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The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Weighing Distant Clusters with the Most Ancient Light
Mathew S. Madhavacheril, Sifon Cristobal, Nicholas Battaglia, Simone Aiola, and Bruce Partridge


Estrogen withdrawal increases postpartum anxiety via oxytocin plasticity in the paraventricular hypothalamus and dorsal raphe nucleus
Elizabeth C. Heaton '18, Claudia Amaral '17, Lauren E. Benedetto '18, Clio L. Bodie '17, Brianna I. D'Antonio '17, Dayana R. Davila Portilo '19, Rachel H. Lee '17, M. Taylor Levine '18, Emily C. O'Sullivan '19, Natalie P. Pisch '19, Shantal Taveras '18, Hannah R. Wild '19, and Laura Been


Gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry as a preferred method for quantification of insect hemolymph sugars
Christopher Mayack, Kathleen Carmichael, Nicole Phalen, Zaeema Khan, and Helen K. White


Identification of persistent oil residues in Prince William Sound, Alaska using rapid spectroscopic techniques
Helen K. White, Alexandra E. Morrison, Charvanaa Dhoonmoon, Hasibe Caballero-Gomez, and Michelle Luu


Becoming and fostering allies and accomplices through authentic relationships: choosing justice over comfort
Karen L. Suyemoto, Alissa Hochman, Roxanne A. Donovan, and Lizabeth Roemer


The meaning of scientific objectivity and subjectivity: From the perspective of methodologists
Heidi M. Levitt, Francisco I. Surace, Max B. Wu, Brad Chapin, and Alissa Hochman


Silicone Wristbands as Passive Samplers in Honey Bee Hives
Emma J. Bullock '19, Alexis M. Schafsnitz '17, Chloe H. Wang '17, Robert L. Broadrup, and Helen K. White


Integrating grammatical inference into robotic planning
Jane Chandlee, Jie Fu, Konstantinos Karydis, Cesar Koirala, and Jeffrey Heinz

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