Submissions from 2010

The Effects of Mild Post-Stroke Exercise on Reactive Neurogenesis and Recovery of Somatosensation in Aged Rats, J. L. Leasure and Michael Grider

Genomes and Genetic Variation, Philip M. Meneely

Poverty and Root Causes of Antimicrobial Resistance, Iruka N. Okeke

Antimicrobial resistance and use in Africa, Iruka N. Okeke and K. K. Ojo


Multi-Locus Sequence Typing of Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Isolates from Nigerian Children Uncovers Multiple Lineages, Iruka N. Okeke, Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Hannah R. Simons '04, Nicholas Matthews, Amy S. Labar '10, and Jennifer Hwang '09

Carriage of diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli by older children and adults in Accra, Ghana, Japheth A. Opintan, Rima A. Bishar, Mercy J. Newman, and Iruka N. Okeke

Understanding the functions of Cephalic hedgehog during Xenopus laevis neural development, L. Pineda-Salgado and Andrea R. Morris

Joseph Lister: First use of a bacterium as a ‘model organism’ to illustrate the cause of infectious disease of humans, Melvin Santer


Genetic elements associated with antimicrobial resistance in enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) from Brazil, Isabel C. A. Scaletsky, Tamara B. Souza, Katia R. S. Aranda, and Iruka N. Okeke

Polyglutamine fibrils are formed using a simple designed β-hairpin model., Melanie H. Smith '06, Timothy F. Miles '08, Molly Sheehan '07, and Robert Fairman

The role of multixenobiotic transporters in molluscan predators as counter‐defense mechanisms against dietary chemical stress, E. E. Sotka, Kristen E. Whalen, J. V. Goldstone, and M. E. Hahn

Michael Akam and the rise of evolutionary developmental biology, David L. Stern and Rachel E. Hoang


Biochemical warfare on the reef: the role of glutathione transferases in consumer tolerance of dietary prostaglandins, Kristen E. Whalen, A. L. Lane, J. Kubanek, and M.E. Hahn


Gorgonian host‐inducible cytochrome P450s from the predatory gastropod Cyphoma gibbosum: evolution and function, Kristen E. Whalen, V. R. Starczak, D. R. Nelson, and J. V. Goldstone

Geobiology of the Late Paleoproterozoic Duck Creek Formation, Western Australia, Jonathan P. Wilson, Woodward W. Fischer, David T. Johnston, and Andrew H. Knoll

A physiologically explicit morphospace for tracheid-based water transport in modern and extinct seed plants, Jonathan P. Wilson and Andrew H. Knoll

Submissions from 2009

The heat resistant agglutinin 1 is an accessory enteroaggregative Escherichia coli colonization factor, Samhita Bhargava '07, Brandon B. Johnson '04, Jennifer Hwang '09, and Iruka N. Okeke

Effect of highly fluorinated amino acids on protein stability at a solvent-exposed position on an internal strand of protein G B1 domain., Hsien-Po Chiu, Bashkim Kokona, Robert Fairman, and Richard P. Cheng

Tubular Compression Fossils from the Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia, P. Cohen, A. Bradley, A. H. Knoll, and Jonathan P. Wilson

Engaging Undergraduate Students in Research: Sustaining Our Nation’s Pipeline of Future Biomedical Investigators, Stephen G. Emerson, Jennifer Punt, and Philip M. Meneely

Bone and blood vessels: the hard and the soft of hematopoietic stem cell niches , R. W. Garrett and Stephen G. Emerson

Lipid Raft Targeted Akt Promotes Axonal Branching and Growth Cone Expansion via mTOR and rac1, Respectively, Michael Grider

Self-assembly of coiled-coil peptide-porphyrin complexes, Bashkim Kokona, Andrew M. Kim '10, R. Claire Roden '07, Julio C. de Paula, Karl A. Johnson, and Robert Fairman

Advanced Genetic Analysis: Genes, Genomes, and Networks in Eukaryotes, Philip M. Meneely

Cholera Vaccine Will Reduce Antibiotic Use, Iruka N. Okeke

Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli in sub-Saharan Africa: status, uncertainties and necessities, Iruka N. Okeke

The Tragedy of Antimicrobial Resistance: Recognition of Necessity, Iruka N. Okeke

Peptides as materials, Brian J. Pepe-Mooney '10 and Robert Fairman

Design of a heterotetrameric coiled coil, Benjamin C. Root '06, Laurel D. Pellegrino, Emily D. Crawford '02, and Robert Fairman

The Escherichia coli Common Pilus and the Bundle-Forming Pilus Act in Concert during the Formation of Localized Adherence by Enteropathogenic E. Coli, Zeus Saldana, Aysen L. Erdem, Stephanie Schueller, and Iruka N. Okeke

The Plasmid-encoded regulator activates factors conferring lysozyme resistance on enteropathogenic escherichia coli strains, Nina Salinger '07, Bashkim Kokona, Robert Fairman, and Iruka N. Okeke

Richard Bradley: A Unified, Living Agent Theory of the Cause of Infectious Diseases of Plants, Animals, and Humans in the First Decades of the 18th Century, Melvin Santer


The commonly-used DNA probe for diffusely-adherent Escherichia coli cross-reacts with a subset of enteroaggregative E. coli., A. M. Snelling, Louissa R. MacFarlane-Smith, Jonathan N. Fletcher, and Iruka N. Okeke

Antimicrobial Resistance in Developing Countries (Emerging Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century), Anibal de J. Sosa, Denis K. Byarugaba, Carlos F. Amabile-Cuevas, and Iruka N. Okeke

The emerging role of pharmacology in aquatic plant‐herbivore interactions, Erik E. Sotka, Jennifer Forbey, Michael Horn, and Kristen E. Whalen


Rictor/TORC2 Regulates Fat Metabolism, Feeding, Growth and Life Span in C. elegans, A. Soukas, E. A. Kane, C. E. Carr, and Justine Melo

Green Life Through Time: Review of Taylor, Taylor, and Krings’ Paleobotany: The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants, 2nd ed., Jonathan P. Wilson

Submissions from 2008

Colocalization of Sensors is Sufficient to Activate the DNA Damage Checkpoint in the Absence of Damage, C. Y. Bonilla and Justine Melo

Transduction of Human CD34+Cells with Recombinant TAT-NF-YA Protein Enhances their Ex Vivo Expansion and Repopulating Potential in NOD/SCID Mice, Alevtina Domashenko, Gwenn Danet-Desnoyers, Russell Sundby '08, and Stephen G. Emerson

Stem cell biology and memory stem cells , Stephen G. Emerson

PTH, IGFs and the osteoblast niche: physiology and pharmacologic potential, R. W. Garrett and Stephen G. Emerson

The role of parathyroid hormone and insulin-like growth factors in hematopoietic niches: physiology and pharmacology, R. W. Garrett and Stephen G. Emerson


Cell Surface Expression of the Vaccinia Virus Complement Control Protein is Mediated by Interaction with the Viral A56 Protein and Protects Infected Cells from Complement Attack, N. M. Girgis and Brian DeHaven

A new approach to the blocking of alloreactive t cell-mediated graft-versus-host disease by in vivo administration of Anti-CXCR3 Neutralizing Antibody , S. He, Q. Cao, Y. Qui, and Stephen G. Emerson

Lestaurtinib (CEP701) is a JAK2 inhibitor that suppresses JAK2/STAT5 signaling and the proliferation of primary erythroid cells from patients with myeloproliferative disorders , E. O. Hexner, C. Serdikoff, M. Jan, and Stephen G. Emerson

The Drosophila hnRNP M homolog Rumpelstiltskin regulates nanos mRNA localization, Roshan A. Jain and Elizabeth R. Gavis

Probing the oligomeric assemblies of pea porphobillinogen synthase by analytical ultracentrifugation, Bashkim Kokona, Daniel J. Rigotti, Andrew S. Wasson '02, and Robert Fairman

Probing the Oligomeric State of Pea Porphobilinogen Synthase by Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Bashkim Kokono, Daniel J. Rigotti, Andrew S. Wasson '02, Sarah H. Lawrence, and Robert Fairman

Post-genomic challenges for collaborative research in infectious diseases, Iruka N. Okeke and L. Wain

Vibrio cholerae O1 from Accra, Ghana carrying a class 2 integron and the SXT element, Japheth A. Opintan, Mercy J. Newman, Owusu Agyemang Nsiah-Poodoh, and Iruka N. Okeke


Herbivore offense in the sea: the detoxification and transport of secondary metabolites, E. E. Sotka and Kristen E. Whalen


Biochemical Warfare on the Reef: In a Co-evolutionary Struggle, Invertebrate Adversaries Develop Weapon and Counter-weapon, Kristen E. Whalen

Proteomic identification, cDNA cloning and enzymatic activity of glutathione S-transferases from the generalist marine gastropod, Cyphoma gibbosum, Kristen E. Whalen, D. Morin, C. Y. Lin, and R. Tjeerdema

Modeling fluid flow in Medullosa, an anatomically unusual Carboniferous seed plant, Jonathan P. Wilson, Andrew H. Knoll, N. Michele Holbrook, and Charles R. Marshall

Submissions from 2007

Antibiotic resistance of Helicobacter pylori from patients in Ile-Ife, South west Nigeria., A. O. Aboderin, A. R. Abdu, B. Odetoyin, and Iruka N. Okeke

Proceedings of the first ESH - EBMT Euroconference on GvHD/GvL, Stephen G. Emerson

Thrombopoietin, HSCs, and the osteoblast niche: Holding on loosely, but not letting G(0), Stephen G. Emerson

Error-prone DNA repair system in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli identified by subtractive hybridization, Lucy M. Joo '05, L. R. Macfarlane-Smith, and Iruka N. Okeke

Annexin II expressed by osteciblasts and endothelial cells regulates stem cell adhesion, homing, and engraftment following transplantation, Y. H. Jung and J. C. Wang

Helicobacter pylori in gastroduodenal diseases, O. O. Lawal, O. O. Rotimi, and Iruka N. Okeke

Emergence and clonal expansion of intestinal quinolone-resistant Escherichia coli in southwestern Nigeria, R. S. Lijelk, R. Bishar, A. Lamikanra, and Iruka N. Okeke

A second large plasmid encodes conjugative transfer and antimicrobial resistance in O119: H2 and some typical O111 enteropathogenic Escherichia coli., A. I. Nwaneshiudu '03, Tania Mucci '04, D. J. Pickard, and Iruka N. Okeke

Connecting loose ends: a unique linear plasmid or a new model system?, Iruka N. Okeke

Infectious disease research in developing countries: positioning science to address poverty and stimulate human development., Iruka N. Okeke

Introduction: The evolution of disease in Africa, Iruka N. Okeke

The microbial rebellion: trends and containment of antimicrobial resistance in Africa, Iruka N. Okeke

Growing problem of Multidrug-Resistant enteric pathogens in Africa, Iruka N. Okeke, O. A. Aboderin, and D. K. Byarugaba

A new journal with a new approach to research in developing countries., S. Rubino, M. Cameron, P. Cappuccinelli, and Iruka N. Okeke

How it happened that a portion of a treatise entitled new improvements of planting and gardening both philosophical and practical by Richard Bradley Frs, which dealt with blights of trees and plants, provided the first report of an environment that contained green sulphur photosynthetic bacteria, Melvin Santer

Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli related to uropathogenic clonal group A, Faith Wallace-Gadsden, James R. Johnson, John Wain, and Iruka N. Okeke

Osteoblasts support B lymphocyte commitment and differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells, J. Zhu, R. Garrett, Y. Jung, and Stephen G. Emerson

Submissions from 2006


Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects of 'Pilostigma reticulatum' leaf extract, A. M. Aderogba, E. K. Okoh, Iruka N. Okeke, and M. Olajide

Helix propensity of highly fluorinated amino acids, Hsien-Po Chiu, Yuta Suzuki, Donald Gullickson, and Robert Fairman

Immature CD4+CD8+ thymocytes and mature T cells regulate Nur77 distinctly in response to TCR stimulation, Nicole R. Cunningham, S. C. Artim, C. M. Fornadel, and Jennifer Punt

Notch Activation Is an Early and Critical Event During T-Cell Leukemogenesis in Ikaros-Deficient Mice, Alexis Dumortier, Robin Jeannet, Peggy Kirstetter, and Jennifer Punt

Down the Slippery Slope. Neutrophils Inhibit T cell Function via Secretion of Arginase, Stephen G. Emerson

Hematologists and the Stem Cell Revolution, Stephen G. Emerson

Keratinocyte Growth Factor as a Thymic Stimulant in Stem Cell Transplantation, Stephen G. Emerson

Location, Location, Location: c-kit- Stem Cells in the Adult Liver, Stephen G. Emerson

The Cellular Cascade of Graft-versus-Host Disease, Stephen G. Emerson

Two Nickels are Worth a Dime, and Sometimes More: Proteasome Inhibitors for GVHD, Stephen G. Emerson

When the Gold (Standard) Does Not Glisten. The Hematologist, Stephen G. Emerson

Semi-automated Quantification of Axonal Densities in Labeled CNS Tissue, Michael Grider

At Least Two Populations of Stem Cells are Necessary to Form an Ectopic Skeleton, F. S. Kaplan, D. L. Glaser, E. M. Shore, and Stephen G. Emerson

Self-assembly of peptide porphyrin complexes: toward the development of smart biomaterials, Brian C. Kovaric '05, Bashkim Kokona, Alexander D. Schwab, and Robert Fairman

Drug Resistance, R. Laxminarayan, Z. Bhutta, A. Duse, and Iruka N. Okeke

Crystal structure of a glycyl radical enzyme from Archaeoglobus fulgidus, L. Lehtio, J. G. Grossmann, Bashkim Kokona, and Robert Fairman

Diagnostic insufficiency in Africa, Iruka N. Okeke

Enhanced Graft-Vs-Tumor Activity Of Donor Leukocyte Infusions Expanded Ex-Vivo By Activation With CD3/CD28 Co-Stimulation, D. L. Portine, B. Levine, N. Bunin, and Stephen G. Emerson

Single amino acid mutations alter the distribution of human porphobilinogen synthase quaternary structure isoforms (morpheeins), L. Tang, S. Breinig, L. Stith, and Robert Fairman

Submissions from 2005

Calbindin D28k EF-hand ligand binding and oligomerization: four high-affinity sites--three modes of action, T. Cedervall, I. Andre, C. Selah, and Robert Fairman


Engineering a dimeric caspase-9: A re-evaluation of the induced proximity model for caspase activation, Yang Chao, Eric N. Shiozaki, Srinivasa M. Srinivasula, and Robert Fairman

Self-assembling porphyrin-modified peptides: toward the design of chromophore aggregates for light-harvesting applications, J. R. Dunetz, C. Sandstrom, E. R. Young, and Robert Fairman

A Light in the Forest: New Insights into Autoimmunity and Myelodysplasia, Stephen G. Emerson

GVHD and Relapse: To B or not to B, Stephen G. Emerson

Imatinib Inhibits c-fms-Off Target, but On Point, Stephen G. Emerson

Immune Stimulation of Bone Marrow: More Than Just a T'se, Stephen G. Emerson

Short (-Term) but Sweet: Short-Term Stem Cells in the Mouse, Stephen G. Emerson

Peptides as Smart Materials, Robert Fairman and Karin S. Akerfeldt

In Situ Expression of BDNF or NT-3 Promotes Sprouting of Cortical Serotonergic Fibers Following a Neurotoxic Injury, Michael Grider