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Tracking carrier protein motions with Raman spectroscopy
Samuel C. Epstein '19, Adam R. Huff, Emily S. Winesett '16, Casey Londergan, and Louise K. Charkoudian


Co-culture and biogeography of Prochlorococcus and SAR11
Jamie Becker, Shane L. Hogle, Kali Rosendo, and Sallie W. Chisholm


Bacterial alkylquinolone signaling contributes to structuring microbial communities in the ocean
Kristen E. Whalen, Jamie W. Becker, Anna M. Schrecengost '18, Yongjie Gao '20, and Nicole Giannetti '18


Examining Inputs of Biogenic and Oil-Derived Hydrocarbons in Surface Waters Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Helen K. White, Charles T. Marx '20, David L. Valentine, and Charles Sharpless

*Updated as of 12/13/19.