Submissions from 2024

Meaningful Work as an Ethical Approach: Shaping the Next Generation of Organizational Gamification, Divinus Oppong-Tawiah, Xerxes Minocher, Farzam Boroomand, and Jane Webster

Submissions from 2023

"All Ways Open to all Men":Anthony Trollope and Mary Seacole in The Central American Transit Zones, Dennis Hogan

Becoming-Metal: On Knowledge by Ketamine, Joshua Alan Ramey

Submissions from 2021

Disrupting “all the familiar geometry”: Drones, Settler Colonialism, and Nasser Hussain’s Difficult Questions, Jill Stauffer

How to be the crux of a diachronic plot: Levinas, questions and answers, and child soldiering in international law, in four acts, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2020

How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, Shannan Hayes

Law and Oral History: Hearing the Claims of Indigenous Peoples, Jill Stauffer


Law, Politics, the Age of Responsibility, and the Problem of Child Soldiers, Jill Stauffer


'You people talk from paper': Indigenous law, western legalism, and the cultural variability of law's materials, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2018

Building Worlds/Thinking Together about Ethical Loneliness, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2017


Civic Engagement with the Dead: Notes on Theory and Practice in a Forensic Key, Adam Rosenblatt

Known Unknowns: Forensic Science, the Nation-State, and the Iconic Dead,, Adam Rosenblatt and Sarah E. Wagner

Submissions from 2016

Missing Persons: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Disappeared [Book Review], Adam Rosenblatt


The Shooting of a Caregiver, Adam Rosenblatt

‘a fine risk to be run’: Améry and Levinas on Aging, Responsibility, and Risk in the Wake of Atrocity, Jill Stauffer

Listening to the Archive: Failing to Hear, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2015


Digging for the Disappeared: Forensic Science After Atrocity, Adam Rosenblatt


On Beauty and Classroom Teaching, Adam Rosenblatt

Ethical Loneliness: The Injustice of Not Being Heard, Jill Stauffer

Nihilists, Heroes, Samaritans and I, Jill Stauffer


Review of Buchanan's The Heart of Human Rights, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2014


The Legal Politics of the Article 16 Decision: The International Criminal Court, the un Security Council and Ontologies of a Contemporary Compromise, Kamari M. Clarke and Sarah-Jane Koulen

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 2013 Year in Review, Christophe Paulussen, Jessica Dorsey, and Sarah-Jane Koulen

Submissions from 2013

Outbreak of Variant Influenza A(H3N2) Virus in the United States, Michael A. Jhung, Scott Epperson, Matthew Biggerstaff, and Jill Stauffer

Colin Dayan: "We have invented a new form of death" [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Heidegger and Levinas, Jill Stauffer

Linda Ross Meyer: "No one ‘deserves’ any of this", Jill Stauffer

Lisa Guenther: "What is the experience of isolation?" [Interview], Jill Stauffer


Speaking Truth to Reconciliation: Political Transition, Recovery and the Work of Time, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2012

William Connolly: "The soft spots in a hard structure may not show until they are tested" [Interview], William Connolly and Jill Stauffer

Sacred Graves and Human Rights, Adam Rosenblatt

A Hearing: Forgiveness, Resentment and Recovery in Law, Jill Stauffer

It is a tough proposition but not without hope. The soft spots in a hard structure may not show until they are tested, Jill Stauffer

Unsettling Democracy—Honig’s Emergency Politics [book review], Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2011

Down a Road and into an Awful Silence: Graphic Listening in Joe Sacco's Comics Journalism, Adam Rosenblatt and Andrea Lunsford

Submissions from 2010

International Forensic Investigation and the Human Rights of the Dead, Adam Rosenblatt

Critique, Caricature and Compulsion in Joe Sacco's Comics Journalism, Adam Rosenblatt and Andrea Lunsford

Equality and Equivocation: Saving Sovereignty from Itself, Jill Stauffer

How much does that weigh? Levinas and the Possibility of Human Rights, Jill Stauffer

Marianne Constable: “Speech—not God or morality—connects our law to justice” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2009

Traditional Justice and Reconciliation After Violent Conflict – Learning from African Experiences [book review], Sarah-Jane Koulen

Productive Ambivalence: Levinasian Subjectivity, Justice, and the Rule of Law, Jill Stauffer

Thomas Dumm: “Out of loneliness we might come to be with each other in a better way”, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2008

Review of Deborah Rhode's Access to Justice, Jill Stauffer

Nietzsche and Levinas: "After the Death of a Certain God", Jill Stauffer and Bettina Bergo

Submissions from 2007

The rule of law and its shadow: ambivalence, procedure, and the justice beyond legality, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2006

Alison Young: “Law is dependent on the image, and images have a certain power over law” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Event in Search of An Audience, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2005

Book Review of Michael Ignatieff's The Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in an Age of Terror, Jill Stauffer

Peter Fitzpatrick: “‘In God we trust’ can relieve us of trusting each other” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2004

Silvia Benso: “Morality does not require creativity. Ethics does” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

The Fiction of the State of Nature in Real Time: The Social Contract, International Human Rights and the Refugee, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2003

Judith Butler: “Peace is resistance to the terrible satisfactions of war” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Simon Critchley: “The point is not to abandon reason, but to realize what reason has become for us” [Interview], Jill Stauffer

Sovereignty and Subjection: Transcendence and the Traces of Order and Anarchy in Positive Law, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2002

Seeking the Between of Vengeance and Forgiveness: Martha Minow, Hannah Arendt, and the Possibilities of Forgiveness, Jill Stauffer

Submissions from 2001

Review of Costas Douzinas' The End of Human Rights, Jill Stauffer