Submissions from 1991

Words, music and emotion in the love songs of Robert Burns, John Ashmead and John Davison

Reweaving the 'Ulysses scene': enchantment, post-Oedipal identity, and the buried text of blackness in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, Kimberly W. Benston

Burney Criticism: Family Romance, Psychobiography, and Social History, Julia J. Epstein

Mothers tomorrow and mothers yesterday, but never mothers today : women on the edge of time and The Handmaid's Tale, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Leningrad, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1990

Facing tradition: revisionary scenes in African-American literature, Kimberly W. Benston

Traces of the other scene: the photography of David Miller, Kimberly W. Benston

Fearing for Chaucer's good name, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Manifest, Ron Silliman

Combat rock, Gustavus Stadler

Criticism and prophecy, Finley C. Stephen

Endeles Knot': Closure and Indeterminacy in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Finley C. Stephen

Newman, the Snapdragon, and Natural Theology, Finley C. Stephen

Feminism in Translation: Margaret Fuller's Tasso, Christina Zwarg

Womanizing Margaret Fuller: Theorizing a Lover's Discourse, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1989

Performing blackness: re/placing Afro-American poetry, Kimberly W. Benston

The iron pen: Frances Burney and the politics of women's writing, Julia J. Epstein

Body guards : the cultural politics of gender ambiguity, Julia J. Epstein and Kristina Staub

Death of Blanche and the life of the moral order, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Feminization of men in Chaucer's Legend of Good Women, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Pola of Pera, Maud Burnett McInerney

Dialogism and its Uses: A Critical Assessment of the Bakhtin School, Rajeswari Mohan

Review of Claude Lefort's The Political Forms of Modern Society, Rajeswari Mohan

Bunyan among the Victorians: Macaulay, Froude, Ruskin, Finley C. Stephen

Ruskin and mimic engineering, Finley C. Stephen

Emerson as "Mythologist" in the Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Christina Zwarg

Fathering and Blackface in "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1988

The Songs of Robert Burns, John Ashmead and John Davison

Evelina's Deceptions: The Letter and the Spirit, Julia J. Epstein

Powers of silence: the case of the clerk's Griselda , Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Solomon Complex: Reading Wisdom in Old English Poetry, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Wife of Bath and the Mark of Adam: Feminism as discussed in literature , Elaine Tuttle Hansen

What, Ron Silliman

Clarence and Corinne, or, God's way, Hortense J. Spillers

Moving on down the line, Hortense J. Spillers

Hermeneutic and Aporia: beyond formalism once more, Finley C. Stephen

George Henry Calvert, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1987

The idea of Japan, 1853-1895 : Japan as described by American and other travellers from the West, John Ashmead

Controlling the Dialectical Deacon: The Critique of Historicism in Invisible Man , Kimberly W. Benston

Speaking for You: the Vision of Ralph Ellison, Kimberly W. Benston

Lit, Ron Silliman

The New Sentence, Ron Silliman

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: An American Grammar Book, Hortense J. Spillers

Ruskin, Darwin, and the crisis of natural form, Finley C. Stephen

Scott, Ruskin, and the landscape of autobiography, Finley C. Stephen

Alexander Hill Everett, Christina Zwarg

Emerson's "Scene" Before the Women: The Feminist Poetics of Paraphernalia, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1986

Beauty's just applause: dramatic form and the Tamburlanian sublime, Kimberly W. Benston

Fanny Burney's Epistolary Voices, Julia J. Epstein


Writing the unspeakable: Fanny Burney's mastectomy and the fictive body, Julia J. Epstein

In the American Tree, Ron Silliman

The Age of Huts, Ron Silliman

Structure of Ruskin's 'Fors Clavigera', Finley C. Stephen

Submissions from 1985

Larry Neal : A Special Issue, Kimberly W. Benston

Paradise, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1984

The Letters of Margaret Fuller, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1983

ABC, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1982

"I Yam What I Am": Naming and Unnaming in Afro-American Literature, Kimberly W. Benston

Bart, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1981

Tjanting, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1980

"I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud": Can We Know the Dancer fro the Dance?, Kimberly W. Benston

"The Aesthetic of Modern Black Drama: From Mimesis to Methexis.", Kimberly W. Benston


Legend, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1979

Late Coltrane: A Re-membering of Orpheus, Kimberly W. Benston

Submissions from 1978

Baraka: A Collection of Critical Essays, Kimberly W. Benston

Ellison, Baraka, and the Faces of Tradition, Kimberly W. Benston

Imamu Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) : a collection of critical essays, Kimberly W. Benston

Ketjack, Ron Silliman

Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1977

Late Coltrane: A Re-membering of Orpheus, Kimberly W. Benston

Submissions from 1976

Baraka : the renegade and the mask, Kimberly W. Benston

Cities in Bezique : Adrienne Kennedy's Expressionistic Vision, Kimberly W. Benston

Lionel Trilling's Criticism of Life, Kimberly W. Benston

Submissions from 1975

Architectural Imagery and Unity in Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones, Kimberly W. Benston

The Duchess of Malfi : Webster's Tragic Vision, Kimberly W. Benston

Tragic Aspects of the Blues, Kimberly W. Benston

Submissions from 1974

Nox, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1973

Mohawk, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1971


Class and Race in Humanities Teaching and Criticism, John Ashmead

Crow, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1963


Teaching the Writing of Fiction, John Ashmead

Submissions from 1962


The Life of a Composition Class, John Ashmead