Submissions from 1980


Microwave Search for Ionized Gas in Clusters of Galaxies, George Lake and Bruce Partridge


Interferometric Limits on Very Small-Scale Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background, H. M. Martin, Bruce Partridge, and R. T. Rood

Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background at Small Angular Scales, Bruce Partridge


New Limits on Small-Scale Angular Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge


Search for Ionized Gas in Clusters of Galaxies, Bruce Partridge and G. Lake


Legend, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1979

Late Coltrane: A Re-membering of Orpheus, Kimberly W. Benston

Some results on Sperner families, Curtis Greene and A. J.W. Hilton

A probabilistic proof of a formula for the number of Young tableaux of a given shape, Curtis Greene, Albert Nijenhuis, and Herbert S. Wilf

Loss of Centrioles and Polyplidization in Follicle Cells of Drosophila melanogaster, A. P. Mahowald, J. H. Caulton, and Kaye Edwards


Cross-sectional Structure of the Central Spindle of Diatoma vulgare Evidence for Specific Interactions between Antiparallel Microtubules, K. L. McDonald and Kaye Edwards


Three-dimensional Structure of the Central Mitotic Spindle of Diatoma vulgare, J. Richard McIntosh, Kent L. McDonald, and Kaye Edwards

Cosmological Anisotropies in the Microwave Background in Physics of the Expanding Universe, Bruce Partridge

Anisotropies in the Intensity of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge and G. Sironi


Adlayer-induced LEED beams near order-disorder transitions, Lyle D. Roelofs, Robert L. Park, and T. L. Einstein

Homeric Psychology and the Oral Epic Tradition in Essays on the Iliad, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 1978

Baraka: A Collection of Critical Essays, Kimberly W. Benston

Ellison, Baraka, and the Faces of Tradition, Kimberly W. Benston

Imamu Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) : a collection of critical essays, Kimberly W. Benston

Optimization by Non-linear Scaling, William C. Davidon


Chaotic Response to Periodic Perturbation of a Convecting Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and S. V. Benson

Faculty Exhibitions, John Goodrich

Proof techniques in the theory of finite sets, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

Anhui Province Annual Oil Painting Exhibit (1978-1982), Ying Li

East China Regional Oil Painting Exhibit (1978-1982), Ying Li

National Young Artists Oil Painting Exhibit (1978-1982), Ying Li


Upper Limit on the Microwave Pulsed Emission from Supernovae Explosions, Bruce Partridge

Homer Gegen Seine Tradition in Tradition und Neuerung, Joseph A. Russo

Ketjack, Ron Silliman

Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps, Ron Silliman


The transition to turbulence, Harry L. Swinney and Jerry P. Gollub

Group Show, William Earle Williams

Submissions from 1977

Late Coltrane: A Re-membering of Orpheus, Kimberly W. Benston


Observation of Mechanical Nyquist Noise in a Cryogenic Gravitational-Wave Antenna, Stephen P. Boughn, W. M. Fairbank, R. P. Giffard, and J. N. Hollenhorst


Fast leastsquares algorithms, William C. Davidon

Acyclic Orientations, Curtis Greene

Some order-theoretic properties of the Robinson-Schensted correspondence, Curtis Greene

On the Decomposition of Boolean Polynomials, Curtis Greene and Gaisi Takeuti

Translation of the Letters of Pseudo-Anacharsis, Anne Marie McGuire

Detection of Intergalactic Gas in Distant Rich Clusters, Bruce Partridge and G. Lake

Poema de mio Cid, line 508: The Cid as a Rebellious Vassal?, B. B. Thompson and Israel Burshatin

Submissions from 1976

Baraka : the renegade and the mask, Kimberly W. Benston

Cities in Bezique : Adrienne Kennedy's Expressionistic Vision, Kimberly W. Benston

Lionel Trilling's Criticism of Life, Kimberly W. Benston

The Search for Gravitational Radiation, Stephen P. Boughn and H. J. Paik

Application of a New Least Squares Method to Structure Refinement, William C. Davidon

New Least Squares Algorithms, William C. Davidon


Rayleigh linewidth and turbidity measurements near a multicomponent fluid tricritical point, Jerry P. Gollub, Albert A. Koenig, and John S. Huang

Systems Analysis, Macrosociology and the Generalized Media of Social Action, Mark Gould

Some partitions associated with a partially ordered set, Curtis Greene

Weight Enumeration and the Geometry of Linear Codes, Curtis Greene

Extensions of the Erd¨os-Ko-Rado theorem, Curtis Greene, G. Katona, and Daniel J. Kleitman

Strong Versions of Sperner’s Theorem, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

The Structure of Sperner k-families, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman


Actomyosin Content of Physarum Plasmodia and Detection of Immunological Cross-Reactions with Myosins from Related Species, Dietrich Kessler, Vivianne T. Nachmias, and Ariel G. Loewy


An Upper Limit to Microwave Pulse Emission at the Onset of a Supernova, W. P. S. Meikle, R. W. P. Drever, G. A. Baird, and Bruce Partridge


A Review of Some Radio and Microwave Searches for Transient Phenomena, Bruce Partridge

How, and What, Does Homer Communicate? The Medium and Message of Homeric Verse, Joseph A. Russo

"Is Aural or Oral Composition the Cause of Homer's Formulaic Style? in Oral Literature and the Formula, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 1975

Architectural Imagery and Unity in Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones, Kimberly W. Benston

The Duchess of Malfi : Webster's Tragic Vision, Kimberly W. Benston

Tragic Aspects of the Blues, Kimberly W. Benston

Automorphisms of Lexicographic Products, Elliot Bird and Curtis Greene


Electromagnetic radiation induced by a gravitational wave, Stephen P. Boughn

The Medieval Holdings of the Hispanic Society of America, Israel Burshatin

A Method for Constrained Refinement of Crystal Structures, William C. Davidon

Consequences of the Inertial Equivalence of Energy, William C. Davidon


Kinematics and dynamics of elastic rods, William C. Davidon

Kinematics and Dynamics of Elastic Rods, William C. Davidon

Optimally Conditioned Algorithms without Line Searches, William C. Davidon


Onset of Turbulence in a Rotating Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and Harry L. Swinney

An Inequality for the Mobius Function of a Geometric Lattice, Curtis Greene

Sperner Families and Partitions of a Partially Ordered Set, Curtis Greene

Cayley’s Formula for Multidimensional Trees, Curtis Greene and G. Iba

Some abstract pivot algorithms, Curtis Greene and Thomas L. Magnanti

Perceiving That We Perceive: On the Soul III, 2, Aryeh Kosman

1. Pulse Astronomy, in Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Binary X-Ray Sources, Bruce Partridge

Reading the Greek Lyric Poets (Monody), Joseph A. Russo


Can Collapsed Stars Close the Universe?, John R. Thorstensen '74 and Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1974


Algebraic Description of Motion, William C. Davidon


A Search for Isolated Microwave Pulses from the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies, T. Delaney, G. A. Baird, H. Smith, and Bruce Partridge

Ivanov-Razumnik: The Remembrance of Things Past, Linda Groves Gerstein


Laser Heterodyne Study of Water Droplet Growth, Jerry P. Gollub, Ilan Chabay, and W. H. Flygare


Optical Heterodyne Study of the Taylor Instability in a Rotating Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and Michael H. Freilich

An Extension of Schensted’s Theorem, Curtis Greene


Another Exchange Property for Bases, Curtis Greene

Complementary Trees and Independent Matchings, Curtis Greene, D. J. Kleitman, and T. L. Magnanti


A Search for Primeval Galaxies at High Redshifts, Bruce Partridge

Large Scale Anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge

The Inner Man in Archilochus and the Odyssey, Joseph A. Russo

Nox, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1973


Fine-Scale Anisotropy of the Microwave Background: An Upper Limit at lambda=3.5 Millimeters, Paul E. Boynton and Bruce Partridge

Time-Dependent Multipole Analysis, William C. Davidon


Synthesis of Paramecium Surface Proteins, Irving Finger, Patricia Lavanchy, and Ann Meany


A Multiple Exchange Property for Bases, Curtis Greene

On the Mobius Algebra of a Partially Ordered Set, Curtis Greene

Understanding, Explanation, and Insight in the Posterior Analytics, Aryeh Kosman

Absorber Theory of Radiation and the Future of the Universe, Bruce Partridge

Sensitive Search for Microwave Pulses from the Galactic Centre, Bruce Partridge and G. T. Wrixon

Mohawk, Ron Silliman