Submissions from 2023

Quaker Women, 1800–1920, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Submissions from 2022

Margaret Fuller's Physical Education, Jess Libow

"We uncertain step": Emily Dickinson, Disability, and Embodied Learning, Jess Libow

Submissions from 2021

Convalescence in the Nineteenth-Century Novel: The Afterlife of Victorian Illness [book review], Eli O. Anders

Sickness in the Workhouse: Poor Law Medical Care in Provincial England, 1834-1914 [book review], Eli O. Anders

“So delightful a temporary home”: The Material Culture of Domesticity in Late Nineteenth-century English Convalescent Institutions, Eli O. Anders

Hiding in Plain Sight: Laura Swanson’s Anti-Self-Portraits and the Problem of Difference, Kristin Lindgren

Submissions from 2020

Deafness, Language, and Personhood in the Enlightenment, Kristin Lindgren

Submissions from 2019

“The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me”: Bourdieuan Multiform Capital and Dickensian Characterization, Rosetta Young

Submissions from 2018

Smell Detectives: An Olfactory History of Nineteenth-Century Urban America [book review], Eli O. Anders

Dinner Theatre/Dinner Theatricality, Elizabeth Blake

An American Family, Nimisha Ladva

Submissions from 2016

Recovering Pacifisms Past: Modernist Networks, the Society of Friends, and the Peace Movement of the Spanish Civil War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing in the ‘White Light of Truth’: History, Ethics, and Community in Between the Acts, J. Ashley Foster


The (S)paces of Academic Work: Disability, Access, and Higher Education, Kristin Lindgren

Submissions from 2015

Shame and Sensibility: Jane Austen's Humiliated Heroines, Ashly Bennett

Testimonies in Art & Action: Igniting Pacifism in the Face of Total War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing was her Fighting: Three Guineas as a Pacifist Response to Total War in Spain, J. Ashley Foster

Roundtable: Woolf and Violence, Mark Hussey, Sarah Cole, J. Ashley Foster, Christine Froula, and Jean Mills

The Novice, John Hyland


Looking at Difference: Laura Swanson’s Anti-Self-Portraits, Diane Arbus’s Portraits, and the Viewer’s Gaze, Kristin Lindgren, Tobin Siebers, and Alice Hall

Submissions from 2012

The hermetic Deleuze : philosophy and spiritual ordeal, Joshua Alan Ramey

A Condition of Doubt: The Meanings of Hypochondria, Carol Schilling