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A multivariate view of the speciation continuum
Daniel I. Bolnick, Amanda K. Hund, Patrik Nosil, Foen Peng, and Mark Ravinet


Frequency Changes in Terminal Alkynes Provide Strong, Sensitive, and Solvatochromic Raman Probes of Biochemical Environments
Matthew G. Romei '14, Eliana V. von Krusenstiern '18, Stephen T. Ridings '17, Renee N. King '16, Julia C. Fortier '18, Caroline A. McKeon '18, Krysta M. Nichols '25, Louise K. Charkoudian, and Casey Londergan


Hydraulic failure as a primary driver of xylem network evolution in early vascular plants
Martin Bouda, Brett A. Huggett, Kyra A. Prats, Jay W. Wason, and Jonathan P. Wilson


Ontology for Analytic Claims in Music
Emilio M. Sanfilippo and Richard Freedman


Evolutionary gain and loss of a pathological immune response to parasitism
Jesse N. Weber, Natalie C. Steinel, Foen Peng, Kum Chuan Shim, and Brian K. Lohman


Probing Monotopic Phosphoglycosyl Transferases from Complex Cellular Milieu
Alyssa J. Anderson, Leah M. Seebald, Christine A. Arbour, and Barbara Imperiali


Legendrian satellites and decomposable cobordisms
Roberta Guadagni, Joshua Marc Sabloff, and Matthew Yacavone


Curves on the torus intersecting at most k times
Tarik Aougab and Jonah Gaster


The thermal and non-thermal components within and between galaxy clusters Abell 399 and Abell 401
Frederico Radiconi, Valentina Vacca, Elia Battistelli, Annalisa Bonafede, and Bruce Partridge

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