Trigonal Bi- and Monopyramidal Cobalt(II) Complexes of a Novel Guanidine-Based tripodclassical Ligand

Cassandra E. Searls '10, Class of 2010, Haverford College
Scott T. Kleepsies '08, Class of 2008, Haverford College
Matthew L. Eppright '07, Class of 2007, Haverford College
Robert C. Scarrow, Haverford College
Sarina C. Schwartz '11, Class of 2011, Haverford College


This is the first of several planned paper describing the coordination chemistry of the novel ligand DIG3tren. We show by X-ray crystallography (performed in collaboration with Glenn Yap at the University of Delaware), mass spectrometry and UV/vis spectroscopy that the DIG3tren ligand coordinates to cobalt by 4 nitrogen atoms (one at the bottom and three equally-spaced around the middle) and has isopropyl 'flaps' that can close over the top of the cobalt atom, or can swing open to allow binding by a small auxiliary ligand such as acetate. --author-supplied description