Submissions from 2018

Smell Detectives: An Olfactory History of Nineteenth-Century Urban America [book review], Eli O. Anders

Dinner Theatre/Dinner Theatricality, Elizabeth Blake

An American Family, Nimisha Ladva

Submissions from 2016

Recovering Pacifisms Past: Modernist Networks, the Society of Friends, and the Peace Movement of the Spanish Civil War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing in the ‘White Light of Truth’: History, Ethics, and Community in Between the Acts, J. Ashley Foster


The (S)paces of Academic Work: Disability, Access, and Higher Education, Kristin Lindgren

Submissions from 2015

Shame and Sensibility: Jane Austen's Humiliated Heroines, Ashly Bennett

Testimonies in Art & Action: Igniting Pacifism in the Face of Total War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing was her Fighting: Three Guineas as a Pacifist Response to Total War in Spain, J. Ashley Foster

Roundtable: Woolf and Violence, Mark Hussey, Sarah Cole, J. Ashley Foster, Christine Froula, and Jean Mills

The Novice, John Hyland


Looking at Difference: Laura Swanson’s Anti-Self-Portraits, Diane Arbus’s Portraits, and the Viewer’s Gaze, Kristin Lindgren, Tobin Siebers, and Alice Hall

Submissions from 2012

The hermetic Deleuze : philosophy and spiritual ordeal, Joshua Alan Ramey

A Condition of Doubt: The Meanings of Hypochondria, Carol Schilling