Submissions from 1995

Markedly asymmetric requirements for commitment to the CD4+ vs. CD8+ T cell lineage, H. Suzuki, Jennifer Punt, L. C. Granger, and A. Singer

Submissions from 1994

Meiotic mutants that cause a polar decrease in recombination on the X chromosome in Caenorhabditis elegans, S. A. Broverman and Philip M. Meneely

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Stoichiometry of the T cell antigen receptor complex: each TCR/CD3 complex contains one TCR alpha, one TCR beta, and two CD3 epsilon chains, Jennifer Punt, Joseph L. Roberts, Kelly P. Kearse, and Alfred Singer


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Submissions from 1993

(i, i + 4) Phe-His interaction studied in an alanine-based alpha-helix, K. M. Armstrong, Robert Fairman, and R. L. Baldwin

The role of IL-6 in hematopoietic induction of embryonic stem cells in vitro, L. Biesecker and Stephen G. Emerson

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Functional effects of a G to U base change at position 530 in a highly conserved loop of Escherichia coli 16S RNA, Melvin Santer, U. Santer, K. Nurse, and A. Bakin

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Activity of two novel anthracene-9,10-diones against human leukemia cells containing intercalator-sensitive or -resistant forms of topoisomerase II, L. A. Zwelling, J. Mayes, E. Altschuler, and Thomas R. Tritton

Submissions from 1992

More than one way to slice an egg, Michael Akam and Rachel E. Hoang

Biotinylated GM-CSF analogs: Effect of linkage chemistry on activity and binding, T. P. Angelotti, M. F. Clarke, M. A. Longino, and Stephen G. Emerson

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Submissions from 1991

The influence of culture conditions on genetically engineered NIH-3T3 cells, J. Caldwell, B. Locey, M. F. Clarke, and Stephen G. Emerson

The influence of culture perfusion conditions on normal human bone marrow stromal cell metabolism, J. Caldwell, B. Locey, B. O. Palsson, and Stephen G. Emerson

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Design of a Set of Undergraduate Laboratory Classes to Generate Fibrinogen-Specific Monoclonal Antibiodies, Judith A. Owen, Slavica Smit Matacic, T. Iwaseczko, and M. R. Dalesandro

An undergraduate laboratory to generating fluorescein-specific monoclonal antibodies, Owen, S. Matacic, T. Iwaseczko, and M. Dalesandro


Surface expression of a T cell receptor beta (TCR-beta) chain in the absence of TCR-alpha, -delta, and -gamma proteins, Jennifer Punt, Rachel T. Kubo, Takashi Saito, and Terri H. Finkel

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Interferon-Alpha Restores the Deficient Expression of the Cytoadhesion Molecule Lymphocyte Function Antigen-3 by Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Progenitor Cells, Gargi Upadhyaya, Susan G. Guba, Sharon A. Sih, and Stephen G. Emerson

Submissions from 1990

The Regulation of Hematopoiesis in the Fetal Liver, Stephen G. Emerson

Glu 2- ... Arg 10+ side-chain interaction in the C-peptide helix of ribonuclease A, Robert Fairman, K. R. Shoemaker, E. J. York, and J. M. Stewart

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Hypereosinophilia, R. Fishel, J. P. Farner, C. Hansen, and Stephen G. Emerson

Rescue of a paralyzed-flagella mutant of Chlamydomonas by transformation, Karl A. Johnson

Basal bodies of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii do not contain immunologically, Karl A. Johnson and Joel L. Rosenbaum

Genomic amplification in the cotyledon parenchyma of common bean, Karl A. Johnson and Ian M. Sussex

X-linked gene expression and sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans, Philip M. Meneely

Multiple sites of action of volatile anesthetics in Caenorhabditis elegans, P. G. Morgan, M. M. Sedensky, and Philip M. Meneely

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Side-chain interactions in the C-peptide helix: Phe 8 ... His 12+, K. R. Shoemaker, Robert Fairman, D. A. Schultz, and A. D. Robertson

Fluorescein-specific hybridomas derived from primary mice exhibit more stringent growth requirements than do hybrids from pre-immune animals, J. B. Skeath, M. R. Dalesandro, M. A. Ferguson, and Judith A. Owen

Deficient T cell GM-CSF Production in Alogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant Recipients, S. Thomas, S. C. Clark, J. M. Rappenport, and Stephen G. Emerson

How to kill cancer cells: membranes and cell signaling as targets in cancer chemotherapy, Thomas R. Tritton and J. A. Hickman

Effects of a Disulfide Bridge on the Helix in C-peptide Analogs, Eunice J. York, John M. Stewart, Robert Fairman, and Robert L. Baldwin

Submissions from 1989

The Proliferation of Human Leukemic Cell Line AML-193 is Regulation by Multiple Hematopoietic Growth Factors and Cytokines, S. Adams, G. Upadhyaya, M. F. Clarke, and Stephen G. Emerson

Anthracycline resistance, A. Bhushan, J. C. Kermode, J. Posada, and Thomas R. Tritton

Bone Marrow Progenitor Cells Induce a Regulatory Autologous Proliferative T Lymphocyte Response, Stephen G. Emerson and J. H. Antin

The Developmental Regulation of Erythropoiesis by Hematopoietic Growth Factors: Analysis on Populations of BFU-E From Bone Marrow, Peripheral Blood and Fetal Liver, Stephen G. Emerson, S. Thomas, J. Ferarra, and J. L. Greenstein

Further studies of the helix dipole model: effects of a free alpha-NH3+ or alpha-COO- group on helix stability, Robert Fairman, K. R. Shoemaker, E. J. York, and J. M. Stewart


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Activation of the CD28 Pathway Enhances the Production of Lymphokines/cytokines By Normal Human T Cells, C. B. Thompson, T. Lindsten, J. A. Ledbetter, and Stephen G. Emerson

Temperature dependence of adriamycin-induced DNA damage in L1210 cells, P. Vichi, S. Robison, and Thomas R. Tritton

Stimulation of growth in human and murine cells by adriamycin, P. Vichi and Thomas R. Tritton

Submissions from 1988

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes mediate graft rejection following bone marrow transplantation, B. E. Bierer, Stephen G. Emerson, J. H. Antin, and R. Maziarz

Selectivity of the anthracyclines for negatively charged model membranes: role of the amino group, T. G. Burke, A. C. Sartorelli, and Thomas R. Tritton

Cell Surface Dynamics, Robert E. Cone and Stephen G. Emerson