Submissions from 2016

Impact of Oil Spills on Marine Life in the Gulf of Mexico: Effects on Plankton, Nekton, and Deep-Sea Benthos, Edward J. Buskey, Andrew J. Esbaugh, and Helen K. White

Computational Phonology, Jane Chandlee and Jeffrey Heinz

Comprehensive curation and analysis of fungal biosynthetic gene clusters of published natural products, Louise K. Charkoudian, Robert Parry '16, Kathleen Tsai '16, Beatrice Ary '16, Erin E. Berlew '15, Brenna Boehman '16, and David Findley '15

Designing convergent chemistry curricula, Louise K. Charkoudian, Nicole S. Sampson, Krishna Kumar, and Joshua A. Kritzer

Mindful interventions: Youth, poverty, and the developing brain, Suparna Choudhury and Joshua Moses

Adoption Beyond Borders: How International Adoption Benefits Children, Rebecca J. Compton


Methods of Oil Detection in Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Robyn N. Conmy, Ian R. MacDonald, Christopher M. Reddy, and Helen K. White


Deep Imaging of Eridanus II And Its Lone Star Cluster, D. Crnojevic, D. J. Sand, D. Zaritsky, and Beth Willman


Locally Convex Words and Permutations, Jonathan Dewitt and Christopher Coscia

MATH COUNTS: Inside CS2013, John P. Dougherty


All Pain, No Gain: HIV Criminalization in Pennsylvania, Malissa L. Durham, Ronda B. Goldfein, Teagan Kuruna, and Christopher Roebuck

Taking Place Seriously: Territorial Presence and the Rights of Immigrants, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Dynamics of a Data Based Ovarian Cancer Growth and Treatment Model with Time Delay, Rebecca Everett, J. D. Nagy, and Y. Kuang

Studying polyglutamine aggregation in Caenorhabditis elegans using an analytical ultracentrifuge equipped with fluorescence detection, Robert Fairman, Lynn Richmond '13, Jay Garcia '16, and Kathleen Ulrich '14

Auditing Black-box Models for Indirect Influence, Casey Falk, Phillip D.F. Adler, Sorelle A. Friedler, Gabriel Rybeck '16, Carlos Scheidegger, and Brandon Smith '16

Tragedy on the Comic Stage, Matthew C. Farmer

A Neo-Hegelian Theology: The God of Greatest Hospitality [Book Review], Molly Farneth

"The Power to Empty Oneself”: Hegel, Kenosis, and Intellectual Virtue, Molly Farneth

Recovering Pacifisms Past: Modernist Networks, the Society of Friends, and the Peace Movement of the Spanish Civil War, J. Ashley Foster

Writing in the ‘White Light of Truth’: History, Ethics, and Community in Between the Acts, J. Ashley Foster

On the Metallicity and Origin of the Smith High-Velocity Cloud, Andrew J. Fox, Nicolas Lehner, Felix J. Lockman, and Alex S. Hill

Book review: Covert Capital: Landscapes of Denial and the Making of U.S. Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia, Andrew Friedman, Matthew Hannah, and Jamie Peck

Statistical issues arising in class action cases: a reanalysis of the statistical evidence in Dukes v. Wal-Mart II, Joseph L. Gastwirth and Weiwen Miao


Kamakura: Realism and Spirituality in the sculpture of Japan, Hank Glassman, D. Max Moerman, Samuel C. Morse, and Nedachi Kensuke

Weak tradeoff between xylem safety and xylem-specific hydraulic efficiency across the world's woody plant species, Sean M. Gleason, Mark Westoby, Steven Jansen, and Radika Bhaskar

The Natural Law Foundations of Modern Social Theory: A Quest for Universalism [book review], Mark Gould

Racecraft and the Soul of Inequity [Book Review], Juli Grigsby

Cosmological tests of an axiverse-inspired quintessence field, Daniel Grin, R. Emami, J. Pradler, A. Raccanelli, and Marc Kamionkowski

Lensing bias to CMB measurements of compensated isocurvature perturbations, Daniel Grin, C. H. Heinrich, and W. Hu

Search for compensated isocurvature perturbations with Planck power spectra, Daniel Grin, J. B. Muñoz, L. Dai, M. Kamionkowski, and E. D. Kovetz

Probing a panoply of curvaton-decay scenarios using CMB data, Daniel Grin and Tristan L. Smith

Evidence for intermediate polars as the origin of the Galactic Center hard X-ray emission, Charles J. Hailey, Kaya Mori, Alicia M. Canipe, and Kerstin M. Perez


A Bacterial Quorum-Sensing Precursor Induces Mortality in the Marine Coccolithophore, Emiliania huxleyi, E. L. Harvey, R. W. Deering, D. C. Rowley, and Kristen E. Whalen

Objects in Motion: Hans Richter’s Vormittagsspuk (1928) and the Crisis of Avant-Garde Film, Brook Henkel

The Use and Abuse of Cinema: German Legacies from the Weimar Era to the Present. [Book Review], Brook Henkel

Watching the Night: Surveillance and Cross-Sectional Montage in Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Abendland (2011), Brook Henkel

Estrogens Suppress a Behavioral Phenotype in Zebrafish Mutants of the Autism Risk Gene, CNTNAP2, Ellen J. Hoffman, Katherine J. Turner, Joseph M. Fernandez, and Roshan A. Jain

Nobel Nok Dah [documentary film], Emily Hong, Miasarah Lai, and Mariangela Mihai

NuSTAR Hard X-ray Survey of the Galactic Center Region II: X-ray Point Sources, JaeSub Hong, Kaya Mori, Melania Nynka, and Kerstin M. Perez

Parricide on the Pampa?: A New Study and Translation of Alberto Gerchunoff's Los Gauchos Judios [Book Review], Ariana Huberman

Are we underestimating inequality aversion? Comparing recruited and classroom subjects, Linda Kamas and Anne Elizabeth Preston

Biomechanics of the Peacock’s Display: How Feather Structure and Resonance Influence Multimodal Signaling, Suzanne Amador Kane, Roslyn Dakin, Owen McCrossan, and James F. Hare

Art Blossom, Hee Kim

House Eberhard International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Howard County Arts Council Let's Keep in Touch, Hee Kim

Kulturbunker Cologne International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Leifneit Cultural Center International Enter into Art 2016, Hee Kim

Paradise Between on Hanji, Hee Kim

Robert Jackson Gallery Board Member Exhibition, Hee Kim

Seoul Art Space Reflection, Hee Kim

The Artrium Gallery Member Exhibition American Color Print Society, Hee Kim

The Plastic club Member Exhibition Color Print Society, Hee Kim

Paradise Between, Hee Sook Kim

Evidence That Hydra I Is a Tidally Disrupting Milky Way Dwarf Galaxy, Brian Kimmig, Nelson Caldwell, Jonathan Hargis, and Beth Willman

New Structural Data Reveal the Motion of Carrier Proteins in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthesis, Tiia Kittilae, Max J. Cryle, Aurelio Mollo '17, and Louise K. Charkoudian


Expression of Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacteriocins Is Induced by Antibiotics via Regulatory Interplay with the Competence System, Morten Kjos, Eric L. Miller, Jelle Slager, Frank B. Lake, and Oliver Gericke

Probing the selectivity of beta-hydroxylation reactions in non-ribosomal peptide synthesis using analytical ultracentrifugation, Bashkim Kokona, Emily S. Winesett '16, A. Nikolai von Krusenstiern '15, Robert Fairman, and Louise K. Charkoudian

Lexikon of the Hispanic Baroque: Transatlantic Exchange and Transformation [book review], James Krippner

Writing the History of Crime, Roger Lane

[Book Review] Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh, 1680-1762: Building the Quaker Community of Haddonfield, NJ, 1701-1762, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

[book review] Holy Nation: The Transatlantic Quaker Ministry in an Age of Revolution, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

A new method for assessing the impact of medial temporal lobe amnesia on the characteristics of generated autobiographical events, Ariella Lenton-Brym, Jake Kurczek, R. Shayna Rosenbaum, and Signy Sheldon

Why write in a language that (almost) no one can read? Twitter and the development of written literature, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen


The (S)paces of Academic Work: Disability, Access, and Higher Education, Kristin Lindgren

Absolute Calibration of the Radio Astronomy Flux Density Scale at 22 to 43 GHz Using Planck, M. Lopez-Caniego, J. Stevens, G. Rocha, and Bruce Partridge

Identity Work and Literacy Development in the Creation of Digital Narratives, Ana López Sánchez

Multiliteracies in world language education, Ana Lopez-Sanchez, Yuri Kumagai, and Sujane Wu

Frege and the Aristotelian Model of Science, Danielle Macbeth

Materialities of Ritual in the Black Atlantic, Wyatt MacGaffery

Constructing a Kongo Identity: Scholarship and Mythopoesis, Wyatt MacGaffey

Deep-sea coral C-13: A tool to reconstruct the difference between seawater pH and B-11-derived calcifying fluid pH, Patrick Martin, Nathalie F. Goodkin, Joseph A. Stewart, and Helen K. White


SDSS IV MaNGA – spatially resolved diagnostic diagrams: a proof that many galaxies are LIERs, Karen Masters, Francesco Belfiore, and Roberto Maiolino

Suppressing Star Formation in Quiescent Galaxies with supermassive black hole winds, Karen Masters, Edmond Cheung, Kevin Bundy, and Michele Cappellari


Galaxy Zoo: comparing the demographics of spiral arm number and a new method for correcting redshift bias, Karen Masters, Ross E. Hart, and Steven P. Bamford


SDSS-IV MaNGA: properties of galaxies with kinematically decoupled stellar and gaseous components, Karen Masters, Yifei Jin, Yanmei Chen, and Yong Shi

THE DATA REDUCTION PIPELINE FOR THE SDSS-IV MaNGA IFU GALAXY SURVEY, Karen Masters, David R. Law, Brian Cherinka, and Renbin Yan


The XMM Cluster Survey: The Halo Occupation Number of BOSS galaxies in X-ray clusters, Karen Masters, Nicola Mehrtens, and A. Kathy Romer

Science Learning via Participation in Online Citizen Science, Karen Masters, Eun Young Oh, Joe Cox, Brooke D. Simmons, and Chris Lintott


SDSS-IV MaNGA: faint quenched galaxies – I. Sample selection and evidence for environmental quenching, Karen Masters, Samantha J. Penny, Anne-Marie Weijmas, and Kyle B. Westfall


SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey Data Release 12: galaxy target selection and large-scale structure catalogues, Karen Masters, Beth Reid, Shirley Ho, and Nikhil Padmanabhan


Galaxy Zoo: evidence for rapid, recent quenching within a population of AGN host galaxies, Karen Masters, R. J. Smethurst, Chris J. Lintott, and Brooke D. Simmons


2MTF – V. Cosmography, β, and the residual bulk flow, Karen Masters, Chrisopher M. Springob, Tao Hong, and Lister Staveley-Smith


Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference, Sara Mathieson and Yun S. Song


Was atmospheric CO2 capped at 1000 ppm over the past 300 million years?, Jennifer C. McElwain, Isabel P. Montañez, Joseph D. White, and Jonathan P. Wilson

From the outside in: suburban elites, third-sector organizations, and the reshaping of Philadelphia, Stephen J. McGovern


The Streets of San Francisco: Policing and the Creation of a Cosmopolitan Liberal Politics, 1950-1972 [Book Review], Stephen J. McGovern

Israel and Its Messianic Right: Path Dependency and State Authority in International Conflict, Barak Mendelsohn

The al Qaeda Franchise: The Expansion of al-Qaeda and Its Consequences, Barak Mendelsohn

Pick Your Poisson: An Educational Primer for Luria and Delbruck's Classic Paper, Philip M. Meneely

Using a Pop-Science Book to Teach Introductory Neuroscience: Advantages for Science Majors and Non-Science Majors Alike, Paul G. Mermelstein, Robert L. Meisel, and Laura Been

Case comment-Briscoe v. City of New Haven: a statistical analysis of the effect of different written/oral exam weightings in disparate impact claims, Weiwen Miao


Diverse ecological strategies are encoded by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteriocin-like peptides, Eric L. Miller, Monica I. Abrudan, Ian S. Roberts, and Daniel E. Rozen

Climate, p(CO2) and terrestrial carbon cycle linkages during late Palaeozoic glacial-interglacial cycles, Isabel P. Montanez, Jennifer C. McElwain, Christopher J. Poulsen, and Jonathan P. Wilson

The Space That Remains: Reading Latin Poetry in Late Antiquity (Review), Bret Mulligan

Translation and the Poetics of Replication in the Late Antique Latin Epigram, in Tradition and Innovation in the Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity, Bret Mulligan

Signs of Efficiency Maintaining torso stability affects sign language vocabulary, Donna Jo Napoli and Nathan Sanders

Star formation: Why dwarf galaxies come up short, Desika Narayanan

A Bargain Half Fulfilled: Teacher Autonomy and Accountability in Traditional Public Schools and Public Charter Schools, Zachary W. Oberfield