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Principled Exploration of Bipyridine and Terpyridine Additives to Promote Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Crystallization
Noor Tital Putri Hartono, Mansoor Ani Najeeb, Zhi Li, Clare A. Fleming '24, and Alexander J. Norquist


Philadelphia Fire [book review]
Richard Kent Evans


Synergy of Analytical Approaches Enables a Robust Assessment of the Brazil Mystery Oil Spill
Christopher M. Reddy, Robert K. Nelson, Ulrich M. Hanke, Xingqian Cui, and Helen K. White


Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Constraints on prerecombination early dark energy
J. Colin Hill, Erminia Calabrese, Simone Aiola, Nicholas Battaglia, and Bruce Partridge


ActinoBase: tools and protocols for researchers working on Streptomyces and other filamentous actinobacteria
Morgan Anne Feeney, Jake Terry Newitt, Emily Addington, Louise K. Charkoudian, and Joshua G. Klein '20


Exploring Individuals' Descriptive and Injunctive Norms of Ghosting
Darcey N. Powell, Gili Freedman, Benjamin Le, and Kipling D. Williams


SDSS-IV MaNGA: How the Stellar Populations of Passive Central Galaxies Depend on Stellar and Halo Mass
Grecco A. Oyarzun, Kevin Bundy, Kyle B. Westfall, Jeremy L. Tinker, and Karen Masters


Spatiotemporal Route to Understanding Metal Halide Perovskitoid Crystallization
Mansoor Ani Najeeb Nellikkal, Rodolfo Keesey, Margaret Zeile, Venkateswaran Shekar, and Alexander J. Norquist


Origamis associated to minimally intersecting filling pairs
Tarik Aougab, William Menasco, and Mark Nieland


The Stora Report
Robert Mortimer


An Invitation to Teaching Reproducible Research: Lessons from a Symposium
Richard J. Ball, Norm Medeiros, Nicholas W. Bussberg, and Aneta Piekut


The role of gender and safety concerns in romantic rejection decisions
Gili Freedman, Andrew H. Hales, Darcey N. Powell, Benjamin Le, and Kipling D. Williams


Microeconomic Theory
Giri Parameswaran


Improved limits on the tensor-to-scalar ratio using BICEP and Planck data
Matthieu Tristram, Anthony J. Banday, Krzysztof M. Gorski, Reijo Keskitalo, and Bruce Partridge


Gelatin-derived carbon quantum dots mitigate herbicide-induced neurotoxic effects in vitro and in vivo
Jyoti Ahlawat, Gabriela Henriquez, Armando Varela-Ramirez, Robert Fairman, and Mahesh Narayan


A Gallery Model for Affine Flag Varieties via Chimney Retractions
Elizabeth Milićević, Yusra Naqvi, Petra Schwer, and Anne Thomas

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