Submissions from 2022


Crisis as Opportunity: Reimagining Global Learning Pathways through New Virtual Collaborations and Open Access During COVID-19, Samantha Brandauer, Julia Carnine, Katie DeGuzman, Bruno Grazioli, and Eric Hartman

A Civics of Interdependence: Advancing Global Solidarity Through Communities of Inquiry and Action, Samantha Brandauer, Erin Sabato, Nora Reynolds, and Eric Hartman


Introduction: Special issue on listening to and learning from partners and host communities: Amplifying marginalized voices in global learning, Samantha Brandauer, Teku T. Teku, and Eric Hartman


Reflexivity and relationality in global service learning, Katie Macdonald, Jessica Vorstermans, Eric Hartman, and Richard Kiely


Using the Fair Trade Learning Framework to Improve the Outcomes of Engagement Between Universities and Off-Campus Partners: Applications and Implications for Program Design, Nora P. Reynolds, Nordica A. MacCarty, Kendra V. Sharp, and Eric Hartman


Crying in H Mart: A Memoir, Carol Schilling


Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses, Carol Schilling

Submissions from 2020


Coloniality-Decoloniality and Critical Global Citizenship: Identity, Belonging, and Education Abroad, Eric Hartman, Nora Reynolds, Caitlin Ferrarini, Niki Messmore, and Sabea Evans

Submissions from 2019

Diversification and labor productivity on US permaculture farms, Rafter Ferguson

Elegy for Iris (1999) by John Bayley, Carol Schilling

Submissions from 2018

Ethical Global Partnerships: Leadership from the Global South, Ramaswami Balasubramaniam, Eric Hartman, Janice McMillan, and Cody Morris Paris

Community-Based Global Learning: The Theory and Practice of Ethical Engagement at Home and Abroad, Eric Hartman, Richard C. Kiely, Christopher Boettcher, and Jessica Friedrichs

Making Meaning of Pain and Fear: How Movements Assist Their Members to Overcome Repression, George Lakey

To Hell and Back with Good Intentions, Anthony C. Ogden and Eric Hartman

Submissions from 2017

Community-Engaged Scholarship, Knowledge, and Dominant Discourse: A Cautionary Tale From the Global Development Sector, Eric Hartman

Global Service Learning: Definition, Theoretical Lineages, and Application Efforts, Eric Hartman and Richard Kiely

Participatory Documentary Then and Now: A Conversation about Practice and Pedagogy, Jesikah M. Ross and Vicky Funari

Looking After Iris: John Bayley's Elegy for the Living, Carol Schilling

Introduction: Caregiving, Kinship, and the Making of Stories, Carol Schilling and Mark Osteen

Submissions from 2016

Terson's Syndrome in a Patient with von Hippel-Lindau Disease, Megan L. Chenworth, Aaron S. Gold, Andrea C. Wildner, and Luis A. Acaba '16

Acid-sulfate mixtures from Rio Tinto, Spain: Spectral masking relationships and implications for Mars, Selby Cull-Hearth, Alexis van Venrooy, M. Caroline Clark 16, and Adrian Cvitkovic 16


Bridging Scholarship and Activism: Reflections from the Frontlines of Collaborative Research [book review], Eric Hartman

Lalla Essaydi: Crossing Boundaries, Bridging Cultures, Carol Solomon

Street Art and the Tunisian Revolt, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2014

Memory, place, desire : contemporary art of the Maghreb and Maghreb diaspora, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2013

Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts College, Rebecca Chopp, Susan Frost, and Daniel H. Weiss

About Gardens and Gardening: Symposium Commentary in Of Elephants and Roses: French Natural History, 1790-1830, Carol Solomon

Proceedings of Symposium at American Philosophical Society inOf Elephants and Roses: French Natural History, 1790-1830, Carol Solomon

Challenges and Opportunities in the Changing Landscape, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 2012


"Fasten Your Shackles": Remembering Slavery and Laughing about it in George C. Wolfe's The Colored Museum, Christina Knight

Submissions from 2010

Walk on the Sky. Pisces: An Installation by Zoulikha Bouabdellah inSofttransgression: Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Marc Lenot, Alice Planel, Jerome Sans, Siobhan Shilton, and Carol Solomon

Mapping Identity, Carol Solomon and Janet Yoon

Morgan Library Picture Book, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 2009

Abraaj Capital Art Prize, Carol Solomon, Leyla Fakhr, and Cristiana Perrella

Submissions from 2008

The Third Space: Cultural Identity Today, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2007

A Room with a View: The Photography of Abelardo Morell, Carol Solomon

Stephen Koplowitz – Revealed, Carol Solomon

Through British Eyes: British Art at the Mead, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2006

Dutch Art of the Seventeenth Century, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2005

Class-Action Proposals, Kaye Edwards

One and Separate, Kaye Edwards


Bridge and Tunnel (review), Christina Knight

Prints and Drawings from the Time of Napoleon and Josephine, Carol Solomon

Symbolist and Art Nouveau Prints, Carol Solomon

The Empress Joséphine: Art and Royal Identity, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2004

Animal Subjects: European Prints, Drawings, and Sculpture, Carol Solomon

Impressionist and Post Impressionist Prints and Drawings, Carol Solomon

Response to the Pain of War, Carol Solomon

The Old Testament Image and the Rise of Crusader Culture in France, Daniel H. Weiss

France and the Holy Land: Frankish Culture at the End of the Crusades, Daniel H. Weiss and Lisa Mahoney

Submissions from 2003

Modern Art [book review], Carol Solomon

Submissions from 2002

The Myth and Madness of Ophelia, Carol Solomon

Portraying the Past, Illuminating the Present: The Art of the Morgan Library Picture Book, Daniel H. Weiss

The Book of Kings: Art, War, and the Morgan Library’s Medieval Picture Bible, Daniel H. Weiss and William Noel

Submissions from 2000

Quiet Helpers: Quaker Service in Postwar Germany, Achim von Borries, Peter Daniels, John R. Cary, and Cathy Cary

Submissions from 1999

The Hanged Man: Cézanne and the Art of the Print, Carol Solomon

Die Kreuzritterbibel/The Morgan Crusade r Bible/La Bible des Croisades, Daniel H. Weiss

The Heroine of Minsk: Eight Photographs of an Execution, Daniel H. Weiss and Nechama Tec

Submissions from 1998

Romancing the Stone: Early French Lithography, Carol Solomon

Art and Crusade in the Age of Saint Louis, Daniel H. Weiss

Hec est domus Domini firmiter edificata : The Image of the Temple in Crusader Art, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 1997

Baudelaire and the Printmaker of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Prints from the Collection of Smith College Museum of Art, Carol Solomon

A Historical Injustice: The Case of Masha Bruskina, Daniel H. Weiss and Nechama Tec

Submissions from 1996

Review of A. Erlande - Brandenburg, The Cathedral: The Social and Architectur al Dynamics of Construction, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 1995

Architectural Symbolism and the Decoration of the Sainte - Chapelle, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 1994

Caenorhabditis elegans sqt-3 mutants have mutations in the col-1 collagen gene, Harjeet van der Keyl, Hwaok Kim, Richard Espey '87, C. Valerie Oke, and Kaye Edwards

Submissions from 1993

Africans' Memories and Contemporary History of Africa, V. Y. Mudimbe

From Primitive Art to Memoriae Loci, V. Y. Mudimbe

From Dürer to Daumier: European Prints from the Collection of McGill University, Carol Solomon

Biblical History and Medieval Historiography: Rationalizing Strategies in Crusader Art, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 1992

What Was Thus by Chance Begun …: The Napoleon Collection of McGill University: Selected Prints and Illustrated Books, Carol Solomon

The Three Solomon Portraits in the Arsenal Old Testament and the Construction of Meaning in Crusader Painting, Daniel H. Weiss

Submissions from 1991

Cell Lineage Analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans Development, Kaye Edwards

Parables and Fables: Exegesis, Textuality, and Politics in Central Africa, V. Y. Mudimbe

What was thus by chance begun… The Napoleon Collection of McGill University: Selected Prints and Illustrated Books, Carol Solomon

What was thus by chance begun… The Napoleon Collection of McGill University: Selected Prints and Illustrated Books, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 1990

Antigenic and Dynamic Properties of the Surface of Onchochera cervicalis Microfilariae, Kaye Edwards

Submissions from 1988

Liberty in African and western thought, V. Y. Mudimbe

The invention of Africa: gnosis, philosophy, and the order of knowledge, V. Y. Mudimbe

Submissions from 1987


Monoclonal antibodies to parasite antigens: a rapid immunization protocol requiring small numbers of parasites, Clotilde K. S. Carlow, Kaye Edwards, Eric R. James, and Mario Philipp

Submissions from 1984

Cézanne’s Magdalen: A New Source in the Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence, Carol Solomon

Submissions from 1979

Loss of Centrioles and Polyploidization in Follicle Cells of Drosophila melanogaster, Anthony P. Mahowald, Joan H. Caulton, Kaye Edwards, and Alton D. Floyd


Cross-sectional Structure of the Central Spindle of Diatoma vulgare Evidence for Specific Interactions between Antiparallel Microtubules, K. L. McDonald and Kaye Edwards


Three-dimensional Structure of the Central Mitotic Spindle of Diatoma vulgare, J. Richard McIntosh, Kent L. McDonald, and Kaye Edwards