Submissions from 2022


A Detection of Red Noise in PSR J1824-2452A and Projections for PSR B1937+21 Using NICER X-Ray Timing Data, Jeffrey S. Hazboun, Jack Crump '23, Andrea Lommen, Sergio Montano '21, Jesse Zeldes '22, and Elizabeth Teng '20

Citric Acid-Derived Carbon Quantum Dots Attenuate Paraquat-Induced Neuronal Compromise In Vitro and In Vivo, Gabriela Henriquez, Jyoti Ahlawat, Robert Fairman, and Mahesh Narayan


Coping behavior versus coping style: characterizing a measure of coping in undergraduate STEM contexts, Meredith A. Henry, Shayla Shorter, Louise K. Charkoudian, Jennifer M. Heemstra, and Benjamin Le

Art of Transition: The Field of Art in Post-Soviet Russia, Elise Herrala

Mei A du B ji han yu fu ju de er yuan shuang biao hua, Shi-Zhe Huang

Skolemized Topicality for Indefinites and Universal Quantifier mei-phrases in Chinese, Shi-Zhe Huang

Keeping the Mystery Alive: Jewish Mysticism in Latin American Cultural Production, Ariana Huberman


Driven from Home: Taking Stock of Central American Migration, Anita Isaacs

Lilacs, Heidi Jacob

Gems of the Galaxy Zoos-A Wide-ranging Hubble Space Telescope Gap-filler Program, William C. Keel, Jean Tate, Ivy O. Wong, Julie K. Banfield, and Karen Masters

Art of the State [group exhibition], Hee Kim

Monshare Art [group exhibition], Hee Kim


Revistart: Exposicion de Hee Sook Kim [solo exhibition], Hee Kim

[Solo exhibition], Hee Kim

Transitions [group exhibition], Hee Kim

Photometric Signature of Ultraharmonic Resonances in Barred Galaxies, Dhanesh Krishnarao, Zachary J. Pace, Elena D'Onghia, Jose Alfonso Lopez Aguerri, and Karen Masters

Constraining ultralight axions with galaxy surveys, Alex Lague, J. Richard Bond, Reneé Hlozek, David J.E. Marsh, and Daniel Grin

SDSS-IV MaNGA: Understanding Ionized Gas Turbulence Using Integral Field Spectroscopy of 4500 Star-forming Disk Galaxies, David R. Law, Francesco Belfiore, Matthew A. Bershady, Michele Cappellari, and Karen Masters


Black Bodies and Transhuman Realities: Scientifically Modifying the Black Body in Posthuman Literature and Culture [book review], Jia Hui Lee

Black-Asian solidarity through collective racial socialization, Ryan F. Lei, Zoe Frazer-Klotz '22, and Elizabeth C. Szanton '22


What Is the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Deprivation and Child Supplemental Security Income Participation?, Michael Levere, David C. Wittenburg, and Jeffrey Hemmeter

Margaret Fuller's Physical Education, Jess Libow

"We uncertain step": Emily Dickinson, Disability, and Embodied Learning, Jess Libow

Extending pedagogy through social media: Zapotec language in and beyond classrooms, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen and Xóchitl Flores-Marcial

Dimensional Control over Metal Halide Perovskite Crystallization Guided by Active Learning, Zhi Li, Philip W. Nega, Mansoor Ani Najeeb Nellikkal, Chaochao Dun, and Alexander J. Norquist

Appearances, Thomas Lloyd


3 Poems - Rla dizh / Xjaa / Lo nez Santa Mony, Felipe H. Lopez and Brook Danielle Lillehaugen

Morality, Tribalism, and Value, Danielle Macbeth


Reading Tractatus, Understanding Wittgenstein, Danielle Macbeth

Precolonial Beliefs in God, Nzambi, and Chthonic Beings: Evidence from Kongo Texts, Wyatt MacGaffey

Anti-Terrorism Law and Foreign Terrorist Fighters [book review], Barak Mendelsohn


Zawahiri’s Legacy and the Prospects for an al-Qaeda Revival, Barak Mendelsohn and Colin P. Clarke

A Gallery Model for Affine Flag Varieties via Chimney Retractions, Elizabeth Milićević, Yusra Naqvi, Petra Schwer, and Anne Thomas

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Modeling bulk atmospheric motion, Thomas W. Morris, Ricardo Bustos, Erminia Calabrese, Steve K. Choi, and Bruce Partridge

The Stora Report, Robert Mortimer

Anxious Experts: Disaster Response and Spiritual Care from 9/11 to the Climate Crisis, Joshua Moses


Digitally Reshaping Inclusive Financial Services in the Wake of COVID-19, Shannon Mudd and Todd A. Watkins


Reading Friendship and Enmity in Ancient Rome: An Intermediate Latin Sourcebook, Bret Mulligan

The Poetry of Ennodius: Translated with an Introduction and Notes, Bret Mulligan


Cali Chiu: A Course in Valley Zapotec (3rd ed.), Pamela Munro, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Felipe H. Lopez, Brynn Paul '20, and Lillian Leibovich '24

Senior theses: Creating a community of scholars for original, authentic research, Donna Jo Napoli, Emily Gasser, and Shi-Zhe Huang

Spatiotemporal Route to Understanding Metal Halide Perovskitoid Crystallization, Mansoor Ani Najeeb Nellikkal, Rodolfo Keesey, Margaret Zeile, Venkateswaran Shekar, and Alexander J. Norquist

The Politics of Progressivity: Court-Ordered Reforms, Racial Difference, and School Finance Fairness, Zachary Oberfield

Locating the territoriality of territory in border studies, Anssi Paasi, Md Azmeary Ferdoush, Reece Jones, Alexander B. Murphy, and Paulina Ochoa Espejo


Microeconomic Theory, Giri Parameswaran


Exploring Individuals' Descriptive and Injunctive Norms of Ghosting, Darcey N. Powell, Gili Freedman, Benjamin Le, and Kipling D. Williams

The Economic Consequences of National Security Threats: The Case of the Korean Peninsula, Wei Qian

American Literature in Transition, 1876–1910, Lindsay V. Reckson


On Similitude, Lindsay V. Reckson

Synergy of Analytical Approaches Enables a Robust Assessment of the Brazil Mystery Oil Spill, Christopher M. Reddy, Robert K. Nelson, Ulrich M. Hanke, Xingqian Cui, and Helen K. White


Using the Fair Trade Learning Framework to Improve the Outcomes of Engagement Between Universities and Off-Campus Partners: Applications and Implications for Program Design, Nora P. Reynolds, Nordica A. MacCarty, Kendra V. Sharp, and Eric Hartman

Berganza's "Buen Natural" and the Theriophily of El Casamiento Enganoso and Coloquio de los Perros, Luis Rodriguez-Rincon

Cervantes after the material turn: river gods, lakes of blood, and other personified bodies of water in Numancia, Luis Rodriguez-Rincon

Frequency Changes in Terminal Alkynes Provide Strong, Sensitive, and Solvatochromic Raman Probes of Biochemical Environments, Matthew G. Romei '14, Eliana V. von Krusenstiern '18, Stephen T. Ridings '17, Renee N. King '16, Julia C. Fortier '18, Caroline A. McKeon '18, Krysta M. Nichols '25, Louise K. Charkoudian, and Casey Londergan

Ethnographic narratives as living archives among the Iraqi diaspora, Zainab Saleh

Gender Politics, Debility, and Violence, Zainab Saleh

The Sultan's Communists: Moroccan Jews and the Politics of Belonging [book review], Zainab Saleh

Ontology for Analytic Claims in Music, Emilio M. Sanfilippo and Richard Freedman


Crying in H Mart: A Memoir, Carol Schilling


Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses, Carol Schilling

Biographies of Loss: The Cinematic Melancholy of Kawase Naomi, Erin Schoneveld

A Comparison of Mathematical and Statistical Modeling with Longitudinal Data: An Application to Ecological Momentary Assessment of Behavior Change in Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder, Sijing Shao, Judith E. Canner, Rebecca Everett, Kidist Bekele-Maxwell, and Alexis Kuerbis

Active meta-learning for predicting and selecting perovskite crystallization experiments, Venkateswaran Shekar, Gareth Nicholas '20, Mansoor Ani Najeeb, Margaret Zeile '20, Vincent Yu '21, Xiaorong Wang '23, Dylan Slack '19, Alexander J. Norquist, and Sorelle Friedler


Glimpses of Gesture: Refusing and Recovering Loss in Honig and Euripides, Ava Shirazi


Rare but Severe Neural Machine Translation Errors Induced by Minimal Deletion: An Empirical Study on Chinese and English, Ruikang Shi '21, Alvin Grissom, and Duc Minh Trinh '22


The calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) regulates zebrafish sensorimotor decision making via a genetically defined cluster of hindbrain neurons, Hannah Shoenhard, Roshan A. Jain, and Michael Granato

Quantifying the poor purity and completeness of morphological samples selected by galaxy colour, Rebecca J. Smethurst, Karen Masters, Brooke D. Simmons, Izzy L. Garland, and Tobias Geron

From low to high-and lower-optimal regularity of the SMGTJ equation with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary control, and with point control, via explicit representation formulae, Roberto Triggiani and Xiang Wan

Galaxy Zoo DECaLS: Detailed visual morphology measurements from volunteers and deep learning for 314 000 galaxies, Mike Walmsley, Chris Lintott, Tobias Geron, Sandor Kruk, and Karen Masters

Practical galaxy morphology tools from deep supervised representation learning, Mike Walmsley, Anna M.M. Scaife, Chris Lintott, Michelle Lochner, and Karen Masters

French Texts and English Literary History: The Reception of Christine de Pizan in Fifteenth-Century England, Sarah Watson

Evolutionary gain and loss of a pathological immune response to parasitism, Jesse N. Weber, Natalie C. Steinel, Foen Peng, Kum Chuan Shim, and Brian K. Lohman


A Stirring Song Sung Heroic, William Earle Williams

A Wicked Commerce: The US and the Atlantic Slave Trade through the Lens of William Earle Williams [one-person exhibition], William Earle Williams

Free as they want to be [group exhibition], William Earle Williams

Submissions from 2021

Probing Galaxy Evolution in Massive Clusters Using ACT and DES: Splashback as a Cosmic Clock, Susmita Adhikari, Tae-hyeon Shin, Bruvnesh Jain, Matt Hilton, and Bruce Partridge

The Early Modern Travels of Manchu: A Script and Its Study in East Asia and Europe [book review], Elif Akcetin


Completed SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Cosmological implications from two decades of spectroscopic surveys at the Apache Point Observatory, Shadab Alam, Marie Aubert, Santiago Avila, Christophe Ballard, and Karen Masters

Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Modeling the gas thermodynamics in BOSS CMASS galaxies from kinematic and thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich measurements, Stefania Amodeo, Nicholas Battaglia, Emmanuel Schaan, Simone Ferraro, and Bruce Partridge

Convalescence in the Nineteenth-Century Novel: The Afterlife of Victorian Illness [book review], Eli O. Anders

Sickness in the Workhouse: Poor Law Medical Care in Provincial England, 1834-1914 [book review], Eli O. Anders

“So delightful a temporary home”: The Material Culture of Domesticity in Late Nineteenth-century English Convalescent Institutions, Eli O. Anders

Isometry groups of infinite-genus hyperbolic surfaces, Tarik Aougab, Priyam Patel, and Nicholas G. Vlamis

Educate, Markus Baenziger

Ethnicity and Subjective Well-being in the Republic of North Macedonia, Biswajit Banerjee, Richard J. Ball, and Abdul Ghaffar Mughal

Homology Groups of Cubical Sets with Connections, Helene Barcelo, Curtis Greene, Abdul Salam Jarrah, and Volkmar Welker

On the Vanishing of Discrete Singular Cubical Homology for Graphs, Helene Barcelo, Curtis Greene, Abdul Salam Jarrah, and Volkmar Welker

Context-dependent phonetic enhancement of a phonation contrast in San Pablo Macuiltianguis Zapotec, Maya L. Barzilai and Katherine Riestenberg

Implicit Support Differs Across Five Groups in the US, Taiwan, and Mexico, Laurel Benjamin '21, Xueting Ni '19, and Shu-wen Wang


Central Bank Communication and Disagreement about the Natural Rate Hypothesis, Carola Binder

Household expectations and the release of macroeconomic statistics, Carola Binder

Political Pressure on Central Banks, Carola Binder

Inflation expectations and consumption: Evidence from 1951, Carola Binder and Gillian Brunet

The Term Structure of Uncertainty: New Evidence from Survey Expectations, Carola Binder, Tucker S. McElroy, and Xuguan G.S. Sheng

Elements of disease in a changing world: modelling feedbacks between infectious disease and ecosystems, Elizabeth T. Borer, Lale Asik, Rebecca A. Everett, Thijs Frenken, and Angelica L. Gonzalez

Algorithm Ethics: Interrogating Incentives in the Age of Uber, Craig Borowiak

Infrastructure Investment and Labor Monopsony Power, Wyatt J. Brooks, Joseph P. Kaboski, Illenin O. Kondo, Yao Amber Li, and Wei Qian

Exploitation of Labor? Classical Monopsony Power and Labor’s Share, Wyatt J. Brooks, Joseph P. Kaboski, Yao Amber Li, and Wei Qian

Investigating the Interplay Between Race, Work Ethic Stereotypes, and Attitudes Toward Welfare Recipients and Policies, Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi, Erin Cooley, Christopher K. Marshburn, Stephanie E. McKee, and Ryan F. Lei

Long-distance phonological processes as tier-based strictly local functions, Phillip Burness, Kevin McMullin, and Jane Chandlee