Submissions from 2024

A Companion to Aristophanes, Matthew C. Farmer and Jeremy B. Lefkowitz

Escaping Cicero: “Dionysius” and the Limits of the Archive, Ryan Warwick

Submissions from 2023


Dictionnaire de l’épigramme littéraire dans l’Antiquité grecque et romaine [book review], Bret Mulligan

The Crisis of Catiline: Rome, 63 BCE, Bret Mulligan

The Jeweled Style in Later Epigram, Bret Mulligan

Love Otherwise: Pseudo-Demosthenes' Erotikos and the Aesthetics of Eros, Ava Shirazi

Submissions from 2022

Once More a Weasel, Matthew C. Farmer

Theopompos: Introduction, Translation, Commentary, Matthew C. Farmer


Latin Vocabulary Knowledge and the Readability of Latin Texts: A Preliminary Study, John Gruber-Miller and Bret Mulligan


Reading Friendship and Enmity in Ancient Rome: An Intermediate Latin Sourcebook, Bret Mulligan


The Poetry of Ennodius: Translated with an Introduction and Notes, Bret Mulligan


Glimpses of Gesture: Refusing and Recovering Loss in Honig and Euripides, Ava Shirazi

Submissions from 2021


New Hope for Old Stories: Yiyun Li's Gilgamesh and Ali Smith's Antigone, Sheila Murnaghan and Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2020


Theopompus’ Homer: Paraepic in Old and Middle Comedy, Matthew C. Farmer

Picturing Duality: The Minotaur as Beast and Human in Illustrated Myth Collections for Children, Deborah H. Roberts and Sheila Murnaghan

Why does classical reception need disability studies?, Hannah Silverblank and Marchella Ward

Submissions from 2019

“Precursors of Comedy,” “Wealth (Character)” and “Chremylus” [encyclopedia entries], Matthew C. Farmer

The Politics of Roman Comedy, Robert Germany

Ennodius, Bret Mulligan

Obscenity in Epigram, Bret Mulligan


Encounters With Classical Myth in Childhood and Beyond, Sheila Murnaghan and Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2018


The 'Life of Alypius the Stylite': Introduction, Translation, and Commentary, Charlie Kuper

Epigrams, Occasional Poetry, and Poetic Games, Bret Mulligan

Tales of Troy, Bret Mulligan

Vergil, Octavian and Erigone: Admiration and admonition in the proem to Georgics 1, Katheryn Whitcomb

Submissions from 2017

Playing the Philosopher: Plato in Fourth-Century Comedy, Matthew C. Farmer


Concordance Liberation Project, Christopher Francese and Bret Mulligan

Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes: War, Women, and the Hecht/Bacon translation, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2016

Tragedy on the Comic Stage, Matthew C. Farmer

The Space That Remains: Reading Latin Poetry in Late Antiquity (Review), Bret Mulligan

Translation and the Poetics of Replication in the Late Antique Latin Epigram, Bret Mulligan

Armies of Children: War and Peace, Ancient History and Myth in Children's Books after World War One, Deborah H. Roberts and Sheila Murnaghan

Submissions from 2015


Infusing Theory into the Undergraduate Classics Curriculum: Examples from Haverford College's Senior Seminar, Translation and Transformation, and History of Literary Theory, Robert Germany, Bret Mulligan, and Deborah H. Roberts


Cornelius Nepos, 'Life of Hannibal': Latin Text, Notes, Maps, Illustrations and Vocabulary, Bret Mulligan

Gout, Beasts, and Other Metaphorical Punishments in AP, Bret Mulligan


Mastering the West: Rome and Carthage at War [Review], Bret Mulligan

The Metamorphosis of Ovid in Retellings of Myth for Children, Deborah H. Roberts

Translating the Forbidden: the Unexpurgated Edition and the Reception of Ancient Obscenity, Deborah H. Roberts, Dorota Dutsch, and Ann Suter


Review of McCoskey's Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy, Sydnor Roy

Bruno Gentili in the Memoir of an American Homerist, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 2014

Menander in Contexts, Robert Germany


Commentary on Cornelius Nepos Life of Hannibal, Bret Mulligan

Coniuratio! Ethopoeia and Reacting to the Past in the Latin Classroom (and Beyond), Bret Mulligan

Review of Christer Henriksén's Commentary on Martial, Epigrams Book 9, Bret Mulligan

Submissions from 2013

Rivers and Rivalry in Petronius, Horace, Callimachus, and Aristophanes, Matthew C. Farmer

Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World: An Anthology of Primary Sources in Translation, Rebecca Futo, Kennedy Goldman, Max Goldman, and Sydnor Roy

A Companion to Terence, Robert Germany

Bad Scorpion : Cacaemphaton and Poetics in Martial's Ligurinus-Cycle, Bret Mulligan


The Bridge, Bret Mulligan, Julie Ta '16, Carman Romano '16, Vanessa Felso '15, and Blair Rush '16

The Golden Ass, Deborah H. Roberts

Homeric Concerns: Metapoetic Elements in the Proem to Book 2 of the De Rerum Naturae, Sydnor Roy

Submissions from 2012

Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus and Deborah H. Roberts

Ion, Euripides 4, Euripides, Deborah H. Roberts, and Palmer Bovie

Animal Play: Bilingual Onomastics and the Arrangement of Statius Silvae 2, Bret Mulligan

Les invectives de Claudien: Une poétique de la violence [book review], Bret Mulligan

Afterword: Concealment Concealed, Deborah H. Roberts

Review of E. Robinson’s Democracy beyond Athens: Popular Government in the Greek Classical Age, Sydnor Roy

The Constitutional Debate in Herodotus’ Histories: An Exploration of Good Government, Sydnor Roy

Re-thinking Homeric Psychology: Snell, Dodds, and their Critics, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 2011

Roman Comedy of Letters [book review], Robert Germany

Meditations on “A Taut But Happy” Class, Bret Mulligan


(sic) Argus: Bilingual Wordplay in Statius Silvae 5.4.11-13, Bret Mulligan

Submissions from 2010

Claudio Claudiano. Aponus (carm. min. 26) [book review], Bret Mulligan

Dionysius Exiguus, Bret Mulligan

Epigramma longum: Da Marziale alla tarda antichita / From Martial to late antiquity. (2 vols.) [book review], Bret Mulligan

Fortunatus, Venantius Honorius Clementianus, Bret Mulligan

John Cassian, Bret Mulligan

St. Germanus, Bret Mulligan

St. Remigius, Bret Mulligan

Reading Antigone in Translation: Text, Paratext, Intertext, Deborah H. Roberts

Tragedy in Transition [book review], Deborah H. Roberts

Water-Jug and Plover’s Feather: Rudyard Kipling’s India in Rosemary Sutcliff’s Roman Britain, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2009

Entry on Claudius Claudianus, Bret Mulligan

From fairy tale to cartoon: collections of greek myth for children, Deborah H. Roberts

La grecité des proverbes grecs, Joseph A. Russo

The Collected Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Giuseppe Pitrè, Joseph A. Russo and Jack Zipes

Submissions from 2008


Ancient Letters. Classical and Late Antique Epistolography [book review], Bret Mulligan

Review of Fuoco, Ornella, Claudio Claudiano. Aponus (carm. min. 26), Naples: Loffredo editore, Bret Mulligan


Texts and Culture in Late Antiquity: Inheritance, Authority, and Change [book review], Bret Mulligan

Women's letters from ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 800 [book review], Bret Mulligan

Translation and the "Surreptitious Classic": Obscenity and Translatability, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2007


Homer. Iliad. Audiobook [book review], Bret Mulligan


Introducing Direct Speech in Herodotus, Bret Mulligan


Statius. Silvae 5. Edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary. [book review], Bret Mulligan

The Poet From Egypt?: Reconsidering Claudianas Eastern Origina, Bret Mulligan

Reconstructed Pasts: Rome and Britain, Child and Adult in Kipling's Puck of Pook's Hill and Rosemary Sutcliff's Historical Fiction, Deborah H. Roberts

Translating Antiquity: Intertextuality, Anachronism, and Archaism, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2006


Morice's Stories in Attic Greek [book review], Bret Mulligan

Petronius and the Vulgar Tongue: Colloquialism, Obscenity, Translation, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2005

The figure of Echo in the Homeric hymn to Pan , Robert Germany

Virgilian Retrospection in Goethe’s Alexis und Dora, Robert Germany


Aetas Claudianea. Eine Tagung an der Freien Universität Berlin vom 28. bis 30. Juni 2002 [book review], Bret Mulligan

An Allusion to Ovid in Claudian's Carmina Minora 22.56, Bret Mulligan

Beginnings and Endings in Tragedy, Deborah H. Roberts

Submissions from 2004

Claudian; Cyrus Panopolites; Exammon; Honorius; Maniam; Milestone; Milion; Modion; Oreion; Rufinus; Theodosius I; Theodosius II, Bret Mulligan


Homer. Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World [book review], Bret Mulligan

Odysseus' Trial of the Bow as Symbolic Performance in Antike Literatur in neuer Deutung, Joseph A. Russo

Omero, Odissea, Joseph A. Russo

Omero Odissea, VI, Joseph A. Russo

Submissions from 2003

Amae in Ancient Greece, Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Joseph A. Russo