Submissions from 1997

Spectacular Star Formation, Bruce Partridge, Thomas Crawford '92, and Jonathan Marr


Preparing physics majors for secondary-level teaching: the education concentration in the Haverford College physics program, Lyle D. Roelofs

Interacting depolarizable adatoms on a triangular lattice: a model for alkali metal adsorption on FCC (111) and HCP (0001) surfaces, Lyle D. Roelofs and D. B. Fromowitz

Contrast mechanisms for scanning tunneling microscopy of biological molecules, J. M. Sloan and Walter Fox Smith

Oscillations and spatiotemporal chaos of one-dimensional fluid fronts, D. P. Vallette, G. Jacobs, and Jerry P. Gollub

Linewidth Calculation for Bare 2-D Josephson Junction Arrays with Disorder, K. Wiesenfeld and Adam Landsberg


Mixing of a passive scalar in magnetically forced two-dimensional turbulence, Benjamin S. Williams, D. Marteau, and Jerry P. Gollub

Submissions from 1996

Polarization stability and dynamics in a model for a polarization-isotropic laser that goes beyond third-order Lamb theory, N. B. Abraham, Mark D. Matlin, and R. S. Gioggia

Application of dynamical systems theory to fluid mechanics, H. Aref and Jerry P. Gollub

Space-time description of the splitting and coalescence of fronts in film flows, F. Carbone, N. Aubry, Liu Jun, and Jerry P. Gollub


VLA Observations of Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxies: Active Nuclei or Starbursts?, T. Crawford and Jonathan Marr

Identification of Objects from the RC Catalog with Accuracy Exceeding 1'' Using the Palomar Prints and VLA Maps from the MIT Archive, A. Fletcher, S. Conner, and Fronefield Crawford

Long Run Dynamics of Queues: Stability and Chaos, E. J. Friedman and Adam Landsberg

Community-Based Genetic Algorithms, Paul Halpern

Genetic Algorithms on Structurally Dynamic Lattices, Paul Halpern


A New Model of the Solar Cycle, E. Knobloch and Adam Landsberg

Study of the Thermal/Nonthermal Electric Field Model in Solar Flares Using Spectral and Spatial X-ray Data from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory and Yohkoh, Terry A. Kucera, Peter John Love, Brian R. Dennis, and Gordon D. Holman

Localized spatiotemporal chaos in surface waves, A. Kudrolli and Jerry P. Gollub

Patterns and spatiotemporal chaos in parametrically forced surface waves: a systematic survey at large aspect ratio, A. Kudrolli and Jerry P. Gollub

Dynamical Effects of Partial Orderings in Physical Systems, Adam Landsberg


Oscillatory Bifurcation with Broken Translation Symmetry, Adam Landsberg


Oscillatory Doubly Diffusive Convection in a Finite Container, Adam Landsberg

Phase transitions and kinetics of ordering, Lyle D. Roelofs


Simple retrofittable long-range x-y translation system for scanned probe microscopes, Walter Fox Smith, M. C. Abraham, J. M. Sloan, and M. Switkes

Submissions from 1995

Statistical studies of chaotic wave patterns, B. J. Gluckman, C. B. Arnold, and Jerry P. Gollub

Experiments on spatiotemporal chaos in two dimensions, Jerry P. Gollub

Order and disorder in fluid motion, Jerry P. Gollub

Patterns on flowing films, Jerry P. Gollub

Disorder and Synchronization in a Josephson Junction Plaquette, Adam Landsberg


Effect of Disorder on Synchronization in Prototype 2-D Josephson Arrays, Adam Landsberg

Observed Critical Behavior in Electromagnetic Measurements on YBa2Cu3O7-x,, Z. H. Lin, Gabriel C. Spalding, A. M. Goldman, and Oriol T. Valls

Nonlinear dynamics of film flows, J. Liu and Jerry P. Gollub

3-Dimensional Instabilities of Film Flows, Jun Liu, J. B. Schnieder, and Jerry P. Gollub


Three-dimensional instabilities of film flows, Jun Liu, J. B. Schnieder, and Jerry P. Gollub

Polarization switch in a Zeeman laser in the presence of dynamical instabilities, Mark D. Matlin, R. S. Gioggia, N. B. Abraham, P. Glorieux, and T. Crawford

Modelling design processes: a conceptual, decision-based perspective, F. Mistree, B. Bras, Walter Fox Smith, and J. K. Allen

3 K: The Cosmic Microwave Background, Bruce Partridge

Electricity and magnetism simulations (CUPS), Lyle D. Roelofs, R. Ehrlich, J. Tuszynski, and R. Stoner

Kinetic prefactors for concerted mode diffusion: a realistic calculation-Au/Au(110), Lyle D. Roelofs and J. Greenblatt

Submissions from 1994

Statistical averages of chaotically evolving patterns, C. B. Arnold, B. J. Gluckman, and Jerry P. Gollub


Pair-breaking by Spin-disorder Scattering at the Antiferromagnetic Transition of the Dy3+ Sublattice of DyBa2Cu3O7-d Films, K. M. Beauchamp, Gabriel C. Spalding, W. H. Huber, and A. M. Goldman


Classes of Superconductor-Insulator Transitions in High-Tc Films, K. M. Beauchamp, Gabriel C. Spalding, T. Wang, and A. M. Goldman

Spirals and spatiotemporal chaos, Jerry P. Gollub

Semiclassical Corrections to Kasner Cosmologies, Paul Halpern


Solitary wave dynamics of film flows, Liu Jun and Jerry P. Gollub


Teaching medical physics to general audiences, Suzanne Amador Kane

Temperature Dependence of the Penetration Depth of YBa2Cu3O7-x Films Near Tc, Z. H. Lin, Gabriel C. Spalding, A. M. Goldman, B. F. Bayman, and Oriol T. Valls


Compound Geometric Resonances in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox Single Crystals, J. X. Liu, S. W. Pierson, Gabriel C. Spalding, J. C. Wan, and A. M. Goldman

New Method for Fabricating Ultra-Narrow Metallic Wires, E. Olson, Gabriel C. Spalding, A. M. Goldman, and M. Rooks


Nanofabrication and Rapid Imaging with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope, S. Rubel, M. Trochet, E. E. Ehrichs, and Walter Fox Smith


Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy [book review], Walter Fox Smith

Transition to spatiotemporal chaos via spatially subharmonic oscillations of a periodic front, D. P. Vallette, W. S. Edwards, and Jerry P. Gollub

Submissions from 1993

Hidden symmetries of parametrically forced waves, J. D. Crawford, Jerry P. Gollub, and D. Lane

Four-point Resistance Measurements of Wires Written with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope, in Atomic and Nanoscale Modification of Materials, A. L. de Lozanne, E. E. Ehrichs, and Walter Fox Smith

Nanofabrication of nickel wires with the scanning tunnelling microscope, A. L. de Lozanne, E. E. Ehrichs, and Walter Fox Smith

Scanning Tunneling and Force Microscopies of Low-dimensional Organic Conductors and Superconductors, R. Fainchtein, S. T. D'Arcangelis, S. S. Yang, and Walter Fox Smith

Short Run Dynamics of Multi-Class Queues, E. J. Friedman and Adam Landsberg


Time-averaging of chaotic spatiotemporal wave patterns, B. J. Gluckman, P. Marcq, J. Bridger, and Jerry P. Gollub


Geometry of isothermal and isoconcentration surfaces in thermal turbulence, B. J. Gluckman, H. Willaime, and Jerry P. Gollub

Experiments on convection and film flows, Jerry P. Gollub, B. Gluckman, and J. Liu

Five Dimensional Solutions for the Modified Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian, Paul Halpern

Use of self-assembled monopayers to covalently tether protein monolayers to the surface of solid substrates, Suzanne Amador Kane, J. M. Pachence, R. Fischetti, and J. P. McCauley

New Types of Waves in Systems with O(2) Symmetry, Adam Landsberg

Spatial Symmetries and Geometrical Phases in Classical Dissipative Systems, Adam Landsberg


Probability distributions and thermal transport in a turbulent grid flow, B. R. Lane, O. N. Mesquita, S. R. Meyers, and Jerry P. Gollub

Measurements of the primary instabilities of film flows, J. Liu, J. D. Paul, and Jerry P. Gollub


Onset of spatially chaotic waves on flowing films, Jun Liu and Jerry P. Gollub


HCO+, H13CN, and H12CN Aperture Synthesis Observations of the Circumnuclear Molecular Ring in the Galactic Center, Jonathan Marr


High-Velocity Formaldehyde Absorption Within 30" of the Galactic Nucleus, T. Pauls, K. J. Johnston, T. L. Wilson, and Jonathan Marr

Mo(001) seventh-order reconstruction: ground-state structure and reconstruction mechanism, Lyle D. Roelofs and S. M. Foiles

Critical and finite-size behavior of the Heisenberg model with face-centered-cubic anisotropy, Lyle D. Roelofs and C. Jackson


Spatiotemporal dynamics due to stick-slip friction in an elastic membrane system, D. P. Vallette and Jerry P. Gollub


Subparsec-Scale Radio Structure in NGC 1275--Complex Structure in the Vicinity of the Central Engine, T. Venturi, A. C. S. Readhead, and Jonathan Marr

Anistropy in the bc Plane of the Organic Superconductor k-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 Revealed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy, S. Yoon, Walter Fox Smith, M. Yoo, and A. L. de Lozanne

Submissions from 1992


Novel Ultrahigh Vacuum Manipulator Using a Shape-memory Alloy Actuator, A. L. de Lozanne, E. E. Ehrichs, and Walter Fox Smith

Synthesis and Study of Nanostructures, in Scanned Probe Microscopy, A. L. de Lozanne, Walter Fox Smith, and E. E. Ehrichs

Four-probe Resistance Measurements of Nickel Wires Written with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope / Scanning Electron Microscope System, E. E. Ehrichs, Walter Fox Smith, and A. L. de Lozanne

Cosmic Wormholes: The Search for Interstellar Shortcuts, Paul Halpern


Geometrical Phases and Symmetries in Dissipative Systems, Adam Landsberg

Film flow instabilities and spatiotemporal dynamics, J. Liu, E. Banilower, J. D. Paul, and Jerry P. Gollub

High-Tc Superconductors as Superconducting Superlattices, J. X. Liu, S. Pierson, Gabriel C. Spalding, J. C. Wan, and A. M. Goldman

Fine-Scale Structure in the -185 Kilometers per Second Absorption by HCO+ in the Galactic Center, Jonathan Marr


Transport by capillary waves: Fluctuating Stokes drift, O. N. Mesquita, Suzanne Kane, and Jerry P. Gollub

Direct Writing of Nickel Wires Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope / Scanning Election Microscope System, Walter Fox Smith, E. E. Ehrichs, and A. L. de Lozanne

Submissions from 1991


A Scanning Tunneling Microscope/Scanning Electron Microscope System for the Fabrication of Nanostructures, E. E. Ehrichs, Walter Fox Smith, and A. L. de Lozanne

An Experimental assessment of continuum models of dendritic growth, Jerry P. Gollub

Nonlinear waves: dynamics and transport, Jerry P. Gollub


Fluctuations and transport in a stirred fluid with a mean gradient, Jerry P. Gollub, J. Clarke, M. Gharib, and B. Lane

Spatiotemporal chaos in interfacial waves, Jerry P. Gollub and R. Ramshanker

Borges, Nietzsche and Poincare Recurrence, Paul Halpern

Direction-Reversing Traveling Waves, Adam Landsberg

Isosteric heat of adsorption for repulsive interactions on a square lattice, S. H. Payne, H. J. Kreuzer, and Lyle D. Roelofs


Transport by capillary waves. Part II. Scalar dispersion and the structure of the concentration field, R. Ramshankar and Jerry P. Gollub

Competition between direct and concerted movements in surface diffusion with application to the Au(110) surface, Lyle D. Roelofs, J. I. Martin, and R. Sheth

Microscopic kinetics of the (1X2) missing row reconstruction of the Au(110) surface, Lyle D. Roelofs and E. I. Martir


Streams with moving contact lines: complex dynamics due to contact-angle hysteresis, M. A. Rubio, B. J. Gluckman, A. Dougherty, and Jerry P. Gollub

Quantum Magnetoresistance Fluctuations in an Amorphous Metal, Walter Fox Smith, T. S. Tighe, G. C. Spalding, and M. Tinkham


Thermal boundary layers and heat flux in turbulent convection: the role of recirculating flows, T. H. Solomon and Jerry P. Gollub

Proof of asymmetry in the Cd-arachidate bilayers of ultrathin Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer films via x-ray interferometry, S. Xu, M. A. Murphy, Suzanne Amador Kane, and J. K. Blasie

Submissions from 1990

Chaotic Dynamics: an Introduction (1st ed.), G. L. Baker and Jerry P. Gollub