Submissions from 2022

Hydraulic failure as a primary driver of xylem network evolution in early vascular plants, Martin Bouda, Brett A. Huggett, Kyra A. Prats, Jay W. Wason, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Stems matter: Xylem physiological limits are an accessible and critical improvement to models of plant gas exchange in deep time, William J. Matthaeus, Isabel P. Montanez, Jennifer C. McElwain, Jonathan P. Wilson, and Joseph D. White

The effect of CO2 concentration on carbon isotope discrimination during photosynthesis in Ginkgo biloba: implications for reconstructing atmospheric CO2 levels in the geologic past, Mason A. Scher, Richard S. Barclay, Allison A. Baczynski, Lily Bennett '20, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Submissions from 2021

Boat to bowl: resilience through network rewiring of a community-supported fishery amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrew K. Carlson, Talia Young, Miguel A. Centeno, Simon A. Levin, and Daniel I. Ruberstein

Freeze tolerance influenced forest cover and hydrology During the Pennsylvanian, William J. Matthaeus, Sophia I. Macarewich, Jon D. Richey, Jonathan P. Wilson, and Jennifer C. McElwain

Alternative Seafood Networks During COVID-19: Implications for Resilience and Sustainability, Josua S. Stoll, Hannah L. Harrison, Emily De Sousa, and Talia Young

Submissions from 2020

A Process-based Ecosystem Model (Paleo-BGC) to Simulate the Dynamic Response of Late Carboniferous Plants to Elevated )-2 and Aridification, Joseph D. White, Isabel P. Montanez, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Carboniferous plant physiology breaks the mold, Jonathan P. Wilson, Joseph D. White, Isabel P. Montanez, William A. DiMichele, and Jennifer C. McElwain

Submissions from 2019

A new approach for modelling water transport in fossil plants, Mélanie Tanrattana, Jean François Barczi, Anne Laure Decombeix, Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Opaline phytoliths in Miscanthus sinensis and its cyclone ash from a biomass-combustion facility, Ruggero Vigliaturo, Damaris Kehrli, Patxi Garra, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Submissions from 2018


Partial Photochemical Oxidation Was a Dominant Fate of Deepwater Horizon Surface Oil, Collin P. Ward, Charles M. Sharpless, David L. Valentine, Deborah P. French-McCay, and Helen K. White

Submissions from 2017

Dynamic Carboniferous tropical forests: new views of plant function and potential for physiological forcing of climate, Jonathan P. Wilson, Isabel P. Montañez, Joseph D. White, William A. DiMichele, and Jennifer C. McElwain

Submissions from 2016

Applications of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GC × GC) in Studying the Source, Transport, and Fate of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Environment, Robert K. Nelson, Christoph Aeppli, J. Samuel, Huan Chen, and Helen K. White

Water Transport, the Role in Plant Diversification of, J. Pittermann, Jonathan P. Wilson, and T.J. Brodribb

Long-term weathering and continued oxidation of oil residues from the Deepwater Horizon spill, Helen K. White, Chloe H. Wang '17, Patrick L. Williams '14, David M. Findley '15, and Alana M. Thurston '16