Most Recent Additions*


Optimization of NanoGarav's Time Allocation for Maximum Sensitivity to Single Sources
Andrea Lommen, Brian Christy, Ryan Anella, Lee Samuel Finn, Richard Camuccio, and Emma Handzo


NanoGrav constraints on Gravitational Wave Bursts with Memory
Andrea Lommen, Z. Arzoumanian, A. Brazier, and S. Burke-Spolaor


The NanoGrav Nine-Year Data Set : Limits on the Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background
Z. Arzumanian, A. Brazier, S. Burke-Spolaor, S. J. Chamberlin, and Andrea Lommen


Morphology in the Era of Large Surveys
Karen Masters, Chris Lintott, Brooke Simmons, Steven Bamford, and Sugata Kaviraj


Asking Gender Questions
Karen Masters, Jonathan Pritchard, and James Allen


Adaptive Symbolic Control for Finite-State Transition Systems with Grammatical Inference
Jane Chandlee, Jie Fu, Herbert Tanner, and Jeffery Heinz


Learning Strictly Local Subsequential Functions
Jane Chandlee, Rémi Eyraud, and Jeffrey Heinz


Symbolic Planning and Control Using Game Theory and Grammatical Inference
Jane Chandlee, Herbert Tanner, Jie Fu, Jeffery Heinz, Konstantinos Karydis, and Cesar Koirala


Computational Phonology
Jane Chandlee and Jeffrey Heinz


Strict Locality and Phonological Maps
Jane Chandlee and Jeffrey Heinz


Antifundamentalism in Modern America
David Harrington Watt


Henry Cadbury, AFSC, and Haverford College
David Harrington Watt and James Krippner


Groups of Galaxies in the Two Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey
Karen Masters, Aidan C. Crook, John P. Huchra, and Nathalie Martimbeau

*Updated as of 03/19/18.