Most Recent Additions*


Observations of compact sources in galaxy clusters using MUSTANG2
Simon R. Dicker, Elia S. Battistelli, Tanay Bhandarkar, Mark J. Devlin, and Bruce Partridge


A Novel Framework for Modeling Weakly Lensing Shear Using Kinematics and Imaging at Moderate Redshift
Brian DiGiorgio, Kevin Bundy, Kyle B. Westfall, Alexie Leauthaud, and David Stark


Mutation rate dynamics reflect ecological change in an emerging zoonotic pathogen
Gemma G.R. Murray, Andrew Balmer, Josephine Herbert, Nazreen W. Hadijirin, and Eric L. Miller


Hormones and neuroplasticity: A lifetime of adaptive responses
Laura Been, Paul A.S. Sheppard, Liisa A.M. Galea, and Erica R. Glasper


Freeze tolerance influenced forest cover and hydrology During the Pennsylvanian
William J. Matthaeus, Sophia I. Macarewich, Jon D. Richey, Jonathan P. Wilson, and Jennifer C. McElwain


Long-distance phonological processes as tier-based strictly local functions
Phillip Burness, Kevin McMullin, and Jane Chandlee


Blatant Dehumanization in the Mind's Eye: Prevalent Even Among Those Who Explicitly Reject It?
Christopher D. Petsko, Ryan F. Lei, Jonas R. Kunst, Emile Bruneau, and Nour Kteily


Galaxy zoo: stronger bars facilitate quenching in star-forming galaxies
Tobias Geron, Rebecca J. Smethurst, Chris Lintott, Karen Masters, and David Stark

*Updated as of 12/05/21.