Submissions from 2022


Physical and mental health characteristics related to trust in and intention to receive COVID-19 vaccination: results from a Korean community-based longitudinal study, Ye Jin Jeon, Youngrong Lee, Ji Su Yang, Young Su Park, and Sun Jae Jung

Submissions from 2021

The triple burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases and injuries on sex differences in life expectancy in Ethiopia, Myunggu Jung, Gizachew Balew Jembere, Young Su Park, William Muhwava, and Yeohee Choi

Re-membering Dismemberment: Haunting Images of Amputation at Aanolee and Oromo Political Subjectivities in Ethiopia, Young Su Park


A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review of the Impacts of Coronavirus on Society and Culture, Yeon Jung Yu, Young Su Park, Alison Keller, Jin-Won Noh, and Jiho Cha

Submissions from 2020


A cross-sectional study of social inequities in medical crowdfunding campaigns in the United States, Nora Kenworthy, Dhihang Zong, Anne Montgomery, Emily Fuller, and Lauren Berliner