Most Recent Additions*


Probing Monotopic Phosphoglycosyl Transferases from Complex Cellular Milieu
Alyssa J. Anderson, Leah M. Seebald, Christine A. Arbour, and Barbara Imperiali


Legendrian satellites and decomposable cobordisms
Roberta Guadagni, Joshua Marc Sabloff, and Matthew Yacavone


Curves on the torus intersecting at most k times
Tarik Aougab and Jonah Gaster


The thermal and non-thermal components within and between galaxy clusters Abell 399 and Abell 401
Frederico Radiconi, Valentina Vacca, Elia Battistelli, Annalisa Bonafede, and Bruce Partridge


Jammed solids with pins: Thresholds, force networks, and elasticity
Andy L. Zhang, Sean A. Ridout, Celia Parts, Aarushi Sachdeva, and Theodore A. Brzinski III


Black-Asian solidarity through collective racial socialization
Ryan F. Lei, Zoe Frazer-Klotz, and Elizabeth C. Szanton


Once More a Weasel
Matthew C. Farmer


Stems matter: Xylem physiological limits are an accessible and critical improvement to models of plant gas exchange in deep time
William J. Matthaeus, Isabel P. Montanez, Jennifer C. McElwain, Jonathan P. Wilson, and Joseph D. White


Fuzzy dark matter and the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 data
Mona Dentler, David J.E. Marsh, Renee Hlozek, Alex Lague, and Daniel Grin


Searching for Dark Matter with an Optomechanical Accelerometer
Jack Manley, Mitul Day Chowdhury, Daniel Grin, Swati Singh, and Dalziel Wilson


The Velocity Map Asymmetry of Ionized Gas in MaNGA. I. The Catalog and General Properties
Shuai Feng, Shi-Yin Shen, Fang-Ting Yuan, Y. Sophia Dai, and Karen Masters

*Updated as of 12/02/22.