Submissions from 2004

Aristotle on the desirability of friends, Aryeh L. Kosman

Mechanisms in Ancient Philosophy of Science, Aryeh L. Kosman

Overcoming Kant: McDowell, and Sellars, on Judgment, Danielle Macbeth

Putnam's New Realism, Danielle Macbeth

Viète, Descartes, and the Emergence of Modern Mathematics, Danielle Macbeth


On Divine Self-Limitation and Revolutionary Love: An Interview with Slavoj Zizek, Joshua Alan Ramey

Opera, For Example: A Preface to Zizek's "Why Wagner is Worth Saving, Joshua Alan Ramey

On What We Have in Common: The Universality of Philosophical Hermeneutics, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 2003

Die 'Erlauterungen zu Holderlins Dichtungen' und die drei Holderlin-Vorlesungen (1934/35, 1941/42, 1941): Die Heroisi erung Holderlin, Kathleen Wright

(En)gendering Dialogue Between Gadamer's Hermeneutics and Feminist Thought, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 2002

Logos of Dao: The primal logic of translatability, Ashok K. Gangadean

Frege and early Wittgenstein on logic and language, Danielle Macbeth

Knowledge, Mind and the Given [book review], Danielle Macbeth

Submissions from 2000

Global dialogue, global peace (an interview by Michael Malone), Ashok K. Gangadean and Michael Malone

Dialogue on global thought and spirituality, Ashok K. Gangadean, Karan Singh, Ewert Cousins, and Robert Muller

Metaphysics L 9: Divine thought, Aryeh L. Kosman

Saving the phenomena: Aristotle on realism and instrumentalism, Aryeh L. Kosman

Empirical Knowledge: Kantian Themes and Sellarsian Variations, Danielle Macbeth

W.E.B. Du Bois on the Study of Social Problems, Lucius Outlaw

Engendering Dialogue: Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics and Feminist Thought, Kathleen Wright

Fusion of Horizons: Hans-Georg Gadamer and Wang Fu-Chih, Kathleen Wright

Gestimmtheit, Vorurteile, und Horizontverschmelzung, Kathleen Wright

Hans-Georg Gadamer, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1999

Aristotelian Metaphysics and Biology: Furth's "Substance, Form and Psyche", Aryeh L. Kosman

Being properly affected: virtues and feelings in Aristotle's Ethics, Aryeh L. Kosman

Sellars, Wilfrid, Danielle Macbeth

Philosophical Education and Cultural Diversity, Lucius Outlaw

Heidegger on Hegel's Antigone: the memory of gender and the forgetfulness of the ethical difference, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1998

Between Worlds: the Emergence of Global Reason, Ashok K. Gangadean

Masao Abe and Nishida's logic of place, Ashok K. Gangadean

Cultural Hermeneutics and Racialized Life-Worlds: Unfinished Work, Lucius Outlaw

Multiculturalism, Citizenship, Education, and American Liberal Democracy, Lucius Outlaw

Art and Understanding, Kathleen Wright

Heidegger and Hölderlin, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1997

Awakening the Global Mind, Ashok K. Gangadean

Dialogue: the key to global ethics , Ashok K. Gangadean

The awakening of primal knowledge + How the traditions point beyond the ego, Ashok K. Gangadean

Brandom on Inference and the Expressive Role of Logic, Danielle Macbeth

Africana Philosophy, Lucius Outlaw

Submissions from 1996

Gewaltsame Lektüre deutungsloser Zeichen. Heidegger liest Hölderlins "Andenken", Kathleen Wright

Pluralism on the Undergraduate Level: The Case of Haverford College, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1995

Hermeneutics of comparative ontology and comparative theology, Ashok K. Gangadean

Meditative reason and the holistic turn to natural phenomenology, Ashok K. Gangadean

Quest for the primal word, Ashok K. Gangadean

The Quest for the Primal Word + What is the Origin of Language, Ashok K. Gangadean

Logic of Relations and the Ideality of Space, Danielle Macbeth

Names, Natural Kind Terms, and Rigid Designation, Danielle Macbeth

Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Language, Danielle Macbeth

On Race and Philosophy, Lucius Outlaw

On W.E.B. Du Bois's "The Conservation of Races", Lucius Outlaw

Philosophy, Ethnicity, and Race, Lucius Outlaw

Racial and Ethnic Complexities in American Life: Implications for African Americans, Lucius Outlaw

Submissions from 1994

Aristotle on the activity of being, Aryeh L. Kosman

Aristotle's prime mover, Aryeh L. Kosman

Coin of the Intentional Realm , Danielle Macbeth

Heidegger and the authorization of Hölderlin's poetry, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1993

Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar, Ashok K. Gangadean

Knowledge of the External World [book review], Danielle Macbeth

African, African-American, Africana Philosophy, Lucius Outlaw

Heidegger Controversy: Updated and Appraised, Kathleen Wright

Heidegger's Holderlin and the Mo(u)rning of History, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1992

Acting: drama as the Mimesis of Praxis, Aryeh L. Kosman

Silence and imitation in the Platonic dialogues, Aryeh L. Kosman

What does the maker mind make? The role of Aristotle's Nous Poetikos, Aryeh L. Kosman

Against the Grain of Modernity: The Politics of Difference and the Conservation of "Race", Lucius Outlaw

Heidegger und die Ermächtigung der Dichtung Hölderlins, Kathleen Wright

Place of the work of art in the age of technology, Kathleen Wright

Review of John McCumber's Poetic Interaction, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1991

Predication and logic of language (I), Ashok K. Gangadean

Predication and logic of language (II), Ashok K. Gangadean

Predication and logic of language (III), Ashok K. Gangadean

Future of Philosophy in America, Lucius Outlaw

Lifeworlds, modernity, and philosophical praxis : race, ethnicity, and critical social theory, Lucius Outlaw

Grenzen der Weisheit, Kathleen Wright

Submissions from 1990

Necessity and Explanation in Aristotle’s Analytics, Aryeh L. Kosman

Comments on Michel Haar's The Question of Freedom in the Later Heidegger, Kathleen Wright

Festivals of interpretation: essays on Hans-Georg Gadamer's work, Kathleen Wright

Literature and Philosophy at the Crossroads, Kathleen Wright

Schleiermacher's Hermeneutics, Kathleen Wright and R. Wiehl

Submissions from 1989

Pragmatism, Pluralism, and the Healing of Wounds, Richard J. Bernstein

Foucault: Critique as a Philosophic Ethos, Richard J. Bernstein, A. Honneth, T. McCarthy, and C. Offe

The Midilab Research System, Richard J. Bernstein, R. Todd, Marilyn Boltz, and M. R. Jones

Universal theology: beyond absolutism and relativism, Ashok K. Gangadean

Platonic love, Aryeh L. Kosman

Submissions from 1988

Critical Inquiry, Civic Friendship and the Pursuit of Community, Richard J. Bernstein

Fred Dallmayr's critique of Habermas, Richard J. Bernstein

Habermas y la Modernidad, Richard J. Bernstein

Hermeneutics and Its Anxieties, Richard J. Bernstein

Metaphysics, critique, and utopia, Richard J. Bernstein

Interpretation and Its Discontents: The Choreography of Critique, Richard J. Bernstein, Stanley B. Messer, Louis Arnorsson Sass, and Robert L. Woolfolk

Meditation, metaphor and meaning, Ashok K. Gangadean

Submissions from 1987

Agnes Heller: Philosophy, Rational Utopia and Praxis, Richard J. Bernstein

Bortom Objektivism och Relativism: Vetenskap, Hermeneutik och Praxis, Richard J. Bernstein

History, Philosophy, and the Question of Relativism, Richard J. Bernstein

Human beings: plurality and togetherness, Richard J. Bernstein

One step forward, two steps backward: Richard Rorty on liberal democracy and philosophy, Richard J. Bernstein

Serious Play: The Ethical-Political Horizon of Jacques Derrida, Richard J. Bernstein

The Varieties of Pluralism, Richard J. Bernstein

Heidegger on Humanism, Richard J. Bernstein, Robert S. Corrington, Carl Hausman, and Thomas M. Seebohm

Ontological relativity: a metaphysical critique of Einstein's thought, Ashok K. Gangadean