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Journal Article



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Astrophysical Journal of Letters





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We demonstrate a method to fully characterize mass-transferring double white dwarf (DWD) systems with a helium-rich (He) white dwarf (WD) donor based on the mass-radius (M-R) relationship for He WDs. Using a simulated Galactic population of DWDs, we show that donor and accretor masses can be inferred for up to similar to 60 systems observed by both Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) and Gaia. Half of these systems will have mass constraints Delta M-D less than or similar to 0.2 M-circle dot and Delta M-A less than or similar to 2.3 M-circle dot. We also show how the orbital frequency evolution due to astrophysical processes and gravitational radiation can be decoupled from the total orbital frequency evolution for up to similar to 50 of these systems.



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