Submissions from 1969


Aristotle's Definition of Motion, Aryeh L. Kosman


The Beloved City: Commentary on a Kimbanguist Text, Wyatt MacGaffey

1. The Primeval Fireball Today, Bruce Partridge

Mean Free Paths of Cosmic Rays through a Far Infrared Radiation Field, Bruce Partridge and P. Encrenaz

Submissions from 1968


Gaussian Basis Sets for Model Anharmonic Oscillator Systems, John P. Chesick

Variance Algorithm for Minimization, William C. Davidon

Single Party Systems and Democratic Institutions in Tropical Africa, Harvey Glickman


Predicating the Good, Aryeh L. Kosman

Homer Against his Tradition, Joseph A. Russo

Homeric Psychology and the Oral Epic Tradition, Joseph A. Russo and B. Simon

Submissions from 1967

Dialogues in African Political Theory, Harvey Glickman

Dilemmas of Political Theory in an African Context: The Ideology of Julius Nyerere, Harvey Glickman

Readings in African Political Parties and Political Development, Harvey Glickman

Aristotle’s First Predicament, Aryeh L. Kosman


Possible Population II binary stars, Bruce Partridge

Effects of Absorption Spectra of Ices on the u.v. Extinction by Interstellar Grains, Bruce Partridge, G. B. Field, and H. Sobel


Are Young Galaxies Visible?, Bruce Partridge and P. J. E. Peebles


Are Young Galaxies Visible? II. The Integrated Background, Bruce Partridge and P. J. E. Peebles


Isotropy and Homogeneity of the Universe from Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge and David T. Wilkinson


Large Scale Density Inhomogeneities in the Universe, Bruce Partridge and D. T. Wilkinson


Upper Limit on the Mean Mass Density Due to Galaxies, P. J. E. Peebles and Bruce Partridge


New Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background at lambda=3.2 cm and lambda=1.58 cm -- Evidence in Support of Blackbody Spectrum, R. A. Stokes, David T. Wilkinson, and Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1966


Monitoring Operators in Magnetic Resonance and Light Modulation, Thomas R. Carver and Bruce Partridge


Photolysis of cis-Hexene-2 and cis-Butene-2 at 2026 and 2062 A, John P. Chesick

The Army and Political Unrest in Tanganyika, Harvey Glickman


The Modulated Absorption of Light in an Optical Pumping Experiment in 4He, Bruce Partridge and G. W. Series


The Transfer of Coherence by Collisions of 3He Atoms, Bruce Partridge and G. W. Series

The Structural Formula of Homeric Verse, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 1965

Symmetry, William C. Davidon

One Party System in Tanganyika, Harvey Glickman

Political Science, Harvey Glickman

The Carry-Over of Coherence in a Cycle of Optical Pumping in Helium, Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1964


Observables in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, William C. Davidon and H. Ekstein


An Introduction to Dispersion Relations, Charles H. Holbrow and William C. Davidon

Submissions from 1963


Teaching the Writing of Fiction, John Ashmead

Introduction to Political Africa, Harvey Glickman

A Closer Look at Homeric Formulas, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 1962


The Life of a Composition Class, John Ashmead

The Roots of Crisis in the Congo, Harvey Glickman


Analytical Maps between Riemann Surfaces, Dale H. Husemoller

Submissions from 1961


Stimulated Emission of the 3.04-cm Fine-Structure Line of Hydrogen in Diffuse Nebulae, George B. Field and Bruce Partridge

The Toryness of English Conservatism, Harvey Glickman

Submissions from 1960

The American Legion Dies Laughing, Harvey Glickman

Submissions from 1959

Elementary Particles with the Symmetry of the DeSitter Group, William C. Davidon

Viewing Public Opinion in Politics: A Common Sense Approach, Harvey Glickman

Submissions from 1958


Gaseous Detonations. X. Study of Reaction Zones, John P. Chesick and G. B. Kistiakowsky

Symmetry and Conservation in Introductory Physics, William C. Davidon

Submissions from 1957

Spin Momentum Correlation in the Beta Decay of Polarized Li8 Nuclei, William C. Davidon

Submissions from 1956

A Fast Trigger Circuit, William C. Davidon

Comparison of Spin Flip Dispersion Relations with Pion Nucleon Scattering Data, William C. Davidon

Dispersions in the Pion Proton Scattering, William C. Davidon

Submissions from 1955

Causality in the Pion Proton Scattering, William C. Davidon

Proper Time Electron Formalism, William C. Davidon

Proper Time Quantum Electrodynamics, William C. Davidon

Scattering of Positive Pions by Hydrogen at 189 MEV, William C. Davidon

Toward Solving the Puzzle -- A Manual for the Appraisal of Community Resources and Social Services, Harvey Glickman

Submissions from 1954

The Problem of Internal Security in Great Britain, H. H. Wilson and Harvey Glickman

Submissions from 1953

Nomogram for Counting Time, William C. Davidon

Submissions from 1952

Nomograms for Computing Register Losses, William C. Davidon

Submissions from 102

Desde las roturas: Memoria, judeidad y extranjería en Tamara Kamenszain, Ariana Huberman