Submissions from 2008

10 Years Later: A review of Black Wealth/White Wealth 10th Anniversary edition., Juli Grigsby

Anthropology and Trauma, Joshua Moses and Kelly McKinney

Submissions from 2007

Theory of planned behaviour predictors of intention to use condoms among Xhosa adolescents in South African , John B. Jemmott, J. A. Heeren, Zolani Philemon Ngwane, and N. Hewitt

Ethnicity and the making of history in northern Ghana, Wyatt MacGaffey

Living the hiplife, Jesse Weaver Shipley and Reggie Rockstone

Submissions from 2006

Environmentality: Technologies of Government and the Making of Subjects [book review], Nikhil Anand


Planning Networks: Processing India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, Nikhil Anand

New Work on Environmental Science Friction, Nikhil Anand, J. Campbell, A. Henne, and A. Moore

The Anthropology of Global Productions: Producing and Critiquing the Global, Hannah Appel, Nikhil Anand, Elif Babul, and Robert Samet


Provincial Anthropology, Circumlocution, and the Copious Use of Everything, Laurie Kain Hart

Death of a king, death of a kingdom? Social pluralism and succession to high office in Dagbon, northern Ghana, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 2005

Changing representations in Central African history, Wyatt MacGaffey

Commentary on four Kongo objects, Wyatt MacGaffey

Nationalisme kongo et ethnographie coloniale, Wyatt MacGaffey

The Needs and Interests of New York City’s Working Clergy and Mental Health Disaster Preparedness, Joshua Moses and Kim Hopper

Submissions from 2004

Bound to Mobility? Identity and Purpose at the World Social Forum, Nikhil Anand

Good People in an Evil Time: portraits of complicity and resistance in the Bosnian War, Svetlana Broz, Laurie Kain Hart, and Ellen Elias-Bursac

Afterword: Space and Place, Laurie Kain Hart

Work, Labor, and Artisans in the Modern World [book review], Laurie Kain Hart

Faith Leaders and Mental Health Professionals: Forging Linkages for Improved Mental Health Services, Kim Hopper and Joshua Moses

Nduda, Wyatt MacGaffey

"The Best Tradition Goes On": Audience Consumption and the Transformation of Popular Theatre in Neoliberal Ghana, Jesse Weaver Shipley

From Visuality to Postcolonial African Politics: A Conversation wtih Saidou Mohamed N'Daou, Jesse Weaver Shipley and Mohamed Saidou N'Daou

Submissions from 2003

African/diaspora history : W.E.B. du Bois and Pan-africanism in Ghana, Toyin Falola, Jemima Pierre, and Jesse Weaver Shipley

How to do things with things: Architecture and ritual in Northern Greece, Laurie Kain Hart

When Women Have Differences: Oppositions and Conflicts Between Women in Contemporary Greece, Laurie Kain Hart and Christina Vlachoutsikou

Introduction and commentary on nine Kongo pieces, Wyatt MacGaffey

Structural impediments to translation in art, Wyatt MacGaffey

‘Christmas Time’ and the Struggles for the Household in the Countryside: Rethinking the Cultural Geography of Migrant Labour in South Africa, Zolani Ngwane

Submissions from 2002

Communal Interest and Political Decision-Making in an Emerging Mexican Indigenous Movement, Martin Hebert

Demilitarizing the Mind? Peace Education Engages Popular Culture, Martin Hebert

L'autre main invisible: Deux rituels domestiques de prospérité chez les Tlapanéques de Guerrero, Mexique, Martin Hebert

Politico-Cultural Contacts Between Mexican Indigenous Groups, Martin Hebert

Ethnographic notes on Kongo musical instruments, Wyatt MacGaffey

Twins, simbi spirits and lwas in Kongo and Haiti, Wyatt MacGaffey

Scenes from the Shahnama (exhibition), A. Proser and Maris Boyd Gillette

Between the Global and Local: Living Within the Epidemic, Robert Sember, Sonja Gschlossman, and Joshua Moses

Submissions from 2001

Échanges de pélerinages, réseaux d'alliance et micropolitique d'un mouvement autochtone au Guerrero (Mexique), Martin Hebert

Logiques paranoïaques, Martin Hebert

Sous le regard des ancêtres: Imagination et mouvements socio-politiques chez les Tlapanèques du Guerrero (Mexique), Martin Hebert

Anthropology of religions in Africa, Wyatt MacGaffey

Astonishment and stickiness in Kongo art: a theoretical advance, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kimbanguisten-Kirche, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kimbangu, Simon, Wyatt MacGaffey

'Real Men Reawaken Their Fathers' Homesteads, the Educated Leave Them in Ruins': The Politics of Domestic Reproduction in Post-Apartheid Rural South Africa, Zolani Ngwane

Submissions from 2000

Between Mecca and Beijing: Modernization and Consumption Among Urban Chinese Muslims, Maris Boyd Gillette

Children's food and Islamic dietary restrictions in Xi'an, Maris Boyd Gillette

What's in a dress? Brides in the Hui Quarter of Xi'an, Maris Boyd Gillette

A family remembers a Zapatista child soldier, Martin Hebert

Histoire, symbolisme et modes de résistance chez les Tzeltals de la Selva Lacandona (Chiapas) 1940-1994, Martin Hebert

Introdución de la cafeicultura y transformaciones socio-economicas en la Costa-Montaña guerrerense: el caso de Tierra Colorada de los Bravos, Martin Hebert

Le rituel de l'offrande à San Marcos dans une communauté tlapanèque du Guerrero , Martin Hebert

L'ethno-fiction: soi-même comme un autre, Martin Hebert

Aesthetics and politics of violence in Central Africa, Wyatt MacGaffey

Art and spirituality, Wyatt MacGaffey

Cultural tradition of the African rainforests, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kongo peoples, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kongo political culture : the conceptual challenge of the particular, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1999

Culture, civilization, and demarcation at the northwest borders of Greece, Laurie Kain Hart

Submissions from 1998

Am I myself? Identities in Zaire then and now, Wyatt MacGaffey

Bakongo cosmology, Wyatt MacGaffey

Magic, or as we usually say, Art. A framework for comparing European and African art, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1997

Art: an overview, Wyatt MacGaffey

Preface, Wyatt MacGaffey

Prophetic churches: Kongo region, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1996

‘Hands Full of Living’: Birth Control, Nostalgia, and Kathleen Norris, Anne Balay

Husbands and wives, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1995

Application of non-western perspectives to museums, Laurie Kain Hart

Africa: art of a continent, Wyatt MacGaffey

In and out of Africa, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kongo identity, 1483-1993, Wyatt MacGaffey

Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association papers, Wyatt MacGaffey

Northern Kongo ancestor figures, Wyatt MacGaffey

Treasures from the Africa-Museum, Tervuren, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1994

African objects and the idea of fetish, Wyatt MacGaffey

Dialogues of the deaf: Europeans on the Atlantic coast of Africa, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kimbanguism and the question of syncretism in Zaïre, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1993

Anthropology of history, Wyatt MacGaffey

Astonishment and power, Wyatt MacGaffey, Michael D. Harris, Sylvia H. Williams, and David C. Driskell

Submissions from 1992

Time, Religion, and Social Experience in Rural Greece, Laurie Kain Hart

Kimbanguism in the independence process, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kings of Africa: art and authority in Central Africa, Collection Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin, Wyatt MacGaffey

Religion, class and social pluralism in Zaire, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1991

Art and healing of the Bakongo, commented by themselves: minkisi from the Laman collection, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1990

Personhood of ritual objects: Kongo minkisi, Wyatt MacGaffey

Religion, class and social pluralism in Zaire, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1988

Complexity, astonishment and power: the visual vocabulary of Kongo nkisi, Wyatt MacGaffey

Science and theatre: the script of African studies, Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1987

Kingship in Sub-Saharan Africa, Wyatt MacGaffey

Limites de la ascience politique, Wyatt MacGaffey

Lulendo: the recovery of a Kongo nkisi , Wyatt MacGaffey

Submissions from 1986

Epistemological ethnocentrism in African Studies, Wyatt MacGaffey

Ethnography and the closing of the frontier in Lower Congo, 1885-1921, Wyatt MacGaffey

Religion and society in central Africa: the BaKongo of lower Zaire, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kinshasa, Wyatt MacGaffey and J. MacGaffey

Submissions from 1969


The Beloved City: Commentary on a Kimbanguist Text, Wyatt MacGaffey