Most Recent Additions*


Honey bee (Apis mellifera) exposomes and dysregulated metabolic pathways associated with Nosema ceranae infection
Robert L. Broadrup, Christopher Mayack, Sassicaia J. Schick, and Helen K. White


Hurricane Isaac brings more than oil ashore: Characteristics of beach deposits following the Deepwater Horizon spill
Karin L. Lemkau, Christopher M. Reddy, Catherine A. Charmichael, and Helen K. White


Encounters With Classical Myth in Childhood and Beyond
Sheila Murnaghan and Deborah H. Roberts


Obscenity in Epigram
Bret Mulligan


Another look through Heisenberg's microscope
Stephen P. Boughn and Marcel Reginatto


Mercury speciation and retention in a salt marsh undergoing long-term fertilization
Carl Lamborg, Tracy Mincer, William Buchanan, and Kristen E. Whalen


Tales of Troy
Bret Mulligan


pKa Determination of a Histidine Residue in a Short Peptide Using Raman Spectroscopy
Brett H. Pogostin '18, Anders Malmendal, Casey Londergan, and Karin S. Akerfeldt


Inferentialism after Kant
Danielle Macbeth


To Hell and Back with Good Intentions
Anthony C. Ogden and Eric Hartman

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