Submissions from 2003

The Emergence of Temporal Correlations in a Study of Global Economic Interdependence, E. J. Friedman, S. Johnson, and Adam Landsberg


Continuum mechanics in physics education, Jerry P. Gollub


Discrete and continuum descriptions of matter, Jerry P. Gollub

Evolutionary Algorithms on a Self-Organized, Dynamic Lattice, Paul Halpern

The Cyclical Serpent: Prospects for an Ever-Repeating Universe, Paul Halpern

The Mixmaster Universe in Five Dimensions, Paul Halpern

The Quest for Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside the Solar System, Paul Halpern

Course Innovations for Space Science Curriculum, L. P. Johnson, Shermane A. Austin, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Esther Zirbel

Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Seminars: A Model for Learning Emerging Technologies While Developing Interdisciplinary Partnerships, Suzanne Amador Kane

Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine, Suzanne Amador Kane


The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey - III. Young Pulsars and the Discovery and Timing of 200 Pulsars, M. Kramer, J. F. Bell, R. N. Manchester, A. G. Lyne, and Fronefield Crawford


X-ray Observations of the Compact Central Object in Supernova Remnant G347.3-0.5, J. S. Lazendic, P. O. Slane, B. M. Gaensler, P. P. Plucinsky, and Fronefield Crawford

Simulations of Amphiphilic Fluids Using Mesoscale Lattice-Boltzmann and Lattice-Gas Methods, Peter John Love, M. Nekovee, J. Chin, and N. Gonzalez-Segredo


Applications of Spatial Light Modulators in Atom Optics, D. McGloin, Gabriel C. Spalding, H. Melville, and K. Dholakia


Three-Dimensional Arrays of Optical Bottle Beams, D. McGloin, Gabriel C. Spalding, W. Sibbett, and K. Dholakia


Large B-Fields, Jorge Moreno

Remarks on Non-Commutative Solitons, Jorge Moreno

Mechanisms of hole formation in metal-on-metal epitaxial systems: Rh/Ag(001), Lyle D. Roelofs, D. A. Chipkin, C. J. Rockwell, and R. J. Behm

Porphyrin nanorods, A. D. Schwab, D. E. Smith, C. S. Rich, and Walter Fox Smith

Modulation of Thermoelectric Power of Individual Carbon Nanotubes, J. Small, Kerstin M. Perez, and P. Kim


Internal granular dynamics, shear-induced crystallization, and compaction steps, J. C. Tsai, Greg A. Voth, and Jerry P. Gollub


Mixing rates and symmetry breaking in two-dimensional chaotic flow, Greg A. Voth, T. C. Saint, Greg Dobler, and Jerry P. Gollub

Simple Fabrication of Molecular Circuits by Shadow Mask Evaporation, Y. Zhou, A. T. Johnson, J. Hone, and Walter Fox Smith

A Technique to Promote Deep Learning, Esther Zirbel, L. P. Johnson, and S. A. Austin

Teacher Intern Experiences during a Graduate Level Summer School, Esther Zirbel, Delores J. Knipp, and Charles J. Myette

Faces of the Sun and Cognitive Phases, Esther Zirbel and Charles Myette

Submissions from 2002

Granular shear flow dynamics and forces: experiment and continuum theory, L. Bocquet, W. Losert, D. Schalk, and Jerry P. Gollub

Toward the Simplest Hydrodynamic Lattice Gas Model, Bruce M. Boghosian, Peter John Love, and David A. Meyer

Optical Tweezers: the next generation, K. Dholakia, Gabriel C. Spalding, and M. P. MacDonald

Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools, NRC Report, Jerry P. Gollub, Meryl W. Bertenthal, Jay B. Labov, and Phillip C. Curtis


Advanced physics in the high schools, Jerry P. Gollub and Robin Spital


Exact Solutions of Five Dimensional Anisotropic Cosmologies, Paul Halpern

Diffusion of Vacancies and Adatoms on Stepped Crystalline Surfaces, Gabe Hare and Lyle D. Roelofs


An undergraduate biophysics program: Curricular examples and lessons from a liberal arts context, Suzanne Amador Kane

Quantitative Chirality Measures Applied to Domain Formation in Langmuir Monolayers, Suzanne Amador Kane


Evolution of a Colloidal Bean State in an Optical Pinscape, P. T. Korda, Gabriel C. Spalding, and D. G. Grier

A Particulate Basis for a Lattice-Gas Model of Amphiphilic Fluids, Peter John Love

Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Lattice-Gas Simulations of Ternary Amphiphilic Fluids Under Shear Flow, Peter John Love and Peter V. Coveney

Large B-Fields, Jorge Moreno


The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey - II. Discovery and Timing of 120 Pulsars, D. J. Morris, G. Hobbs, A. G. Lyne, I. H. Stairs, and Fronefield Crawford


PSR J2021+3651: A Young Radio Pulsar Coincident with an Unidentified EGRET Gamma-ray Source, M. S. E. Roberts, J. W. T. Hessels, S. M. Ransom, V. M. Kaspi, and Fronefield Crawford

Physics Songs 2002, Walter Fox Smith and M. McKenzie

Two-dimensional granular Poiseuille flow on an incline: multiple dynamical regimes, J. C. Tsai, W. Losert, G. A. Voth, and Jerry P. Gollub


Ordered Clusters and Dynamical States of Particles in a Vibrated Fluid, G. A. Voth, B. Bigger, M. R. Buckley, and Jerry P. Gollub


Experimental Measurements of Stretching Fields in Fluid Mixing, G. A. Voth, G. H. Haller, and Jerry P. Gollub

Astronomy Laboratories, Esther Zirbel

Back to Basics: Using Common Sense to Understand Science, Esther Zirbel

Infusing Professional Astronomy Research into Student Laboratories, Esther Zirbel

Submissions from 2001

Getting at the Join: Integrating Astrophysics and Astronomy in Computer Science Coursework, S. A. Austin, Esther Zirbel, and L. P. Johnson

Mesoscale Modeling of Amphiphilic Fluid Dynamics, Bruce M. Boghosian, Peter V. Coveney, Peter John Love, and Jean-Bernard Maillet


Discovery of Five Binary Radio Pulsars, F. Camilo, A. G. Lyne, R. N. Manchester, J. F. Bell, and Fronefield Crawford


A Radio Supernova Remnant Associated with the Young Pulsar J1119-6127, Fronefield Crawford


Polarization Properties of Nine Southern Radio Pulsars, Fronefield Crawford


Radio Pulsars in the Magellanic Clouds, Fronefield Crawford


Spectral Equivalence of Bosons and Fermions in One-Dimensional Harmonic Potentials, M. Crescimanno and Adam Landsberg


Two Young Radio Pulsars Coincident with EGRET Sources, N. D'Amico, V. M. Kaspi, R. N. Manchester, F. Camilo, and Fronefield Crawford


Controlled creation of a carbon nanotube diode by a scanned gate, Marcus Freitag, Marko Radosavljevic, Yangxin Zhou, and Walter Fox Smith


Large-Scale Synchrony in Weakly Interacting Automata, E. J. Friedman and Adam Landsberg

Constructing Utopias: An Interactive Approach to Helping Students Envision Possible Future Societies, Paul Halpern

The Behavior of Kasner Cosmologies with Induced Matter, Paul Halpern

The New York City Space Science Research Alliance: An Educational Initiative Targeting Diversity in Space Science, L. P. Johnson, S. A. Austin, I. K. Robbins, Esther Zirbel, N. D. Tyson, M. C. Damas, J. C. Steiner, J. Frost, B. Storck, S. E. Kaufman, S. Greenbaum, and I. E. Ekejiuba

The New York City Space Science Research Alliance Enhancing Undergraduate Education and Research: An Educational Initiative Targetting Increased Diversity in Space Science, L. P. Johnson, S. A. Austin, I. K. Robbins, Esther Zirbel, N. D. Tyson, M. C. Damas, J. C. Steiner, J. Storck, S. E. Kaufman, S. Greenbaum, and I. E. Ekejiuba

Scarred patterns in surface waves, A. Kudrolli, M. C. Abraham, and Jerry P. Gollub

Three Dimensional Hydrodynamic Lattice-Gas Simulations of Domain Growth and Self Assembly in Binary Immiscible and Ternary Amphiphilic Fluids, Peter John Love, Peter V. Coveney, and Bruce M. Boghosian


The Parkes Multi-Beam Pulsar Survey - I. Observing and Data Analysis Systems, Discovery and Timing of 100 Pulsars, R. N. Manchester, A. G. Lyne, F. Camilo, J. F. Bell, and Fronefield Crawford


Non-Uniform Free-Free Absorption in the GPS Radio Galaxy 0108+388, J. M. Marr, G. B. Taylor, and Fronefield Crawford

Photorefractive polymers: Materials science, thin-film fabrication, and experiments in volume holography, D. J. McGee and Mark D. Matlin


X-ray Observations of the New Pulsar-Supernova Remnant System PSR J1119-6127 and Supernova Remnant G292.2-0.5, M. J. Pivovaroff, V. M. Kaspi, F. Camilo, B. M. Gaensler, and Fronefield Crawford

Neutral Stability in Josephson Junction Arrays with Arbitrary Lattice Geometry, A. Roomets and A. S. Landsberg


PSR J1740-3052: a Pulsar with a Massive Companion, I. H. Stairs, R. N. Manchester, A. G. Lyne, V. M. Kaspi, and Fronefield Crawford

Submissions from 2000

A Three-Dimensional Lattice Gas Model for Amphiphilic Fluid Dynamics, Bruce M. Boghosian, Peter V. Coveney, and Peter John Love


Discovery of Two High Magnetic Field Radio Pulsars, F. Camilo, V. M. Kaspi, A. G. Lyne, R. N. Manchester, and Fronefield Crawford


A Search for Submillisecond Pulsations from Unidentified FIRST and NVSS Radio Sources, Fronefield Crawford

Chaos in space and time, Jerry P. Gollub

The Pursuit of Destiny: A History of Prediction, Paul Halpern

Lateral conductivity measurements of synthetic peptide monolayers and the role of water in charge transport, A. T. Johnson, D. J. Bergeron, G. Grason, and Walter Fox Smith

Interactions determining the growth of chiral domains in phospholipid monolayers: experimental results and computer simulations, Suzanne Amador Kane, Madison A. Compton '99, and Nicholar Wilder '94

Interaction of local anesthetics with phospholipids in Langmuir monolayers, Suzanne Amador Kane and Samuel Floyd '98


Discovery of a Young Radio Pulsar in a Relativistic Binary Orbit, V. M. Kaspi, A. G. Lyne, R. N. Manchester, and Fronefield Crawford


Disorder-induced Desynchronization in a 2x2 Circular Josephson Junction Array, Adam Landsberg


Particle dynamics in sheared granular matter, W. Losert, L. Bocquet, T. C. Lubensky, and Jerry P. Gollub

Mechanisms for slow strengthening in granular materials, W. Losert, J. C. Geminard, S. Nasuno, and Jerry P. Gollub

Steering High Performance Parallel Programs: A Case Study, Peter John Love and Jeremy M. R. Martin


The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey: PSR J1811-1736, a Pulsar in a Highly Eccentric Binary System, A. G. Lyne, F. Camilo, R. N. Manchester, J. F. Bell, and Fronefield Crawford


Measurements of the double piezoelectric effect, Walter Fox Smith and B. W. Axelrod


Cryogenic substrate cooling or substrate heating without vacuum feedthroughs, Walter Fox Smith, B. G. Stokes, and J. F. Crawford


Kinematic Age Estimates for 4 Compact Symmetric Objects from the Pearson-Readhead Survey, G. B. Taylor and Jonathan Marr

Submissions from 1999

Velocity statistics in excited granular media, J. Delour, A. Kudrolli, and Jerry P. Gollub

Frictional mechanics of wet granular material, J. C. Geminard, W. Losert, and Jerry P. Gollub


Pattern formation in nonequilibrium physics, Jerry P. Gollub and J. S. Langer

Chaotic Direction-Reversing Waves, E. Knobloch and Adam Landsberg

Propagating front in an excited granular layer, W. Losert, D. G. W. Cooper, and Jerry P. Gollub

Persistent patterns in transient chaotic fluid mixing, D. Rothstein, E. Henry, and Jerry P. Gollub

Submissions from 1998

Countdown to Apocalypse: Asteroids, Tidal Waves and the End of the World, Paul Halpern

The Cosmos by Radio: Dellinger's Vision of Space Exploration, Paul Halpern


The 69 Millisecond Radio Pulsar Near the Supernova Remnant RCW 103, V. M. Kaspi and Fronefield Crawford

Superlattice patterns in surface waves, A. Kudrolli, B. Pier, and Jerry P. Gollub

Pattern alternation and pattern erasure in a swept-cavity photorefractive oscillator, Mark D. Matlin, D. J. Mcgee, Z. Chen, and N. B. Abraham

Time-resolved studies of stick-slip motion in sheared granular layers, S. Nasuno, A. Kudrolli, A. Bak, and Jerry P. Gollub

Teaching Astronomy to Elementary and Secondary Teachers, Esther Zirbel