Most Recent Additions*


Determining the finite subgraphs of curve graphs
Tarik Aougab, Ian Biringer, and Jonah Gaster


Counting Curve Types
Tarik Aougab and Juan Souto


Pulling back stability with applications to Out(Fn) and relatively hyperbolic groups
Tarik Aougab, Matthew Gentry Durham, and Samuel J. Taylor


Building hyperbolic metrics suited to closed curves and applications to lifting simply
Tarik Aougab, Jonah Gaster, Priyam Patel, and Jenya J. Sapir


On Curves and Polygons with the Equiangular Chord Property
Tarik Aougab, Xidian D. Sun, Serge Tabachnikov, and Yuwen Wang


Minimally intersecting filling pairs on surfaces
Tarik Aougab and Shinnyih Huang


Small intersection numbers in the curve graph
Tarik Aougab and Samuel J. Taylor


Laplacians on a Family of Quadratic Julia Sets II
Tarik Aougab, Stella Chuyue Dong, and Robert S. Strichartz


Packing Curves on Surfaces with Few Intersections
Tarik Aougab, Ian Biringer, and Jonah Gaster


Isolas Versus Snaking of Localized Rolls
Tarik Aougab, Margaret Beck, Paul Carter, Surabhi Desai, and Bjorn Sandstede


Lifestyle Modification Approaches for the Treatment of Obesity in Adults
Thomas A. Wadden, Jena S. Tronieri, and Meghan L. Butryn


The HI morphology and stellar properties of strongly barred galaxies: support for bar quenching in massive spirals
L. Newnham, Kelley M. Hess, Karen Masters, Sandor Kruk, and Samantha J. Penny

*Updated as of 03/29/20.