Submissions from 1980


Extended Appearance-Potential Fine-Structure Analysis: Oxygen on Al(100), M. L. den Boer, T. L. Einstein, W. T. Elam, and Lyle D. Roelofs

Many Routes to Turbulent Convection, Jerry P. Gollub


External Noise and the Onset of Turbulent Convection, Jerry P. Gollub and J. F. Steinman

Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background at Small Angular Scales, Bruce Partridge


Search for Ionized Gas in Clusters of Galaxies, Bruce Partridge and G. Lake

Submissions from 1979

Cosmological Anisotropies in the Microwave Background in Physics of the Expanding Universe, Bruce Partridge

Anisotropies in the Intensity of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge and G. Sironi


Adlayer-induced LEED beams near order-disorder transitions, Lyle D. Roelofs, Robert L. Park, and T. L. Einstein

Submissions from 1978


Chaotic Response to Periodic Perturbation of a Convecting Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and S. V. Benson


Upper Limit on the Microwave Pulsed Emission from Supernovae Explosions, Bruce Partridge


The transition to turbulence, Harry L. Swinney and Jerry P. Gollub

Submissions from 1977

Detection of Intergalactic Gas in Distant Rich Clusters, Bruce Partridge and G. Lake

Submissions from 1976


Rayleigh linewidth and turbidity measurements near a multicomponent fluid tricritical point, Jerry P. Gollub, Albert A. Koenig, and John S. Huang


A Review of Some Radio and Microwave Searches for Transient Phenomena, Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1975


Onset of Turbulence in a Rotating Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and Harry L. Swinney

1. Pulse Astronomy, in Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Binary X-Ray Sources, Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1974


Laser Heterodyne Study of Water Droplet Growth, Jerry P. Gollub, Ilan Chabay, and W. H. Flygare


Optical Heterodyne Study of the Taylor Instability in a Rotating Fluid, Jerry P. Gollub and Michael H. Freilich

Large Scale Anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge

Submissions from 1973

Absorber Theory of Radiation and the Future of the Universe, Bruce Partridge

Sensitive Search for Microwave Pulses from the Galactic Centre, Bruce Partridge and G. T. Wrixon

Submissions from 1971

Timing of Optical Pulses from the Crab Nebula Pulsar, Bruce Partridge


Optical Time-of-arrival Measurements from the Crab Pulsar, Bruce Partridge and P. Horowitz

Submissions from 1970


Apparent Universal Behavior of Fluctuation-Induced Diamagnetism in Superconductors, Jerry P. Gollub, M. R. Beasley, and M. Tinkham


Gravitational Waves and a Search for Associated Microwave Electromagnetic Radiation, Bruce Partridge and Remo Ruffini

Submissions from 1969


Observation of Enhanced Diamagnetism Above Tc in Indium Due to Thermodynamic Fluctuations, Jerry P. Gollub, M. R. Beasley, R. S. Newbower, and M. Tinkham

1. The Primeval Fireball Today, Bruce Partridge

Mean Free Paths of Cosmic Rays through a Far Infrared Radiation Field, Bruce Partridge and P. Encrenaz

Submissions from 1967


Possible Population II binary stars, Bruce Partridge

Effects of Absorption Spectra of Ices on the u.v. Extinction by Interstellar Grains, Bruce Partridge, G. B. Field, and H. Sobel


Large Scale Density Inhomogeneities in the Universe, Bruce Partridge and D. T. Wilkinson

Submissions from 1966


The Modulated Absorption of Light in an Optical Pumping Experiment in 4He, Bruce Partridge and G. W. Series


The Transfer of Coherence by Collisions of 3He Atoms, Bruce Partridge and G. W. Series

Submissions from 1965

The Carry-Over of Coherence in a Cycle of Optical Pumping in Helium, Bruce Partridge