Menko, Julio de Paula, and Walter Fox Smith

Beneath Winter Light: the Music of Heidi Jacob, Heidi Jacob


Reinvigorating Credit Growth in Central, Eastern, and Southern European Economies, Bosjan Jazbec, Cristopher Towe, Marco Pinon, and Biswajit Banerjee

Mediation of effects of a theory-based behavioral intervention on self-reported physical activity in South African men, John B. Jemmott III., Alisa Stephens-Shields, Ann O'Leary, Loretta Sweet Jemott, and Zolani Ngwane


Blasting away a dwarf galaxy: the 'tail' of ESO 324-G024, Megan C. Johnson, Peter Kamphuis, Baerbel S. Koribalski, and Alex S. Hill

Can social preferences explain gender differences in economic behavior?, Linda Kamas and Anne Preston

When Hawks Attack: Animal-borne Video Studies of Goshawk Pursuit and Prey-evasion Strategies, Suzanne Amador Kane


When Hawks Attack: Animal-borne Video Studies of Goshawk Pursuit and Prey-evasion Strategies, Suzanne Amador Kane, A. Harvey Fulton '14, and Lee Rosenthal '15

When hawks attack: video studies of goshawk pursuit strategies, Suzanne Amador Kane and Lee Rosenthal '15

American Color Print Society, Hee Sook Kim

Encounter, Hee Sook Kim

Enter into Art, Hee Sook Kim

Hee Sook Kim, Hee Sook Kim

Wow, Hee Sook Kim


Oniero [percussion trio and video], Hee Sook Kim and Christopher Shultis

Imagining Jewish Authenticity: Vision and Text in American Jewish Thought, Ken Koltun-Fromm

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, Ken Koltun-Fromm, Hermann Spieckermann, Barry Dov Walfish, and Choon-Leong Seow

The Military Origins of Soviet Industrialization, Vladimir Kontorovich

Carlos Chávez and Paul Strand, James Krippner and Leonora Saavedra

Advancing Multiliteracies in World Language Education, Yuri Kumagai and Ana Lopez

Multiliteracies in World Language Education, Yuri Kumagai, Ana Lopez, and Sujane Wu


Marsh plants mediate the influence of nitrogen fertilization on degradation of oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, J. Adams Langley, Helen K. White, Reena U. Palanivel, Thomas Shannon, and Samantha K. Chapan

Katherine Howlett Hayes, Slavery Before Race: Europeans,Africans,and Indians at Long Islands's Sylvester Manor, 1651-1884 [Book Review], Emma Lapsansky-Werner

Getting a Life Takes Time and an Open Mind: Remembering to Question Assumptions and Embrace Variations as We Continue to Develop Life Story Theory, Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl

Negation in Colonial Valley Zapotec, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen and Carolyn Jane Anderson


Looking at Difference: Laura Swanson’s Anti-Self-Portraits, Diane Arbus’s Portraits, and the Viewer’s Gaze, Kristin Lindgren, Tobin Siebers, and Alice Hall

Effect of Helix Length on the Stability of the Lac Repressor Antiparallel Coiled Coil, Wheaton Little, James P. Robblee, Caroline L. Dahlberg, Bashkim Kokona, and Robert Fairman

You Must Know, Thomas Lloyd

Dynamic Asymmetry and the Role of the Conserved Active-Site Thiol in Rabbit Muscle Creatine Kinase, Casey H. Londergan

Redesigning the Intermediate Level of the Spanish Curriculum Through a Multiliteracies Lens, Ana Lopez

Children's emotional expressivity and teacher perceptions of social competence: A cross-cultural comparison, J. Y. Louie, J. Fung, A. Lau, and Shu-wen Wang

Historiography of African religions, Wyatt MacGaffey


Evidence of Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Dark Matter Halos, Matthew Madhavacheril, Neelima Sehgal, Rupert Allison, Nick Battaglia, and Bruce Partridge


Early Observations and Analysis of the Type 1a SN 2014J in M82, G. H. Marion, D. J. Sand, E. Y. Hsiao, D. P. K. Banerjee, and John J. Bochanski

EQeq plus C: An Empirical Bond-Order-Corrected Extended Charge Equilibration Metho, Geoffrey C. Martin-Noble '17, David Reilly '16, Luis M. Rivas '16, Matthew D. Smith '16, and Joshua Schrier


Performing civility : international competitions in classical music, Lisa McCormick

Threat Analysis and the UN's 1267 Sanctions Committee, Barak Mendelsohn

The Most Conservative Dirichlet Prior Distribution for Trinomial Sampling, Weiwen Miao and Paul Chiou

An Irish Motif in Guta saga, Kristen Mills


NuSTAR Hard X-ray Survey of the Galactic Center Region I: Hard X-ray Morphology and Spectroscopy of the Diffuse Emission, Kaya Mori, Charles J. Hailey, Roman Krivonos, and Kerstin M. Perez


Cornelius Nepos, 'Life of Hannibal': Latin Text, Notes, Maps, Illustrations and Vocabulary, Bret Mulligan

Gout, Beasts, and Other Metaphorical Punishments in AP, Bret Mulligan


Mastering the West: Rome and Carthage at War [Review], Bret Mulligan

The formation of submillimetre-bright galaxies from gas infall over a billion years, Desika Narayanan, Matthew Turk, Robert Feldman, and Thomas Robitaille

The role of non-covalent interactions on vanadium tellurite chain connectivities, Anahita Nourmahnad '14, Matthew D. Smith '13, M. Zeller, G. M. Gerrence, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist

Associations Between Psychosocial Factors and Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Disease Among South African Adolescents, Ann O'Leary, John B. Jemmott III, Loretta S. Jemmott, Anne Teitelman, and Zolani Ngwane


Simulator of Galaxy Millimeter/Submillimeter Emission (SIGAME): The [CII]-SFR Relationship of Massive z=2 Main Sequence Galaxies, Karen P. Olsen, Thomas R. Greve, Robert Thompson '10, and Desika Narayanan


"Watching to banish Care": Sleep and Insomnia in Book 1 of The Faerie Queene, Benjamin Parris

The pocket instructor, literature: 101 exercises for the college classroom, Lindsay V. Reckson, Diana Fuss, and William A. Gleason

The Metamorphosis of Ovid in Retellings of Myth for Children, Deborah H. Roberts

Translating the Forbidden: the Unexpurgated Edition and the Reception of Ancient Obscenity, Deborah H. Roberts, Dorota Dutsch, and Ann Suter


Review of McCoskey's Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy, Sydnor Roy

Bruno Gentili in the Memoir of an American Homerist, Joseph A. Russo

Learning from the Diaspora: Toward an Anthropology of Iraqi Exile, Zainab Saleh


Antlia B: A Faint Dwarf Galaxy Member of the NGC 3109 Association, D. J. Sand, K. Spekkens, D. Crnojevic, Jonathan Hargis, and Beth Willman

Antlia B: A Faint Dwarf Galaxy Member of the NGC 3109 Association, D. J. Sand, K. Spekkens, Jonathan Hargis, and Beth Willman