Submissions from 2019

American Color Print Society Group Exhibit, Hee Sook Kim

Print Explosion, Hee Sook Kim

XIIth Edition of the Florence Biennale, Hee Sook Kim

Submissions from 2018

Bhubaneswar Art Trail, Markus Baenziger

Sign of the Times, Markus Baenziger

16 times ART, Hee Kim

American Color Print Society Board Members Exhibition, Hee Kim

American Color Print Society & Spring Forward Exhibition, Hee Kim

Artbox Project, Hee Kim

Inauguration Exhibition, Hee Kim

Welcome to Art Garden,, Hee Kim

Wind Challenge 3, Hee Kim

A Room with No Exit, Naomi Safran-Hon

A Stirring Song Sung Heroic: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom, William Earle Williams

Complete Set II, William Earle Williams

People, Places and Things, William Earle Williams

The Pennsylvania Landscape in Impressionism and Contemporary Art, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2017

Three Sculptors, Markus Baenziger, Matt Blackwell, and Billy Copley

Against Competition/ Towards Mutual Aid, Christina Freedman

Spiritual Garden, Hee Kim

Submissions from 2016

Regrouping, Markus Baenziger

Art Blossom, Hee Kim

House Eberhard International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Howard County Arts Council Let's Keep in Touch, Hee Kim

Kulturbunker Cologne International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Leifneit Cultural Center International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Paradise Between on Hanji, Hee Kim

Robert Jackson Gallery Board Member Exhibition, Hee Kim

Seoul Art Space Reflection, Hee Kim

The Artrium Gallery Member Exhibition American Color Print Society, Hee Kim

The Plastic club Member Exhibition Color Print Society, Hee Kim

Paradise Between, Hee Sook Kim

A History of Photography, William Earle Williams


A Stirring Song Sung Heroic: African Americans from Slavery to Freedom, 1619 to 1865, William Earle Williams


Honey Hill Battle Site, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2015

Summer Group Exhibition, Markus Baenziger

American Color Print Society, Hee Sook Kim

Encounter, Hee Sook Kim

Enter into Art, Hee Sook Kim

Hee Sook Kim, Hee Sook Kim

Wow, Hee Sook Kim


Oniero [percussion trio and video], Hee Sook Kim and Christopher Shultis

Represent: 200 Years of African American Art, William Earle Williams

Take One: Contemporary Photographs, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2014

Art at the corner of Man and Nature [Review of Exhibition], Markus Baenziger

Summer Exhibition, Markus Baenziger

Uncommon Ground, Markus Baenziger

Wayside, Markus Baenziger

Artists of the Year, Hee Sook Kim

Between, Hee Sook Kim

Ink Art: Print Exhibition, Hee Sook Kim

International Art Exhibition: The Power of Art, Hee Sook Kim

The Rule of Law and the Right to be Human, Hee Sook Kim

City, Ying Li

Foreign Terrain, Ying Li

Heads, A Retelling, Ying Li

In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth, Ying Li

Paperazzi, An Invitational Show of Work on Paper, Ying Li

Still, Blue, Zeuxis at First Street Gallery, Ying Li

Artificial Light Photography in the Twentieth Century, William Earle Williams

Bill Dane: The Photographic Postcard as a Conceptual Artwork, William Earle Williams

Mid-Century Photographs: A Selection of Works from the Gift of Thomas H. Garver, Haverford College Class of 1956, William Earle Williams

Philadelphia Photographers:1975-1985, William Earle Williams

“Phoenixville Meeting House, UGRR Station, 1986", William Earle Williams

Photographs Talk: But Seeing What They Are Saying Is Another Matter, William Earle Williams

The Female Gaze, William Earle Williams

Treasures of the Athenaeum: 200 Years of Collecting, William Earle Williams

“Untitled Philadelphia, (White Man wearing a black mask) Tim Higgins 1980s”, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2013

Zeuxis: Still Blue, John Goodrich

33rd Mini Print Internatinal of Cadaquès, Hee Sook Kim

Berliner Liste, Hee Sook Kim

[Exhibition], Hee Sook Kim

Internationaal Podium Voor Heddaagse Kunst, Hee Sook Kim

Let Flowers Speak, Hee Sook Kim

Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Piccoli Gioelli: Little Treasures, Hee Sook Kim

an Invitational, Artists invite Artists, Ying Li

Creative Hand, Discerning Heart: Form, Rhythm, Song, Ying Li

Ying Li recent Paintings, Ying Li

A Stirring Song, William Earle Williams

Tell it with Pride: The 54th Massachusetss Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2012

Borrowed Time, Markus Baenziger

Zeuxis: Reflections, John Goodrich

Expressing the Social Conscience: Art Prints and Human Rights, Hee Sook Kim

Solo Exhibition by Hee Sook Kim at ArtSide Gallery, Hee Sook Kim

The Variations of Abstraction, Hee Sook Kim

No Middle Way, Ying Li

Respect: Artists invite Artists, Ying Li

Still Life Paintings, Ying Li

Thick Paint, Ying Li

Ying Li: Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, Ying Li

Zeuxis Project: Reflections, Ying Li

Submissions from 2011

Field Guide: Markus Baenziger, curated by John Muse, Markus Baenziger

Garden as Muse, curated by Andrea Packard, Markus Baenziger

Midnight Party, curated by Joan Rothfuss, Markus Baenziger

Outsight Inn: 28 Solo Projects, Markus Baenziger

Sculpture Key West 2011, Markus Baenziger

Sanbao International Printmaking Exhibition, Hee Sook Kim

Across the Divide, Ying Li

Canopy, Ying Li

Celebrating 100 years of The Chatauqua School of At, Ying Li