Submissions from 1989

Capillary gas chromatography of trihexyphenidyl, procyclidine and cycrimine in biological fluids, Judith A. Owen, M. Sribney, J. S. Lawson, and N. Delva

Cosmic Background Radiation: What We Learn from the Observational Results, Especially the Null Results, Bruce Partridge

Report on the NSF Disciplinary Workshops on Undergraduate Education, Bruce Partridge

A Search for Intergalactic Light in Clusters of Galaxies, Bruce Partridge, A. L. Kiplinger, and M. A. Bershady

High Sensitivity Continuum Observations at the 12-Meter Telescope, one in a series of 12-m Memos maintained by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Bruce Partridge and R. Sheth

Human multidrug resistant KB cells overexpress protein kinase C: involvement in drug resistance, J. A. Posada, E. M. McKeegan, K. F. Worthington, and Thomas R. Tritton

Protein kinase C in adriamycin action and resistance in mouse sarcoma 180 cells, J. Posada, P. Vichi, and Thomas R. Tritton

Compensation in the Nonprofit Sector, Anne Preston

The Competitive Edge: Managing Human Resources in Nonunion and Union Firms, Anne Preston

Nonprofit Worker in a For-Profit World, Anne Elizabeth Preston

Portraits de tirailleurs et de miliciens dans la littérature congolaise d'expression française, János Riesz, Joachim Schultz, and Koffi Anyinefa

Different Stories: Sophoclean Narrative(s) in the Philoctetes, Deborah H. Roberts

Multi-adatom interaction effects in a lattice gas model for Cu and Au adsorption on W(110), Lyle D. Roelofs and R. J. Bellon

Monte Carlo study of the W(001) surface reconstruction transition based on total-energy calculations, Lyle D. Roelofs, T. Ramseyer, L. L. Taylor, and D. Singh

Characterization of irregular interfaces: roughness and self-affine fractals, M. A. Rubio, A. Dougherty, and Jerry P. Gollub


Self-affine fractal interfaces from immiscible displacement in porous media, M. A. Rubio, C. A. Edwards, A. Dougherty, and Jerry P. Gollub

Agamemnon's Test: Iliad. 2.75-79, Joseph A. Russo and R. Knox

Filtration of sickle cells: recruitment into a rigid fraction as a function of density and oxygen tension, E. A. Schmalzer, Robert S. Manning, and S. Chien

Adorno, Ritter Gluck, and the Tradition of the Postmodern, Ulrich Schonherr

Effects of Sex, Thyro-Parathyroidectomy, and Light Regime on Levels and Circadian Rhythms of Wheel-Running Rat, Jonathan I. Schull, J. Walker, K. Fitzgerald, and L. Hiilivirta

Bewildered Tongue: The Semantics of Mystical Union in Islam, Michael Anthony Sells

Desert Tracings: Six Classic Arabian Odes, Michael Anthony Sells

Islamic Spirituality: Foundations, Michael Anthony Sells

Response, Michael Anthony Sells

New Jersey: property and the price of Republican politics, Sara Mayhew Shumer

Surface wave mode interactions: effects of symmetry and degeneracy, F. Simonelli and Jerry P. Gollub

Chaotic dynamics, R. Solomon and Jerry P. Gollub


Tape automated bonding inner lead bonding with a laser for high performance applications, Phillip J. Spletter, Claire T. Galanakis, Neik Luijtjes, and Colin MacKay

Bunyan among the Victorians: Macaulay, Froude, Ruskin, Finley C. Stephen

Ruskin and mimic engineering, Finley C. Stephen

A new dimension? North American scholars contribute their perspective on medieval women, Susan Mosher Stuard

From women to woman: new thinking about gender, c. 1140, Susan Mosher Stuard

Activation of the CD28 Pathway Enhances the Production of Lymphokines/cytokines By Normal Human T Cells, C. B. Thompson, T. Lindsten, J. A. Ledbetter, and Stephen G. Emerson

Characterization of the multiple forms of cytochrome B559 in photosystem II, L. K. Thompson, A. F. Miller, Julio C. de Paula, and G. W. Brudvig

The Midilab Auditory Research System, Robert E. Todd, Marilyn Gail Boltz, and Mari R. Jones


Order-disorder transition in capillary ripples, N. B. Tufillaro, R. Ramshankar, and Jerry P. Gollub

Temperature dependence of adriamycin-induced DNA damage in L1210 cells, P. Vichi, S. Robison, and Thomas R. Tritton

Stimulation of growth in human and murine cells by adriamycin, P. Vichi and Thomas R. Tritton

Resonance Raman spectrum of the lowest triplet state of zinc(II) tetraphenylporphyrin, V. A. Walters, Julio C. de Paula, G. T. Babcock, and G. E. Leroi

Group Show, William Earle Williams

Solo Show, William Earle Williams

Emerson as "Mythologist" in the Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Christina Zwarg

Fathering and Blackface in "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1988


Remote Near-IR Reflectance Measurements with the Use of a Pair of Optical Fibers and a Fourier Transform Spectrometer, D. D. Archibald, Charles E. Miller, L. T. Lin, and D. E. Honigs

The Songs of Robert Burns, John Ashmead and John Davison

Causes of rising U.S. industrial wage dispersion, Linda Bell and Richard B. Freeman

Incidence of union concessions in the 1980's: what, where, and when, Linda Bell, Elizabeth A. Hall, and Daniel R. Hayes

Critical Inquiry, Civic Friendship and the Pursuit of Community, Richard J. Bernstein

Fred Dallmayr's critique of Habermas, Richard J. Bernstein

Habermas y la Modernidad, Richard J. Bernstein

Hermeneutics and Its Anxieties, Richard J. Bernstein

Metaphysics, critique, and utopia, Richard J. Bernstein

Interpretation and Its Discontents: The Choreography of Critique, Richard J. Bernstein, Stanley B. Messer, Louis Arnorsson Sass, and Robert L. Woolfolk

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes mediate graft rejection following bone marrow transplantation, B. E. Bierer, Stephen G. Emerson, J. H. Antin, and R. Maziarz

A Sky Temperature Survey at 19. 2 GHz for Anisotropy Tests of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Stephen P. Boughn, D. A. Cottingham, D. T. Wilkinson, and E. S. Cheng

Toward a quantum-limited resonant-mass gravitational radiation detector, Stephen P. Boughn, P. F. Michelson, M. Bassan, and R. P. Giffard

Diffuse infrared emission from rich clusters: constraints of dark matter, Stephen P. Boughn and J. M. Uson

How good is the Earth as a gravitational wave detector?, Stephen P. Boughn, Stephen Van Hook '90, C. M. O'Neill, and R. Raghaven

Selectivity of the anthracyclines for negatively charged model membranes: role of the amino group, T. G. Burke, A. C. Sartorelli, and Thomas R. Tritton

Cid de Quevedo: 'Esclavo de su vientre y de su lengua', Israel Burshatin

El Cid de Quevedo: ‘esclavo de su vientre y de su lengua’, Israel Burshatin

Ciclo Metamorfico sul Nome d'un Maestro = [Metamorphic Cycle on the Name of a master]: Undici Pezzi per Pianoforte, Curt Cacioppo

Echoes Returning to Song: Melodies from a New England Powwow, Curt Cacioppo

Interactive program system for integration of reaction rate equations, John P. Chesick

Cell Surface Dynamics, Robert E. Cone and Stephen G. Emerson


Tentative Assignment of the 1440-nm Absorption Band in the Near-Infrared Spectrum of Crystalline Sucrose, Anthony M. C. Davies and Charles E. Miller

Formal operational thought and the Moroccan adolescent, Douglas A. Davis

The Songs of Robert Burns, John Davison, John Ashmead, and Robert Burns


Steady state dendritic growth of NH4Br from solution, A. Dougherty and Jerry P. Gollub

Erythroid Helper Cell Dysfunction Following Bone Marrow Trans-plantation, Stephen G. Emerson


Human Recombinant Granulocyte-Monocyte Colony Stimulating Factor and Interleukin 3 Have Overlapping But Distinct Hematopoietic Activities, Stephen G. Emerson, Y. C. Yang, S. C. Clark, and M. L. Long

Evelina's Deceptions: The Letter and the Spirit, Julia J. Epstein

Expression of the drosophila type II topoisomerase is developmentally regulated, Robert Fairman and D. L. Brutlag

Meditation, metaphor and meaning, Ashok K. Gangadean

Is Hexaamminecobalt (III/II) Electron Self-Exchange Forbbiden-- Analogy to Photochemical Processes, Daniel A. Geselowitz

Focus: African Development Revisted, Harvey Glickman

Frontiers of Liberal and Non-Liberal Democracy in Africa, Harvey Glickman

Present and future of the African state in an age of adversity, Harvey Glickman

The Crisis and Challenge of African Development, Harvey Glickman

US-USSR co-operation toward reconstruction in Mozambique, Harvey Glickman

Advances in experimental nonlinear dynamics: space-time patterns, Jerry P. Gollub, F. Simonelli, and J. D. Goldberg

Drawing Invitational, John Goodrich

Small Works, John Goodrich

Class of lattices with Mobius function pm 1,0, Curtis Greene

Posets of shuffles, Curtis Greene

Single-sign Rorschach suicide indicators: A validity study using a depressed inpatient population., Andrea G. Hansell, Howard D. Lerner, Randy S. Milden, and Pamela S. Ludolph

Powers of silence: the case of the clerk's Griselda , Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Solomon Complex: Reading Wisdom in Old English Poetry, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Wife of Bath and the Mark of Adam: Feminism as discussed in literature , Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Competitiveness of U.S. manufactured goods: recent changes and prospects, Susan Hickok, Linda Bell, and Janet Ceglowski

Reply to Viola or toward historical analysis with fuller understanding, Holland Hunter

Soviet agriculture with and without collectivization, 1928-1940, Holland Hunter

Ira De Augustine Reid, Paul Jefferson

Documents: Cyprus, 1950-1954; The prelude to the crisis, part I: 1950, Alexander Kitroeff

Greeks in Egypt, 1919-1937, Alexander Kitroeff

Lessons of the 1965 Soviet Economic Reform, Vladimir Kontorovich

Organizational innovation in a command economy, Vladimir Kontorovich

Prototype statistics as indicators of Soviet R&D priorities in civilian and military machinebuilding, Vladimir Kontorovich

Soviet investment process and capital-labor substitution, Vladimir Kontorovich

A Trip Through Riot, Rout, and Tumult in New York, Roger Lane