Submissions from 1999

Bears in Space: Activities to Introduce Basic Ideas of Design, G. W. Cobb and Weiwen Miao

Toroidal and reductive Borel-Serre compactifications of locally symmetric spaces, M. Goresky and Yung-sheng Tai

Symmetry Breaking and the Twisted Elastic Ring, Robert S. Manning and John H. Maddocks


Nontoric Hamiltonian circle actions on four-dimensional symplectic orbifolds, Stephanie Frank Singer, J. Talvacchia, and N. Watson

Peirce domains, Yung-sheng Tai

Submissions from 1998

Noncommutative Schur functions and their applications, Sergey Fomin and Curtis Greene

Calculus (2nd ed.), Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Patti Frazer Lock, Andrew M. Gleason, and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Calculus : single and multivariable, Deborah Hughes-Hallett and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Stability and persistence of relative equilibria at singular values of the moment map, E. Lerman and Stephanie Frank Singer

Isoperimetric conjugate points with application to the stability of DNA minicircles, Robert S. Manning, Kathleen A. Rogers, and John H. Maddocks

Classifying [aleph]o-Categorical Theories II: The Existence of Finitely Axiomatizable Proper Class II Theories, George Weaver and David Lippel

Submissions from 1997

Note on a combinatorial application of Alexander duality, A. Bjorner, Lynne M. Butler, and A. O. Matveev

A seminar on linear optimization, Lynne M. Butler

Balanced labellings and Schubert polynomials, Sergey Fomin, Curtis Greene, Victor Reiner, and Mark Shimozono

Multivariable calculus, Sheldon P. Gordon, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason, and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Existence of Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Multi-Dimensional Exponential Families, Marjorie Hahn and Weiwen Miao

Interactive computation, parameter continuation, and visualization, J. H. Maddocks, Robert S. Manning, R. C. Paffenroth, and K. A. Rogers

Loop algebras, gauge invariants and a new completely integrable system, M. Quinn and Stephanie Frank Singer

Submissions from 1996

Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics, Louis J. Billera, Curtis Greene, and Rodica Simion

Order analogues and Betti polynomials, Lynne M. Butler

Conjugate directions in perspective, William C. Davidon


Uniform regularized semiclassical propogator for the 1/x^2 potential, Robert S. Manning and Gregory S. Ezra


A Continuum Rod Model of Sequence-Dependent DNA Structure, Robert S. Manning, John H. Maddocks, and Jason D. Kahn

Existence and strong consistency of maximum likelihood estimates for 1-dimensional exponential families, Weiwen Miao and Marjorie Hahn

Action variables for Toda lattices, Stephanie Frank Singer

Submissions from 1995

On the Kodaira dimension of moduli spaces of abelian varieties with non-principal polarizations, Yung-sheng Tai

Submissions from 1994

Subgroup Lattices and Symmetric Functions, Lynne M. Butler

New tableau representation of supersymmetric Schur functions, Ian Goulden and Curtis Greene

Algebraic K-theory of operator ideals, Dale Husemoller

Fibre Bundles (3rd ed.), Dale Husemoller


Regularized semiclassical radial propogator for the Coulomb potential, Robert S. Manning and Gregory S. Ezra

Submissions from 1993

Nonnegative Hall polynomials, Lynne M. Butler and Alfred W. Hales

Geometry of the full Kostant-Toda lattice, N. M. Ercolani, H. Flaschka, and Stephanie Frank Singer

Littlewood-Richardson miscellany, Sergey Fomin and Curtis Greene

Some maps from the full Toda lattice are Poisson, Stephanie Frank Singer

Submissions from 1992

Proof of a conjecture on immanents of the Jacobi-Trudi matrix, Curtis Greene

Rational function identity related to the Murnaghan-Nakayama formula for the characters of S-n, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1991

Generalized flags in finite abelian p-groups, Lynne M. Butler

Variable metric method for minimization, William C. Davidon

Notation for quasi-Newton methods, William C. Davidon, R. B. Mifflin, and J. L. Nazareth

Lectures on Cyclic Homology, Dale Husemoller

Submissions from 1990

Impact of the chain decomposition theorem on classical combinatorics, Kenneth P. Bogart, Curtis Greene, and Joseph P. S. Kung

Q-log-concavity of q-binomial coefficients, Lynne M. Butler

Theory of Projected Probabilities on Non-Orthogonal States: Application to electron Populations in Molecules, Robert S. Manning and N. De Leon

Submissions from 1989

Rational generating functions for enumerating chains of partitions, Lynne M. Butler

Filtration of sickle cells: recruitment into a rigid fraction as a function of density and oxygen tension, E. A. Schmalzer, Robert S. Manning, and S. Chien

Submissions from 1988

Class of lattices with Mobius function pm 1,0, Curtis Greene

Posets of shuffles, Curtis Greene

MacFunction (software package), H. Lewis and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Submissions from 1987


Unimodality result in the enumeration of subgroups of a finite abelian group, Lynne M. Butler

Survey of Drinfel/prime modules, P. Deligne and Dale Husemoller

Balanced tableaux, Paul Edelman and Curtis Greene

Elliptic Curves (1st ed.), Dale Husemoller

Submissions from 1986

Longest chains in the lattice of integer partitions ordered by majorization, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

Simmetricheskie Bilineinye Formy, Dale Husemoller

Interfacing Standards for Recognizers, Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Submissions from 1985

Evaluation of Step Directions in Optimization Algorithms, William C. Davidon

Combinatorial Correspondences for Young Tableaux, Balanced Tableaux and Maxima l Chains in the Weak Bruhat Order of Sn, Curtis Greene and P. Edelman

Submissions from 1984

Another probabilistic formula in the theory of Young tableaux, Curtis Greene, Albert Nijenhuis, and Herbert S. Wilf

Submissions from 1983


On the Interpretation of Whitney Numbers Through Arrangements of Hyperplanes, Zonotopes, Non-Radon Partitions, and Orientations of Graphs, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1982

Conjugate Directions for Conic Functions, William C. Davidon

The Mobius Function of a Partially Ordered Set, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1981

A generalization of Sperner’s theorem, D. E. Daykin, P. Frankl, Curtis Greene, and A. J.W. Hilton

Submissions from 1980


Conic Approximations and Collinear Scalings for Optimizers, William C. Davidon

A Combinatorial Problem Arising in the Study of Reaction-Diffusion Equations, J. M. Greenberg, Curtis Greene, and Stuart Hastings

Submissions from 1979

Some results on Sperner families, Curtis Greene and A. J.W. Hilton

A probabilistic proof of a formula for the number of Young tableaux of a given shape, Curtis Greene, Albert Nijenhuis, and Herbert S. Wilf

Submissions from 1978

Optimization by Non-linear Scaling, William C. Davidon

Proof techniques in the theory of finite sets, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

Submissions from 1977


Fast leastsquares algorithms, William C. Davidon

Acyclic Orientations, Curtis Greene

Some order-theoretic properties of the Robinson-Schensted correspondence, Curtis Greene

On the Decomposition of Boolean Polynomials, Curtis Greene and Gaisi Takeuti

Submissions from 1976

Application of a New Least Squares Method to Structure Refinement, William C. Davidon

New Least Squares Algorithms, William C. Davidon

Some partitions associated with a partially ordered set, Curtis Greene

Weight Enumeration and the Geometry of Linear Codes, Curtis Greene

Extensions of the Erd¨os-Ko-Rado theorem, Curtis Greene, G. Katona, and Daniel J. Kleitman

Strong Versions of Sperner’s Theorem, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

The Structure of Sperner k-families, Curtis Greene and Daniel J. Kleitman

Submissions from 1975

Automorphisms of Lexicographic Products, Elliot Bird and Curtis Greene

A Method for Constrained Refinement of Crystal Structures, William C. Davidon

Consequences of the Inertial Equivalence of Energy, William C. Davidon


Kinematics and dynamics of elastic rods, William C. Davidon

Kinematics and Dynamics of Elastic Rods, William C. Davidon

Optimally Conditioned Algorithms without Line Searches, William C. Davidon

An Inequality for the Mobius Function of a Geometric Lattice, Curtis Greene

Sperner Families and Partitions of a Partially Ordered Set, Curtis Greene

Cayley’s Formula for Multidimensional Trees, Curtis Greene and G. Iba

Some abstract pivot algorithms, Curtis Greene and Thomas L. Magnanti

Submissions from 1974


Algebraic Description of Motion, William C. Davidon

An Extension of Schensted’s Theorem, Curtis Greene


Another Exchange Property for Bases, Curtis Greene

Complementary Trees and Independent Matchings, Curtis Greene, D. J. Kleitman, and T. L. Magnanti

Submissions from 1973

Time-Dependent Multipole Analysis, William C. Davidon


A Multiple Exchange Property for Bases, Curtis Greene

On the Mobius Algebra of a Partially Ordered Set, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1971

A Counterexample to the Generalization of Sperner’s Theorem, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1970

A Rank Inequality for Geometric Lattices, Curtis Greene

Submissions from 1969

Variance Algorithms for Minimization, William C. Davidon