Submissions from 1986


Smoothness of the 2.2 micron background: constraints on models of primeval galaxies, Stephen P. Boughn, P. R. Saulcon, and J. M. Uson

Las teorias de Ramón Menéndez Pidal ante la crítica post-estructuralista: observaciones en torno a los conceptos 'tradición e intertextualidad', Israel Burshatin

Moor in the text: metaphor, emblem, and silence, Israel Burshatin

The Moor in the Text: Metaphor, Emblem and Silence, Israel Burshatin

Color and dissonance in late Beethoven: the quartet op.135, Curt Cacioppo

Scanning calorimetric study of the interaction of anthracyclines with neutral and acidic phospholipids alone and in binary mixtures, P. P. Constantinides, N. Inouchi, Thomas R. Tritton, and A. C. Sartorelli

Gospel of truth as rhetorical theology, John David Dawson

Magnetic properties of manganese in the photosynthetic O2-evolving complex. 2. Evidence for a manganese tetramer, Julio C. de Paula, W. F. Beck, and G. W. Brudvig

Effect of the 17- and 23-kilodalton polypeptides, calcium, and chloride on electron transfer in photosystem II, Julio C. de Paula, P. M. Li, A. F. Miller, and B. W. Wu

Decreased Hematopoietic Accessory Cell Function Following Bone Marrow Transplantation, Stephen G. Emerson, C. A. Sieff, R. G. Gross, and M. K. Rozans

Fanny Burney's Epistolary Voices, Julia J. Epstein


Writing the unspeakable: Fanny Burney's mastectomy and the fictive body, Julia J. Epstein

Meditative reason and the logic of communication, Ashok K. Gangadean

Pattern formation from instabilities, Jerry P. Gollub


Strange attractors: new tools for describing chaos, Jerry P. Gollub


Physics in the colleges, Jerry P. Gollub and Neal B. Abraham

Incommensurate phases in convecting liquid crystals, Jerry P. Gollub and M. Lowe

Longest chains in the lattice of integer partitions ordered by majorization, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

Don Juan et le tabou d'inceste, Marcel Marc Gutwirth

Jéhu, le fier Jéhu: la métaphorisation du tragique, Marcel Marc Gutwirth

Montaigne et les causes perdues de l'Histoire, Marcel Marc Gutwirth


Five-Dimensional Space-Times, Paul Halpern

Wavenumber distributions and time dependence in Rayleigh-Benard convection patterns, M. S. Heutmaker and Jerry P. Gollub

Simmetricheskie Bilineinye Formy, Dale Husemoller

Working notes on the prehistory of Black Sociology: The Tuskegee Negro Conference, Paul Jefferson

Effect of various treatments of gamma-globulin (IgG) for achieving intravenous tolerance on the capacity to interact with human monocyte Fc receptors. A comparative study, T. W. Jungi, Melvin Santer, P. G. Lerch, and S. Barandun

Wartime Greek attitudes towards the Jews in Athens, Alexander Kitroeff

Soviet growth slowdown: econometric vs. direct evidence, Vladimir Kontorovich

Technology Transfer and East-West Relations [book review], Vladimir Kontorovich

Organizational innovation: hidden reserve in the Soviet economy, Vladimir Kontorovich and V. Shlapentokh

The importance of interlocuters' characters in Plato's early dialogues (commentary on Teloh), Aryeh L. Kosman

The naive narrator: story and discourse in Descartes' Meditations, Aryeh L. Kosman

Roots of violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900, Roger Lane

[book review] Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860–1900. By Roger Lane., Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

[book review] Sisters of the Spirit: Three Black Women's Autobiographies of the Nineteenth Century, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Chinese Calligraphy Invitational, Ying Li

Convective flows with multiple spatial periodicities, M. Lowe, B. S. Albert, and Jerry P. Gollub

Epistemological ethnocentrism in African Studies, Wyatt MacGaffey

Ethnography and the closing of the frontier in Lower Congo, 1885-1921, Wyatt MacGaffey

Religion and society in central Africa: the BaKongo of lower Zaire, Wyatt MacGaffey

Kinshasa, Wyatt MacGaffey and J. MacGaffey

Large Scale Homogeneity of the Universe Measured by the Microwave Background, N. Mandolesi, P. Calzolari, S. Cortiglioni, and Bruce Partridge


Conversion and gnosis in the "Gospel of Truth", Anne Marie McGuire

Global problems without solutions?, Robert A. Mortimer

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes discriminate between isomeric forms of the same hapten, Judith A. Owen, L. A. Scinto, L. Klein, and C. J. Kline

Angular Distribution of the Cosmic Background Radiation, Bruce Partridge

Boundaries and Voices: A View from the Trenches, Bruce Partridge

Cosmic Microwave Background at its 20th Anniversary, Bruce Partridge

Cosmic Microwave Background Twenty Years after its Discovery, Bruce Partridge

Very Small Scale Anisotropies of the Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge


Radio-source Counts at 6 Centimeters to 0.1 Millijansky, Bruce Partridge, K. C. Hilldrup, and M. I. Ratner

A Redetermination of the Spectrum of the Cosmic Background Radiation form 12 to 0.33 cm, Bruce Partridge and G. Sironi

Conflict affiliation and mating and the effects of spatial confinement in a captive group of squirrel monkeys., Sidney Irwin Perloe

New Trends in Part-time Employment, Anne Elizabeth Preston and C. Ichniowski


Search for the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect at lambda=3 mm, Simon J. E. Radford, Paul E. Boynton, Bobby L. Ulich, and Bruce Partridge

Energetics of the W(001) surface reconstruction phase transition, Lyle D. Roelofs

Model study of the effect of surface steps and adsorbate-induced perturbations on the clean W(001) reconstruction transition, Lyle D. Roelofs

Effect of adsorbate binding sites on surface reconstruction phase diagrams: O/W(001) and H/W(001), Lyle D. Roelofs, J. W. Chung, S. C. Ying, and P. J. Estrup

Phase diagrams for H/Ni(111) based on model interactions: effects of strong long-range attractions, Lyle D. Roelofs, T. L. Einstein, N. C. Bartelt, and J. D. Shore

Nature of the surface-reconstruction phase transition and the high temperature phase of clean W(001), Lyle D. Roelofs and J. F. Wendelken

Functional assessment of T cell depletion from bone marrow prior to therapeutic transplant utilizing limiting dilution culture methods, M. K. Rozans, B. R. Smith, Stephen G. Emerson, and M. Crimmins


Dendritic and fractal patterns in electrolytic metal deposits, Yasuji Sawada, A. Sougherty, and Jerry P. Gollub

EXAFS studies of the B2 subunit of the ribonucleotide reductase from E. coli, Robert C. Scarrow, Michael J. Maroney, Sharon M. Palmer, and Lawrence Que Jr.

Journey to the Lord of Power, Michael Anthony Sells


Mu'allaqa of Tarafa, Michael Anthony Sells


The dependence of highly enriched bone marrow progenitors on hematopoietic growth factors and their response to recombinant erythropoietin., C. A. Sieff, Stephen G. Emerson, A. Mufson, and T. G. Gesner

In the American Tree, Ron Silliman

The Age of Huts, Ron Silliman

Structure of Ruskin's 'Fors Clavigera', Finley C. Stephen


Interfacial stability of immiscible displacement in a porous medium, J. P. Stokes, D. A. Weitz, Jerry P. Gollub, and A. Dougherty

Characterization of hydrodynamic strange attractors, H. L. Swinney and Jerry P. Gollub

Interfacing Standards for Recognizers, Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Isolation of a human stromal cell secreting hematopoietic growth factors, S. Tsai, Stephen G. Emerson, C. A. Sieff, and D. G. Nathan

Exocrine secretion granules contain peptide amidation activity, M. von Zastrow, Thomas R. Tritton, and J. D. Castle

Industrial Planning and Economic Policy-Making: Lessons from the 1930s, Michael Weinstein

Gravitation, Cosmology and Cosmic-Ray Physics, David T. Wilkinson, Peter L. Bender, Douglas M. Eardley, and Bruce Partridge

Gadamer: The Speculative Structure of Language, Kathleen Wright

Review of David Simpson's German Aesthetics and Literary Criticism: Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Schopenhauer, Hegel,, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1985

Larry Neal : A Special Issue, Kimberly W. Benston

Serial pattern structure and temporal order recognition, Marilyn Gail Boltz, Elizabeth Marshburn, Mari R. Jones, and Walter W. Johnson

sym-Triphenylcyclopropenylium hexabromotellurate (IV), (C21H15)2[TeBr6], Brandan A. Borgias and Robert C. Scarrow

Using Solar Oscillations to Search for Gravitational Radiation, Stephen P. Boughn and J. R. Kuhn


Phenomenological Model of Chaotic Mode Competition in Surface Waves, S. Ciliberto and Jerry P. Gollub

Evaluation of Step Directions in Optimization Algorithms, William C. Davidon


Purification of Fetal Hematopoietic Progenitors and Demonstration of Recombinant Multipotential Colony-Stimulating Activity, Stephen G. Emerson, Colin A. Sieff, Elizabeth A. Wang, and Gordon G. Wong

Anti-Americanism in Africa: The Constraints of Globalism, Harvey Glickman


Fluid Dynamics, Jerry P. Gollub and Harry L. Swinney

Prolegomena to any Future Theory of Societal Crisis, Mark Gould

Combinatorial Correspondences for Young Tableaux, Balanced Tableaux and Maxima l Chains in the Weak Bruhat Order of Sn, Curtis Greene and P. Edelman


Convection Patterns: Time Evolution of the Wave-Vector Field, M. S. Heutmaker, P. N. Fraenkel, and Jerry P. Gollub


Importance of Immunoglobulin Isotype in Human Antibody-Dependent, Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Directed by Murine Monoclonal Antibodies, Thomas J. Kipps, Peter Parnham, Jenni Punt, and Leonard A. Herzenberg

Discipline and Growth in the Soviet Economy, Vladimir Kontorovich

Industrial Policy and the Electrical Machinery Industry: The Case of Transformers, Vladimir Kontorovich

Soviet Transport Trends, 1950-1990, Vladimir Kontorovich, Holland Hunter, Peggy Dunn, and Janusz Szyrmer


The Enigma of Time, P. T. Landsberg and Eric J. Chaisson


Pattern Selection near the Onset of Convection: The Eckhaus Instability, Mary Lowe and Jerry P. Gollub


Solitons and the commensurate-incommensurate transition in a convecting nematic fluid, Mary Lowe and Jerry P. Gollub

An Emission-Line Companion Galaxy to the Quasar PKS 0405-13, Jonathan Marr

Review Symposium: Four Responses to Pheme Perkins, Resurrection, Anne Marie McGuire

Valentinus and the Gnostike Hairesis: Irenaeus, Haer. I.xi and the Evidence of Nag Hammadi, Anne Marie McGuire