Submissions from 2005

Queer Guy for the Straight "I", Gustavus Stadler

The Sense of Things [book review], Gustavus Stadler

Submissions from 2004

Review of Amy Hollywood, Sensible Ecstasy: Mysticism, Sexual Difference and the Demands of History, Maud Burnett McInerney

Review of Sarah Salih, et. al., Medieval Virginities, Maud Burnett McInerney

Perpetuating Remembrance: N. Scott Momaday and Kiowa Storytelling, James C. Ransom

Legend, Ron Silliman

The Chinese Notebook, Ron Silliman

Under Albany, Ron Silliman

Woundwood, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 2003

Memory, Mourning and Revision: William Earle Williams's Gettysburg--A Journey in Time, Kimberly W. Benston

Eloquent virgins: From Thecla to Joan of Arc, Maud Burnett McInerney

Review of Bruce Holsinger, Music, Body and Desire in Medieval Culture: Hildegard of Bingen to Chaucer, Maud Burnett McInerney

Submissions from 2002

Dutchman as 'Political Theater, Kimberly W. Benston

Harper and Trane: modal enactments of a love supreme, Kimberly W. Benston

2197, Ron Silliman

Sunset Debris, Ron Silliman

Du Bois on trauma: psychoanalysis and the would-be black savant, Christina Zwarg

“My Heart is a Large Kingdom”:Selected Letters of Margaret Fuller, Christina Zwarg

The Work of Trauma: Fuller, Douglass, and Emerson on the border of ridicule, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 2001

Black dada nihilismus: Phillis Wheatley, Malcolm X, and the traumatic politics of conversion, Kimberly W. Benston

Shaping losses : cultural memory and the Holocaust, Julia J. Epstein and Lori Hope Lefkovitz

Malory's Lancelot and the Lady Huntress, Maud Burnett McInerney

Ejaculating Tongues: Poe, Mather, and the Jewish Penis, Gustavus Stadler

Submissions from 2000

Performing Blackness: Enactments of African-American Modernism, Kimberly W. Benston

Poe and Queer Studies, Gustavus Stadler

Critical History: The Career of Ian Watt, Bruce Thompson, Ryan Johnson, and Laura McGrane

Introductory Essay, Bruce Thompson, Ryan Johnson, and Laura McGrane

Odyssey, Trans. Stanley Lombardo [review], Christina Zwarg


Psychoanalysis and the Scene of Reading [book review], Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1999

The American Pragmatist Fell in Love, Thomas Devaney

Rhetoric, Power and Integrity in the Passion of the Virgin Martyr, Maud Burnett McInerney

Violence Against Women in Medieval Texts [review], Maud Burnett McInerney

Louisa May Alcott's queer geniuses, Gustavus Stadler

Magawisca's body of knowledge: nation-building in Hope Leslie, Gustavus Stadler

Submissions from 1998

Listen Bre'er Sterling: the critic as liar, Kimberly W. Benston

Listen Br'er Sterling: The Critic as Liar, Kimberly W. Benston

Sterling Brown, Kimberly W. Benston

Sterling Brown, Kimberly W. Benston

Duco van Oostium's 'Male Authors, Female Subjets. The Woman Within/Beyond the Borders of Henry Adams, Henry Adams and Others', Richard Hardack

Hildegard of Bingen: A Book of Essays, Maud Burnett McInerney

Introduction: Hildegard of Bingen, Prophet and Polymath, Maud Burnett McInerney

Like a virgin: the problem of male virginity in the Symphonia, Maud Burnett McInerney

Feminism, Marginality, and Political Praxis: Leila Khaled's Subversive Bodily Acts, Rajeswari Mohan

MultiPlex, Ron Silliman

Home Fronts: Domesticity and Its Critics in the Antebellum United States [book review], Gustavus Stadler

Fuller's scene before the women: Woman in the nineteenth century, Christina Zwarg

Henry James and the Writing of Race and Nation, Christina Zwarg and Sara Blair

Submissions from 1997

The Veil of Black: (Un)Masking the Subject of African-American Modernism's 'Native Son', Kimberly W. Benston

Mother Without Child: Contemporary Fiction and the Crisis of Motherhood, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Pan and the Pagan Oracles, Richard Hardack

A Woman’s Words: Emer and Female Speech in the Ulster Cycle, Maud Burnett McInerney

Is this a Mannes Herte? Troilus's Trouble with Ovid, Maud Burnett McInerney

Power of the Weak: Studies on Medieval Women [book review], Maud Burnett McInerney

Empire: Toward a Critique of Materialist Feminism, Rajeswari Mohan

Forked tongue of lyric in Antia Desai's Clear Light of Day, Rajeswari Mohan

The Rhetorical Logic of Henry James [book review], Gustavus Stadler

Submissions from 1996

Marginality in Frances Burney's novels, Julia J. Epstein

Of his love daungerous to me: Liberation, Subversion, and Domestic Violence in the Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Beyond Belief: Robert Bellah, George Gilder, and the Meta-Narrative of Welfare in the Postmodern State, Richard Hardack

Going belly up: Entries, entrees, and the all‐consuming encyclopedic text, Richard Hardack

"Infinitely Repellent Orbs": Visions of the Self in the American Renaissance, Richard Hardack

In the Meydens Womb: Julian of Norwich and the Poetics of Enclosure, Maud Burnett McInerney

Veve Clark's Anti-Feminism in the Academy, Rajeswari Mohan

Xing, Ron Silliman


The Storied Facts of Margaret Fuller, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1995

Altered Conditions: Disease, Medicine, and Storytelling, Julia J. Epstein


"A Music Seeking Its Words": Double-Timing and Double Consciousness in Toni Morrison's Jazz, Richard Hardack

Water Pollution and Motion Sickness: Rites of Passage in Nineteenth-Century Slave and Travel Narratives, Richard Hardack

Dodging the Crossfire: Questions for Postcolonial Pedagogy, Rajeswari Mohan

Multiculturalism in the Nineties: Pitfalls and Possibilities, Rajeswari Mohan

Reflections on Migratory Discourses in the Age of Transnational Capital, Rajeswari Mohan

Feminist conversations: Fuller, Emerson, and the play of reading, Christina Zwarg

[Margaret Fuller], Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1994

Stocks and Bonds: Pantheism and the Chain of Being in the American Renaissance, Richard Hardack

Crisis of femininity and modernity in the third world, Rajeswari Mohan

Radha Kumar's The History of Doing, Rajeswari Mohan

Towards a Critique of Materialist Feminism, Rajeswari Mohan

Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy, Rajeswari Mohan

Teaching the Long Poem: The Example of 'Notes toward a Supreme Fiction', James C. Ransom

N/O, Ron Silliman

Submissions from 1993

Opening the Oyster: Pearls in Pearl, Maud Burnett McInerney

Jones, Ron Silliman

Delicate Subjects: Romanticism, Gender, and the Ethics of Understanding, Christina Zwarg

Foot-noting the Sublime: Margaret Fuller on Black Hawk's Trail, Christina Zwarg

Reading before Marx: Margaret Fuller and the New-York daily tribune, Christina Zwarg

Woman as Force in Twain's "Joan of Arc:" The Unwordable Fascination, Christina Zwarg

Submissions from 1992

Being there: performance as mise-en-scene, abscene, obscene, and other scene, Kimberly W. Benston

Locating Adrienne Kennedy: prefacing the subject, Kimberly W. Benston

Performance, Kimberly W. Benston

Performance, Kimberly W. Benston

AIDS, Stigma, and Narratives of Containment, Julia J. Epstein

Historiography, diagnosis, and poetics, Julia J. Epstein

Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender, Elaine Tuttle Hansen

Multiculturalism and the Protocols of the New World Order, Rajeswari Mohan

Review of Stanley Aronowitz and Henry Giroux's Postmodern Education, Rajeswari Mohan

Fable in Harmonium's 'Adult Make-Believe', James C. Ransom

Demo to Ink, Ron Silliman

Toner, Ron Silliman

Nature's Covenant: Figures of Landscape in Ruskin, Finley C. Stephen

Submissions from 1991

Bernard Malamud, John Ashmead