Submissions from 2021

Isometry groups of infinite-genus hyperbolic surfaces, Tarik Aougab, Priyam Patel, and Nicholas G. Vlamis

Homology Groups of Cubical Sets with Connections, Helene Barcelo, Curtis Greene, Abdul Salam Jarrah, and Volkmar Welker

On the Vanishing of Discrete Singular Cubical Homology for Graphs, Helene Barcelo, Curtis Greene, Abdul Salam Jarrah, and Volkmar Welker

Elements of disease in a changing world: modelling feedbacks between infectious disease and ecosystems, Elizabeth T. Borer, Lale Asik, Rebecca A. Everett, Thijs Frenken, and Angelica L. Gonzalez

Stoichiometric Ecotoxicology for a Multisubstance World, Angela Peace, Paul C. Frost, Nicole D. Wagner, Michael Danger, and Rebecca Everett

Automatic inference of demographic parameters using generative adversarial networks, Zhanpeng Wang, Jiaping Wang, Michael Kourakos, Nhung Hoang, and Sara Mathieson

Submissions from 2020

Letters to the Editor: Boycott collaboration with police, Tarik Aougab, Federico Ardila, Jayadev Athreya, Edray Goins, and Christopher Hoffman


Agent-based and continuous models of hopper bands for the Australian plague locust: How resource consumption mediates pulse formation and geometry, Andrew J. Bernoff, Michael Culshaw-Maurer, Rebecca Everett, Maryann E. Hohn, and W. Christopher Strickland


A tutorial review of mathematical techniques for quantifying tumor heterogeneity, Rebecca Everett, Kevin B. Flores, Nick Henscheud, John Lagergren, and Kamila Larripa


Generic Newton points and the Newton poset in Iwahori-double cosets, Elizabeth Milićević and Eva Viehmann

Disease-mediated ecosystem services: Pathogens, plants, and people, Rachel E. Paseka, Lauren A. White, Dedmer B. Van de Waal, Alex T. Strauss, and Rebecca Everett

The relative Gromov width of Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrians, Joshua Marc Sabloff and Lisa Traynor

Submissions from 2019

Isolas Versus Snaking of Localized Rolls, Tarik Aougab, Margaret Beck, Paul Carter, Surabhi Desai, and Bjorn Sandstede

Determining the finite subgraphs of curve graphs, Tarik Aougab, Ian Biringer, and Jonah Gaster

Packing Curves on Surfaces with Few Intersections, Tarik Aougab, Ian Biringer, and Jonah Gaster

Ordinary points mod p of GL(n) ( R ) -locally symmetric spaces, Mark Goresky and Yung-Sheng Tai

Ordinary points mod p of GL(n) (R)-locally symmetric spaces, Mark Goresky and Yung-Sheng Tai

Real structures on polarized Dieudonné modules, Mark Goresky and Yung-Sheng Tai

Real structures on polarized Dieudonné modules, Mark Goresky and Yung-Sheng Tai

Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian 4-plat knots, Erin R. Lipman and Joshua Marc Sabloff

Dimensions of Affine Deligne-Lusztig Varieties: A New Approach via Labeled Folded Alcove Walks and Root Operators, Elizabeth Milićević, Petra Schwer, and Anne Thomas

Immunosuppressant Treatment Dynamics in Renal Transplant Recipients: An Interactive Modeling Approach, Neha Murad, H. T. Tran, H. T. Banks, and Rebecca Everett

Immunosuppressant treatment dynamics in renal transplant recipients: An iterative modeling approach, Neha Murad, H.T. Tran, H. T. Banks, Rebecca A. Everett, and Eric S. Rosenberg

Submissions from 2018

Local Geometry of the k-Curve Graph, Tarik Aougab

Counting Curve Types, Tarik Aougab and Juan Souto

Mathematical and statistical model misspecifications in modelling immune response in renal transplant recipients, H. T. Banks, Rebecca Everett, Shuhua Hu, Neha Murad, and H. T. Tran

Optimal Design for Dynamical Modelling of Pest Populations, H. T. Banks, Rebecca Everett, Neha Murad, R. D. White, and J. E. Banks

Enumerations relating braid and commutation classes, Susanna Fishel, Elizabeth Milićević, Rebecca Patrias, and Bridget Eileen Tenner

Hypergeometric properties of genus 3 generalized Legendre curves, Heidi Goodson

Case comment: estimating the economic value of the loss of a chance: a re-examination of Chaplin v. Hicks, Weiwen Miao and Joseph L. Gastwirth

Improving the generation and selection of virtual populations in quantitative systems pharmacology models, Theodore R. Rieger, Richard J. Allen, Lucas Bystricky, Yuzhou Chen, and Rebecca Everett


Quantifying the impact of simple DNA parameters on the cyclization J-factor for single-basepair-addition families, Yunjin Tong and Robert S. Manning

Submissions from 2017

Pulling back stability with applications to Out(Fn) and relatively hyperbolic groups, Tarik Aougab, Matthew Gentry Durham, and Samuel J. Taylor

Curves intersecting exactly once and their dual cube complexes, Tarik Aougab and Jonah J. Gaster

Building hyperbolic metrics suited to closed curves and applications to lifting simply, Tarik Aougab, Jonah J. Gaster, Priyam Patel, and Jenya J. Sapir

Dynamic Modeling of Problem Drinkers Undergoing Behavioral Treatment, H. T. Banks, Kidist Bekele-Maxwell, Rebecca Everett, Lyric Stephenson, and Sijing Shao


Best and Worst Case Permutations for Random Online Domination of the Path, Jonathan Dewitt, Christopher Coscia, Fan Yang, and Yiguang Zhang

Sequence-Dependent Persistence Lengths of DNA, Jonathan S. Glowacki, Jaroslaw Glowacki, Alexandre E. Grandchamp, and Robert S. Manning

A Complete Hypergeometric Point Count Formula for Dwork Hypersurfaces, Heidi Goodson

The minimal length of a Lagrangian cobordism between Legendrians, Joshua Marc Sabloff and Lisa Traynor

Existence of weak solutions to refraction problems in Negative Refractive Index Materials, Eric Stachura

Existence of weak solutions to refraction problems in Negative Refractive Index Materials, Eric Stachura

The time dependent Maxwell system with measurable coefficients in Lipschitz domains, Eric Stachura

General refraction problems with phase discontinuities on nonflat metasurfaces, Eric Stachura, Cristian E. Gutierrez, and Luca Pallucchini

Submissions from 2016

An Adaptive Feedback Methodology for Determining Information Content in Stable Population Studies, H. T. Banks, John E. Banks, Rebecca Everett, and John D. Stark

Bounds on the maximum number of minimum dominating sets, Samuel Connolly, Anant Godbole, Bill Kay, and Zachary Gabor '15


Locally Convex Words and Permutations, Jonathan Dewitt and Christopher Coscia

Dynamics of a Data Based Ovarian Cancer Growth and Treatment Model with Time Delay, Rebecca Everett, J. D. Nagy, and Y. Kuang

Statistical issues arising in class action cases: a reanalysis of the statistical evidence in Dukes v. Wal-Mart II, Joseph L. Gastwirth and Weiwen Miao

Using Hybrid Schedules to Safely Outperform Classical Polyhedral Schedules, Tian Jin '17

Case comment-Briscoe v. City of New Haven: a statistical analysis of the effect of different written/oral exam weightings in disparate impact claims, Weiwen Miao


Families of Legendrian Submanifolds via Generating Families, Joshua Marc Sabloff and Michael G. Sullivan

Metamaterial lens design, Eric Stachura and Cristian E. Gutierrez

Submissions from 2015

Minimally intersecting filling pairs on surfaces, Tarik Aougab and Shinnyih Huang

On Curves and Polygons with the Equiangular Chord Property, Tarik Aougab, Xidian D. Sun, Serge Tabachnikov, and Yuwen Wang


Lagrangian cobordisms via generating families: Construction and geography, Frederic Bourgeois, Joshua Marc Sabloff, and Lisa Traynor

Positive Knots and Lagrangian Fillability, Kyle Hayden and Joshua Marc Sabloff

The Most Conservative Dirichlet Prior Distribution for Trinomial Sampling, Weiwen Miao and Paul Chiou


Uniform Refraction in Negative Refractive Index Materials, Eric Stachura and Cristian E. Gutirrez

Submissions from 2014

Constructing large k-systems on surfaces, Tarik Aougab

Large collections of curves pairwise intersecting exactly once, Tarik Aougab

Small intersection numbers in the curve graph, Tarik Aougab and Samuel J. Taylor


Computational Modeling of Interventions and Protective Thresholds to Prevent Disease Transmission in Deploying Populations, Colleen Burgess, Angela Peace, Rebecca Everett, Buena Allegri, and Patrick Garman

Applied Calculus 5th ed., Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Patti Frazer Lock, Andrew M. Gleason, Daniel E. Flath, and Jeff Tecosky-Feldman

A Catalogue of Stable Equilibria of Planar Extensible or Inextensible Elastic Rods for All Possible Dirichlet Boundary Conditions, Robert S. Manning

New Statistical Tests for Detecting Disparate Impact Arising From Two-Stage Selection Processes, Weiwen Miao

Mechanisms of Resistance to Intermittent Androgen Deprivation in Patients with Prostate Cancer Identified by a Novel Computational Method, Jason D. Morken, Aaron Packer, Rebecca Everett, John D. Nagy, and Yang Kuang

Topologically Distinct Lagrangian and Symplectic Fillings, Joshua Marc Sabloff, Chang Cao '13, Nate Gallup '13, and Kyle Hayden '13

Submissions from 2013

Uniform hyperbolicity of the graphs of curves, Tarik Aougab

Laplacians on a Family of Quadratic Julia Sets II, Tarik Aougab, Stella Chuyue Dong, and Robert S. Strichartz

The Distribution of Annual Maximum Earthquake Magnitude in Southern California, Paul Chiou and Weiwen Miao

Data and Implication Based Comparison of Two Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Models, Rebecca Everett, Y. Zhao, K. B. Flores, and Y. Kuang

Calculus 6th ed., Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Gleason, and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Legendrian contact homology in Seifert fibered spaces, Joan E. Licata and Joshua Marc Sabloff

Multivariable Calculus 6th ed., William McCallum, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason, Selin Kalayciglu, and Jeff Tecosky-Feldman

Properties of statistical tests appropriate for the analysis of data in disparate impact cases, Weiwen Miao and Joseph L. Gastwirth

Obstructions to Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrians via generating families, Joshua Marc Sabloff and Lisa Traynor

Analyzing Angular Distributions for Two-Step Dissociation Mechanisms in Velocity-Map Imaging, Daniel B. Straus and Lynne M. Butler

Submissions from 2012

Affine Deligne–Lusztig varieties associated to additive affine Weyl group elements, Elizabeth T. Beazley

Maximal Newton polygons via the quantum Bruhat graph (extended abstract), Elizabeth T. Beazley

On the Choice of a Beta Prior Distribution for Binomial Sampling, Paul Chiou and Weiwen Miao

The Annual Maximum Wind Speed at Pisa Airport in Italy, Paul Chiou, Weiwen Miao, and T. C. Ho

Rational Seifert Surfaces in Seifert Filtered Spaces, Joan E. Licata and Joshua Marc Sabloff

Spectral Properties of the Reflection Operator in Two Dimensions, Eric Stachura, I. Mitrea, and K. Ott

Submissions from 2011

Product Structures for Legendrian Contact Homology, G. Civan, J. B. Etnyre, P. Koprowski, and Joshua Marc Sabloff

Inequalities for symmetric means, Allison Cuttler '06, Curtis Greene, and Mark Skandera

Some Important Statistical Issues Courts Should Consider in Their Assessment of Statistical Analyses Submitted in Class Certification Motions: Implications for Dukes v. Wal-mart, Joseph L. Gastwirth, Efstathia Bura, and Weiwen Miao

Thermodynamic Analysis of Self-Assembly in Coiled-Coil Biomaterials, Betty P. Tsang '07, Heidi S. Bretscher '09, Bashkim Kokona, and Robert S. Manning

Submissions from 2010

Dp-Minimality: Basic Facts and Examples, Alfred Dolich, John Goodrick, and David Lippel

An Introduction to Statistical Inference and Its Applications with R [book review], Weiwen Miao

Did the Results of Promotion Exams Have a Disparate Impact on Minorities?: Using Statistical Evidence in Ricci v. DeStefano , Weiwen Miao

Submissions from 2009

Infinitesimal rigidity of a compact hyperbolic 4-orbifold with totally geodesic boundary, Tarik Aougab and Peter A. Storm

Codimensions of Newton strata for SL3(F) in the Iwahori case, Elizabeth T. Beazley

A Duality Exact Sequence for Legendrian Contact Homology , T. Ekholm, J. B. Etnyre, and Joshua Marc Sabloff


The Impact of Levene's Test of Equality of Variances on Statistical Theory and Practice., Joseph L. Gastwirth, Yulia R. Gel, and Weiwen Miao

Formal Statistical Analysis of the Data in Disparate Impact Cases Provides Sounder Inferences than the Government's "Four-Fifths" Rule: Examining the Statistical Evidence in Ricci v. DeStephano, Joseph L. Gastwirth and Weiwen Miao

The Effect of dependence between observations on the proper interpretation of statistical evidence, Yulia R. Gel, Weiwen Miao, and Joseph L. Gastwirth

An extended conjugate point theory with application to the stability of planar buckling of an elastic rod subject to a repulsive self-potential , Kathleen A. Hoffman and Robert S. Manning

Conjugate Points revisited and Neumann-Neumann Problems, Robert S. Manning

Ineffective perturbations in a planar elastica, Robert S. Manning and Kaitlyn M. Peterson