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Quaker Women, 1800–1920
Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner


Jane Chandlee


Cognitive Neuroscience
Marie T. Banich and Rebecca J. Compton


Adverbs Across Domains
Amanda Payne


A comparison of the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation in MaNGA and IllustrisTNG
Julian S. Goddy, David V. Stark, Karen Masters, Kevin Bundy, and Niv Drory


The Eighteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: Targeting and First Spectra from SDSS-V
Andres Almeida, Scott F. Anderson, Maria Argudo-Fernandez, Carles Badenes, and Karen Masters


A Modern Twist on an Old Measurement: Using Laboratory Automation and Data Science to Determine the Solubility Product of Lead Iodide
Alexander J. Norquist, Gabriel Jones-Thomson '23, Keqing He '24, Thomas Egg, and Joshua Schrier

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