Submissions from 1986

EXAFS studies of the B2 subunit of the ribonucleotide reductase from E. coli, Robert C. Scarrow, Michael J. Maroney, Sharon M. Palmer, and Lawrence Que Jr.

Submissions from 1985

sym-Triphenylcyclopropenylium hexabromotellurate (IV), (C21H15)2[TeBr6], Brandan A. Borgias and Robert C. Scarrow

Ferric Ion Sequestering Agents. 14. 1-Hydroxy-2(1H)-pyridinone Complexes: Properties and Structure of a Novel Iron-iron Dimer, Robert C. Scarrow

Submissions from 1971


Limited Expansion Gaussian Lobe Orbitals in Ab Initio Studies of Atoms and Molecules, John P. Chesick

Submissions from 1968


Gaussian Basis Sets for Model Anharmonic Oscillator Systems, John P. Chesick

Submissions from 1966


Photolysis of cis-Hexene-2 and cis-Butene-2 at 2026 and 2062 A, John P. Chesick

Submissions from 1958


Gaseous Detonations. X. Study of Reaction Zones, John P. Chesick and G. B. Kistiakowsky