Submissions from 2021


#BlackGirlMagic as Resistant Imaginary, Qrescent Mali Mason

Galaxy Zoo: 3D - Crowd-sourced Bar, Spiral and Foreground Star Masks for MaNGA Target Galaxies, Karen Masters, Coleman Krawczyk, Shoaib Shamsi '21, Alexander Todd, and Daniel Finnegan

Perceived discrimination and mental health in college students: A serial indirect effects model of mentoring support and academic self-concept, Daniel Mayo '19 and Benjamin Le

Translation and Temporality in Benoît de Sainte-Maure's Roman de Troie, Maud Burnett McInerney

Stability and change in autobiographical reasoning: A 4-year longitudinal study of narrative identity development, Kate C. McLean, David Dunlap, Sarah C. Jennings, Nicole S. Litvitskiy, and Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl

Identity Development and Major Choice Among Underrepresented Students Interested in STEM Majors: A Longitudinal Qualitative Analysis, Kate C. McLean, Isabella M. Koepf, and Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl

Casting Shadow: Founders and the Unique Challenges of a Terrorist Group's First Leadership Change, Barak Mendelsohn


Al-Qaeda Is Being Hollowed to Its Core, Barak Mendelsohn and Colin Clarke


A forward genetic screen identifies Dolk as a regulator of startle magnitude through the potassium channel subunit Kv1.1, Joy H. Meserve, Jessica C. Nelson, Kurt C. Marsden, Jerry Hsu, and Roshan A. Jain

Maximal Newton Points and the Quantum Bruhat Graph, Elizabeth Milićević

The Ethical Turn in Cinema, J. Reid Miller


New Hope for Old Stories: Yiyun Li's Gilgamesh and Ali Smith's Antigone, Sheila Murnaghan and Deborah H. Roberts


Mutation rate dynamics reflect ecological change in an emerging zoonotic pathogen, Gemma G.R. Murray, Andrew Balmer, Josephine Herbert, Nazreen W. Hadijirin, and Eric L. Miller


Genome Reduction Is Associated with Bacterial Pathogenicity across Different Scales of Temporal and Ecological Divergence, Gemma G.R. Murray, Jane Charlesworth, Eric L. Miller, Michael J. Casey, and Catrin T. Lloyd

The American Astronomical Society, find out more The Institute of Physics, find out more The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Detection of Millimeter-wave Transient Sources, Sigurd Naess, Nick Battaglia, J. Richard Bond, and Bruce Partridge

Using automated serendipity to discover how trace water promotes and inhibits lead halide perovskite crystal formation, Philip Nega '16, Zhi Li, Victor Ghosh, Mansoor Nellikkal, and Alexander J. Norquist

Racial Discrimination and Street‐Level Managers: Performance, Publicness, and Group Bias, Zachary Oberfield and Matthew Incantalupo

Atacama Cosmology Telescope measurements of a large sample of candidates from the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect confirmation of MaDCoWS candidates using ACT, John Orlowski-Scherer, Luca Di Mascolo, Tanay Bhandarkar, Alex Manduca, and Bruce Partridge


Introduction to economics (single-semester): OER course packet, David Owens

SDSS-IV/MaNGA: Can Impulsive Gaseous Inflows Explain Steep Oxygen Abundance Profiles and Anomalously Low-Metallicity Regions?, Zachary J. Pace, Christy Tremonti, Adam L. Schaefer, David V. Stark, and Karen Masters


Bargaining and Strategic Voting on Appellate Courts, Giri Parameswaran, Charles M. Cameron, and Lewis A. Kornhauser

Redistribution under General Decision Rules, Giri Parameswaran and Hunter Rendleman '18

Promoting Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income (PROMISE): Early Impacts from a Multi-Site Random Assignment Evaluation, Ankita Patnaik, Michael Levere, Gina Livermore, Arif Mamun, and Jeffrey Hemmeter

Stoichiometric Ecotoxicology for a Multisubstance World, Angela Peace, Paul C. Frost, Nicole D. Wagner, Michael Danger, and Rebecca Everett

Blatant Dehumanization in the Mind's Eye: Prevalent Even Among Those Who Explicitly Reject It?, Christopher D. Petsko, Ryan F. Lei, Jonas R. Kunst, Emile Bruneau, and Nour Kteily


Bacterial Quorum-Sensing Signal Arrests Phytoplankton Cell Division and Impacts Virus-Induced Mortality, Scott B. Pollara '19, Jamie W. Becker, Grayton Downing '18, Davis Chase '21, and Kristen E. Whalen

A multi-study examination of attachment and implicit theories of relationships in ghosting experiences, Darcey N. Powell, Gili Freedman, Kipling D. Williams, Benjamin Le, and Hayley Green

Strong detection of the CMB lensing and galaxy weak lensing cross-correlation from ACT-DR4, Planck Legacy, and KiDS-1000, Naomi Claire Robertson, David Alonso, Joachim Harnois-Deraps, Omar Darwish, and Bruce Partridge

Find the Silver Lining or Ignore the Cloud? Cognitive Reappraisal Versus Visual Attention Training, Heather Robinson '19, Elisa Sheen '19, Rachel Silwinski '19, Jianing Mu '22, and Rebecca J. Compton

Signatures of Inflowing Gas in Red Geyser Galaxies Hosting Radio Active Galactic Nuclei, Namrata Roy, Kevin Bundy, Kate H.R. Rubin, Kate Rowlands, and David Stark

Radio Morphology of Red Geysers, Namrata Roy, Emily Moravec, Kevin Bundy, Martin J. Hardcastle, and Karen Masters


Precarious Citizens: Iraqi Jews and the Politics of Belonging, Zainab Saleh

Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Combined kinematic and thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich measurements from BOSS CMASS and LOWZ halos, Emmanuel Schaan, Simone Ferraro, Stefania Amodeo, Nicholas Battaglia, and Bruce Partridge

The Russia of the Shirakaba Group: Tolstoy in a Japanese Vision of Social Modernism, Erin Schoneveld

pH-Responsive Capsules with a Fibril Scaffold Shell Assembled from an Amyloidogenic Peptide, Ulyana Shimanovich, Aviad Levin, Dror Eliaz, Thomas Michaels, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

The mass and galaxy distribution around SZ-selected clusters, Tae-hyeon Shin, Bhuvnesh Jain, Susmita Adhikari, Eric J. Baxter, and Bruce Partridge

The mass and galaxy distribution around SZ-selected clusters, Taehyeon Shin, Bhuvnesh Jain, Susmita Adhikari, Eric J. Baxter, and Bruce Partridge

Kiloparsec-scale AGN outflows and feedback in merger-free galaxies, Rebecca J. Smethurst, Brooke D. Simmons, Alison Coil, Chris J. Lintott, and Karen Masters

The Way of the Barbarians: Redrawing Ethnic Boundaries in Tang and Song China [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

The Days of Afrekete: A Novel, Asali Solomon

Calmodulin complexes with brain and muscle creatine kinase peptides, Janina Sprenger, Anda Trifan, Neal Patel, and Karin S. Akerfeldt


This Land Is … whose land?: The history of Woody Guthrie’s song, Gustavus Stadler

HI-MaNGA: tracing the physics of the neutral and ionized ISM with the second data release, David V. Stark, Karen Masters, Vladimir Avila-Reese, Rogemar Riffel, and Rogerio Riffel

Probing the structure and function of acyl carrier proteins to unlock the strategic redesign of type II polyketide biosynthetic pathways, Ariana Sulpizio '21, Callie E.W. Crawford '22, Rebecca Koweek '22, and Louise K. Charkoudian

"Taking the empathy to an activist state": Ally development as continuous cycles of critical understanding and aging, Karen L. Suyemoto and Alissa Hochman

Improving data and prediction quality of high-throughput perovskite synthesis with model fusion, Y. Tang, Z. Li, M. A.N. Nellikkal, H. Eramian, and Alexander J. Norquist

Planck constraints on the tensor-to-scalar ratio, MMatthieu Tristram, Anthony J. Banday, Krzysztof M. Gorski, Reijo Keskitalo, and Bruce Partridge

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Probing the baryon content of SDSS DR15 galaxies with the thermal and kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effects, Eve M. Vavagiakis, Patricio A. Gallardo, Victoria Calafut, Stefania Amodeo, and Bruce Partridge

Fairness in Networks: Social Capital, Information Access, and Interventions, Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Carlos Scheidegger, Sorelle Friedler, and Aaron Clauset

Automatic inference of demographic parameters using generative adversarial networks, Zhanpeng Wang, Jiaping Wang, Michael Kourakos, Nhung Hoang, and Sara Mathieson


Towards a morphological transducer and orthography converter for Western Tlacolula Valley Zapotec, Jonathan N. Washington, Felipe H. Lopez, and Brook Danielle Lillehaugen

The Writer's Gift or the Patron's Pleasure?: The Literary Economy in Late Medieval France [book review], Sarah Watson

Predicting inorganic dimensionality in templated metal oxides, Davion M. Williams '23, Matthew Danielson '21, Joshua A. Engler '22, Zihui Ding '22, Alexander J. Norquist, and Joshua Schrier

Lucky Seven, William Earle Williams

Through the Lens: Modern Photography in the Delaware Valley, William Earle Williams

On Eurocentrism: The reception of Gadamer's hermeneutics in or related to Chinese philosophy, Kathleen Wright

Buckling Bars in Nearly Face-on Galaxies Observed with MaNGA, Katherine M. Xiang, David M. Nataf, Evangelina Athanassoula, Nadia L. Zakamska, and Karen Masters

Maternal continuous oral oxycodone self-administration alters pup affective/social communication but not spatial learning or sensory-motor function, Giulia Zanni, Patrese A. Robinson-Drummer, Ashlee A. Dougher, Hannah M. Deutsch, and Matthew J. DeSalle

Submissions from 2020

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: DR4 maps and cosmological parameters, Simone Aiola, Erminia Calabrese, Loic Maurin, Sigurd Naess, and Bruce Partridge

Planck intermediate results: LVII. Joint Planck LFI and HFI data processing, Yashar Akrami, Kristian J. Andersen, Mark Ashdown, Carlo Baccigalupi, and Bruce Partridge

Planck intermediate results: LV. Reliability and thermal properties of high-frequency sources in the Second Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources, Yashar Akrami, Mark Ashdown, Jonathan Aumont, Carlo Baccigalupi, and Bruce Partridge

Letters to the Editor: Boycott collaboration with police, Tarik Aougab, Federico Ardila, Jayadev Athreya, Edray Goins, and Christopher Hoffman

Vibrational Spectroscopic Map, Vibrational Spectroscopy, and Intermolecular Interaction, Carlos R. Baiz, Bartosz Blasiak, Bredenbeck Jens, and Casey Londergan

Schelling, Hegel, and the History of Nature, Benjamin Berger


Agent-based and continuous models of hopper bands for the Australian plague locust: How resource consumption mediates pulse formation and geometry, Andrew J. Bernoff, Michael Culshaw-Maurer, Rebecca Everett, Maryann E. Hohn, and W. Christopher Strickland

Boolean monadic recursive schemes as a logical characterization of the subsequential functions, Siddharth Bhaskar, Jane Chandlee, Adam Jardine, and Christophen Oakden

Coronavirus Fears and Macroeconomic Expectations, Carola Binder

Long-run inflation expectations in the shrinking upper tail, Carola Binder

NGDP Targeting and the Public, Carola Binder

Presidential antagonism and central bank credibility, Carola Binder

Stuck in the Seventies: Gas Prices and Consumer Sentiment, Carola Binder and Christos Makridis

Are the Milky Way and Andromeda unusual? A comparison with Milky Way and Andromeda analogues, Nicholas Boardman, Gail Zasowski, Jeffrey A. Newman, Brett Andrews, and Karen Masters

Milky Way analogues in MaNGA: multiparameter homogeneity and comparison to the Milky Way, Nicholas Boardman, Gail Zasowski, Anil Seth, and Karen Masters

Hive minded: like neurons, honey bees collectively integrate negative feedback to regulate decisions, Talia Borofsky, Victor J. Barranca, Rebecca Zhou, Dora von Trentini '18, and Robert L. Broadrup

On the Mechanism of Self-Assembly by a Hydrogel-Forming Peptide, Gabriel A. Braun '19, Beatrice E. Ary '15, Matthew C.H. Rohn '20, Abigail M. Payson '17, David S.M. Lee '13, Robert C. Parry '16, Connie Friedman '15, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

Deuterium-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Histidine pK(a) Determination in a pH-Responsive Hydrogel, Gabriel A. Braun '19, Brett H. Pogostin '18, Milda Pucetaite, Casey Londergan, and Karin S. Akerfeldt


Ticha: Collaboration with Indigenous communities to build digital resources on Zapotec language and history, George Aaron Broadwell, Moisés García Guzmán, Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Felipe H. Lopez, May Helena Plumb '17, and Mike Zarafonetis


Silicone Wristbands as Passive Samplers in Honey Bee Hives, Emma J. Bullock '19, Alexis M. Schafsnitz '17, Chloe H. Wang '17, Robert L. Broadrup, and Helen K. White

Muertes Imaginarias (an obituary novel), Roberto Castillo-Sandoval

The Complexity of Cultural Mismatch in Higher Education: Norms Affecting First-Generation College Students' Coping and Help-Seeking Behaviors, Janet Chang, Shu-wen Wang, Colin Mancini, Brianna McGrath-Mahrer, and Sujey Orama de Jesus

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: a measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background power spectra at 98 and 150 GHz, Steve K. Choi, Matthew Hasselfield, Shuay-Pwu Patty Ho, Brian Koopman, and Bruce Partridge

Type I Error Is Inflated in the Two-Phase Reverse Correlation Procedure, Jeremy Cone, Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi, Ryan F. Lei, and Ron Dotsch


How sound are our ultralight axion approximations?, Jonathan Cookmeyer '17, Daniel Grin, and Tristan L. Smith


Investigating the Health Consequences for White Americans Who Believe White Americans Are Wealthy, Erin Cooley, Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi, Ryan F. Lei, Lauren E. Philbrook, and William Cipolli III

Journalism and the Politics of Emotion: Sand and Séverine as Case Studies, Kathryne A. Corbin

Surface Coating Structure and Its Interaction with Cytochrome c in EG6-Coated Nanoparticles Varies with Surface Curvature, Clyde Daly, Caley Allen, Nikita Rozanov, Gene Chong, and Eric S. Melby

Learning from the Machine: Uncovering Sustainable Nanoparticle Design Rules, Clyde Daly and Rigoberto Hernandez

Optimizing Bags of Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Viability from Sparse Data, Clyde Daly and Rigoberto Hernandez


Art helps democracy. Mayor Kenney's plan to zero out Philly's arts office hurts us all., Thomas Devaney


Structural and Functional Characterization of Phosphoglycosyl Transferases from Human Pathogens, Gregory Dodge, Katherine O'Toole, Hannah Bernstein, Leah M. Seebald, Karen N. Allen, and Barbara Imperiali

On Borders: Territories, Legitimacy and the Rights of Place, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Border Wall as a Populist Challenge, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Political Value of Time: Citizenship, Duration, and Democratic Justice [book review], Paulina Ochoa Espejo

MOVE: An American Religion, Richard Kent Evans


A tutorial review of mathematical techniques for quantifying tumor heterogeneity, Rebecca Everett, Kevin B. Flores, Nick Henscheud, John Lagergren, and Kamila Larripa


Theopompus’ Homer: Paraepic in Old and Middle Comedy, Matthew C. Farmer

Hegel's political philosophy: On the normative significance of method and system [book review], Molly Farneth


SDSS-IV MaNGA: spatially resolved star formation in barred galaxies, Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca, Michael Merrifield, Karen Masters, and Preethi Nair

SDSS-IV MaNGA: The link between bars and the early cessation of star formation in spiral galaxies, Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, Michael Merrifield, Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca, Thomas Peterken, and Karen Masters

United States Power in a Material World, Andrew Friedman