Submissions from 2012

From Racemic to Polar Materials, R. Gautier, Alexander J. Norquist, and Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier

Sophorolipid Analog Compositions, Richard A. Gross and Mark H. Schofield

Monitoring structural transitions in intrinsically disordered proteins by vibrational spectroscopy of cyanylated cysteine, J. Habchi, Casey H. Londergan, S. Longhi, and Hailiu Yang '11

Synthesis, crystal structures and thermal behaviour of organic-inorganic hybrids incorporating a chiral diamine, Fadhel Hajlaoui, Houcine Naili, Samia Yahyaoui, and Alexander J. Norquist

Helium Tunneling through Nitrogen-Functionalized Graphene Pores: Pressure- and Temperature-Driven Approaches to Isotope Separation, A. W. Hauser, Joshua Schrier, and P. Schwerdtfeger

Role of Hydrogen-Bonding in the Formation of Polar Achiral and Nonpolar Chiral Vanadium Selenite Frameworks, Jacob H. Olshansky '12, T. T. Tran, K. J. Hernandez, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist


Carbon Dioxide Separation with a Two-Dimensional Polymer Membrane, Joshua Schrier

Ethanol concentration by forward osmosis with solar-regenerated draw solution, Joshua Schrier

Thermally-driven isotope separation across nanoporous graphene, Joshua Schrier and James McClain '11

Inducing polarity in [VO3]nn- chain compounds using asymmetric hydrogen-bonding networks, Matthew D. Smith '13, Samuel M. Blau '12, Kelvin B. Chang '10, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist

Surprising metal binding properties of phytochelatin-like peptides prepared by protease-catalysis, Kodandaraman Viswanathan, Mark H. Schofield, Iwao Teraoka, and Richard A. Gross

Multiple lines of evidence link deep-water coral damage to Deepwater Horizon oil spill., Helen K. White

Impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on a deep-water coral community in the Gulf of Mexico, Helen K. White, Pen Yuan Hsing, Walter Cho, and Timothy M. Shank

Reply to Boehm and Carragher: Multiple lines of evidence link deep-water coral damage to Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Helen K. White, P. Y. Hsing, Walter Cho, and Timothy M. Shank

Covalently Bound Azido Groups Are Very Specific Water Sensors, Even in Hydrogen-Bonding Environments, Marta P. Wolfshorndl '13, Rachel Baskin '14, Ishita Dhawan '14, and Casey H. Londergan

Submissions from 2011

Using Infrared Spectroscopy of Cyanylated Cysteine To Map the Membrane Binding Structure and Orientation of the Hybrid Antimicrobial Peptide CM15, Katherine N. Alfieri '10, Alice R. Vienneau '12, and Casey H. Londergan


The Dissociation of Vibrationally Excited CH3OSO Radicals and Their Photolytic Precurson, Methoxysulfinyl Chloride, Bridget W. Alligood, Caroline C. Womack, Daniel B. Straus, and Frances Rose Blase

Probing the interactions of an acyl carrier protein domain from the 6-deoxyerythronolide B synthase, Louise K. Charkoudian, Corey W. Liu, Stephania Capone, and Shiven Kapur

New Solid Acids in the Triple-Layer Dion-Jacobson Layered Perovskite Family, Margret J. Geselbracht, Helen K. White, Jeanette M. Blainea, and Miranda J. Diaz

[R-C7H16N2][V2Te2O10] and [S-C7H16N2][V2Te2O10]; new polar templated vanadium tellurite enantiomers, Ethan C. Glor '11, Samuel M. Blau '12, J. Yeon, Alexander J. Norquist, and Joshua Schrier

Understanding an Order-Disorder Phase Transition in Ionothermally Synthesized Gallium Phosphates, Jacob H. Olshansky '12, Samuel M. Blau '12, Matthias Zeller, Alexander J. Norquist, and Joshua Schrier


Fluorinated and Nanoporous Graphene Materials As Sorbents for Gas Separations, Joshua Schrier

Beyond Charge Density Matching: The Role of C–H···O Interactions in the Formation of Templated Vanadium Tellurites, Matthew D. Smith '13, Samuel M. Blau '12, Kelvin B. Chang '10, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist

From computational discovery to experimental characterization of a high hole mobility organic crystal, A. N. Sokolov, S. Atahan-Evrenk, R. Mondal, and Joshua Schrier

Predicting organic thin-film transistor carrier type from single molecule calculations, Adam V. Subhas '09, Jennifer Whealdon '13, and Joshua Schrier

Submissions from 2010


Probing Structural Transitions in the Intrinsically Disordered C-Terminal Domain of the Measles Virus Nucleoprotein by Vibrational Spectroscopy of Cyanylated Cysteines, Connor G. Bischak '10, Sonia Longhi, David M. Snead '08, and Casey H. Londergan

The Role of Stereoactive Lone Pairs in Templated Vanadium Tellurite Charge Density Matching, Kelvin B. Chang '10, Desmond J. Hubbard '09, Matthias Zeller, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist


In Living Color: Bacterial Pigments as an Untapped Resource in the Classroom and Beyond, Louise K. Charkoudian, Jay T. Fitzgerald, Chaitan Khosla, and Andrea Champlin

The Effects of a-Helical Structure and Cyanylated Cysteine on Each Other, Lena Edelstein '09, Matthew A. Stetz '08, Heather A. MacMahon '10, and Casey H. Londergan

Synthesis and Crosslinking of L-DOPA Containing Polypeptide Vesicles, Eric Holowka and Timothy J. Deming

A Slow Leak Synthetic Route to Organically Templated Gallium Sulfates, E. A. Kaufman, M. Zeller, and Alexander J. Norquist

Cyanylated Cysteine: A Covalently Attached Vibrational Probe of Protein-Lipid Contacts, Heather A. MacMahon '10, Katherine N. Alfieri '10, Katherine A. A. Clark '09, and Casey H. Londergan

Multiple Exciton Generation in Graphene Nanostructures, James McClain '11 and Joshua Schrier

Integrated Protein Array Screening and High Throughput Validation of 70 Novel Neural Calmodulin-binding Proteins, David J. O'Connell, Mikael C. Bauer, John O'Brien, and Karin S. Åkerfeldt

Helium Separation Using Porous Graphene Membranes, Joshua Schrier

Trigonal Bi- and Monopyramidal Cobalt(II) Complexes of a Novel Guanidine-Based Tripodal Ligand, Cassandra E. Searls '10, Scott T. Kleespies '08, Matthew L. Eppright '07, Sarina C. Schwartz '11, and Robert C. Scarrow

Theoretical Characterization of the Air-Stable, High-Mobility Dinaphtho[2,3-b:2'3'-f]thieno[3,2-b]-thiophene Organic Semiconductor, Roel S. Shancez-Carrera, Sule Atahan, Joshua Schrier, and Alan Aspuru-Guzik

Cloning, Sequencing, Heterologous Expression, and Mechanistic Analysis of A-74528 Biosynthesis, Kathia Zaleta-Rivera, Louise K. Charkoudian, Christian P. Ridley, and Chaitan Khosla

Submissions from 2009

New guidelines in medical education, Karin S. Akerfeldt

Charge density matching in templated molybdates, Hernan Sanchez Casalongue '08, Sarah J. Choyke '10, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, Alexander J. Norquist, and Joshua Schrier

Copolypeptide Vesicles: Size Control for Intracellular Drug Delivery: Self-Assembled Copolypeptide Morphologies for Biomedical Applications, Eric Holowka

Noncentrosymmetry in New Templated Gallium Fluorophosphates, Alexander J. Norquist, Sarah J. Choyke '10, Samuel M. Blau '12, and Abigail A. Larner '11

Quantitative population dynamics of microbial communities in plankton-fed microbial fuel cells, Helen K. White, Clare E. Reimers, E. E. Cordes, and G. F. Dilly

Submissions from 2008

Iron Prochelator BSIH Protects Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells against Cell Death Induced by Hydrogen Peroxide, Louise K. Charkoudian, Tzvete Dentchev, Nina Lukinova, and Natalie Wolkow

Forensics as a Gateway: Promoting Undergraduate Interest in Science and Graduate Student Pedagogical Development Through a First-Year Seminar Course, Louise K. Charkoudian, Jared J. Heymann, Marc J. Adler, and Kathryn L. Haas

Synthetic approaches for noncentrosymmetric molybdates, Desmond J. Hubbard '09, Alexander R. Johnston '07, Hernan Sanchez Casalongue '08, and Alexander J. Norquist

Electron transfer at the class II/III borderline of mixed valency: dependence of rates on solvent dynamics and observation of a localized-to-delocalized transition in freezing solvents , Casey H. Londergan, Starla D. Glover, Benjamin J. Lear, and J. Catherine Salsman


Sustainable energy from deep ocean cold seeps, Mark E. Nielsen, Clare E. Reimers, Helen K. White, and Sonam Sharma

Mechanical and electronic-structure properties of compressed CdSe tetrapod nanocrystals , Joshua Schrier, B. Lee, and Lin-Wang Wang

Shape dependence of resonant energy transfer between semiconductor nanocrystals , Joshua Schrier and Lin-Wang Wang

Electronic structure and spectroscopy of cadmium telluride quantum wires, Jianwei Sun, Willian E. Buhro, Lin-Wang Wang, and Joshua Schrier

Radiocarbon-based assessment of fossil fuel-derived contaminant associations in sediments, Helen K. White, T. I. Eglinton, and Christopher M. Reddy

Submissions from 2007


Mechanical and electronic properties of CdTe tetrapods studied by atomic force microscopy, Liang Fang, Jeong Young Park, Yi Cui, and Joshua Schrier

Polyarginine segments in block copolypeptides drive both vesicular assembly and intracellular delivery, Eric Holowka

Solvent Dynamical Control of Ultrafast Ground State Electron Transfer: Implications for Class II-III Mixed Valency, Benjamin J. Lear, Starla D. Glover, J. Catherine Salsman, and Casey H. Londergan

Cysteine-based vibrational probes of structure and local environment, Casey H. Londergan, Mark G. Maienschein-Cline '07, and Christopher Reynoso '07

The CN Stretching Band of Aliphatic Thiocyanate is Sensitive to Solvent Dynamics and Specific Solvation, Mark G. Maienschein-Cline '07 and Casey H. Londergan

Substituent effects on N-15 and C-13 NMR chemical shifts of5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxathiazol-2-ones: a theoretical and spectroscopic study, J. Hodge Markgraf, Lu Hong, David P. Richardson, and Mark H. Schofield

Composition Space Analysis of Templated Molybdates, James H. Nelson '06, Alexander R. Johnston '07, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Poly[tris(p-xylylenediaminium)[tetra-deca-mu-oxo-hexadecanonamolybdate(VI)]dihyrate], James H. Nelson '06, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Substrate degradation kinetics, microbial diversity and the current efficiency of microbial fuel cells supplied with marine plankton, C. E. Reimers, H. A. Stecher III, J. C. Westall, and Helen K. White

Optical properties of ZnO/ZnS and ZnO/ZnTe heterostructures for photovoltaic applications , Joshua Schrier, D. O. Demchenko, and Lin-Wang Wang

[Mo16O53F2](12-): A new polyoxofluoromolybdate anion, Adam K. Stover '06, Jesse R. Gutnick '04, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

The Effects of Reaction Gel Dehydration in the Synthesis of Cu(NC5H5)4VOF4 and [Cu(NC5H5)4VOF4][ Cu(NC5H5)4(H2O)VOF4*H2O, M. E. Welk, Charlotte L. Stern, Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier, and Alexander J. Norquist

Relationships between carbon isotopic composition and mode of binding of natural organic matter in selected marine sediments, Helen K. White, Christopher M. Reddy, and T. I. Eglinton

Examining the efficiency and biochemistry of plankton-fed microbial fuel cells, Helen K. White, Clare E. Reimers, H. A. Stecher III, and P. R. Girguis

Submissions from 2006

Identification of the dinuclear and tetranuclear air-oxidized products derived from labile phenolate-bridged dimanganese(II) pyridyl-chelate compounds, Frank Bartnik Larsen, A. Boisen, K. J. Kerry, and Robert C. Scarrow

Observation and Dynamics of 'Mixed Valence Isomers' and a Thermodynamic Estimate of Electronic Coupling Parameters, Casey H. Londergan, J. Catherine Salsman, Benjamin J. Lear, and Clifford P. Kubiak


Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy displays signatures of structural odering in peptide aggregates, Casey H. Londergan, Jianping Wang, Paul H. Axelsen, and Robin M. Hochstrasser

Poly[bis-(4-amino-pyridinium) deca-oxotrimolybdate(VI)], J. R. Nelson, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Poly[tetrakis(4-aminopyridinium) [hexadeca-mu-oxo-decaoxooctamolybdate(VI)]], J. R. Nelson, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Tuning the Electronic Communication and Rates of Intramolecular Electron Transfer of Dimers of Trinuclear Ruthenium Clusters: Bridging and Ancillary Ligand Effects, J. Catherine Salsman, S. Ronco, Casey H. Londergan, and Clifford P. Kubiak

Substituent effects on N-15 and C-13 NMR chemical shifts of 3-phenylisoxazoles: a theoretical and spectroscopic study, Mark H. Schofield, M. A. Sorel, R. J. Manalansan, and David P. Richardson

A systematic first principles study of nanocrystal quantum-dot quantum wells, Joshua Schrier

Electronic structure of nanocrystal quantum-dot quantum wells , Joshua Schrier and Lin-Wang Wang

On the size-dependent behavior of nanocrystal-ligand bonds , Joshua Schrier and Lin-Wang Wang

Hyperfine coupling constants of the azafullerenes C19N, C59N, C69N, and C75N, Joshua Schrier and K. B. Whaley

Reconstitution of Calmodulin from Domains and Subdomains: Influence of Target Peptide, C. F. Shuman, Ronny Jiji '00, Sara Linse, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

Directed synthesis of noncentrosymmetric molybdates using composition space analysis, Thomas R. Veltman '07, Adam K. Stover '06, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Incorporation of Li into MnOOH: An in situ X-ray and neutron diffraction study, G. R. Williams, Alexander J. Norquist, and Dermot O'Hare

Recollecting the Institute of Organinc Chemistry, ETH Zurich, 1972-1990, Claude E. Wintner

Submissions from 2005

Redox sensitive cysteine residues in calbindin D(28)k are structurally and functionally important, T. Cedervall, Tord Beggard, Valerie Borek '02, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

Establishing and enhancing an institutional research enviornment, Julio C. de Paula

(C3H12N2)(2)[UO2(H2O)(2)(SO4)(2)](2)center dot 2H(2)O: an organically templated uranium sulfate with a novel dimer type, Michael B. Doran, Alexander J. Norquist, and Dermot O'Hare

Peptides as Smart Materials, Robert Fairman and Karin S. Akerfeldt

Charged polypeptide Vesicles with Controllable Diameter, Eric Holowka

Directed synthesis of noncentrosymmetric molybdates, Eric A. Muller '06, Robert J. Cannon '05, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

(C6H16N2)(2)[Mo8O26]: A new beta-octamolybdate salt, Eric A. Muller '06, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

(C7H20N2)[(UO2)(2)(SO4)(3)(H2O)]: An organically templated uranium sulfate with a novel layer topology, Alexander J. Norquist, Michael B. Doran, and Dermot O'Hare

The role of amine sulfates in hydrothermal uranium chemistry, Alexander J. Norquist, Michael B. Doran, and Dermot O'Hare

Intervalence-resonant Raman spectroscopy of strongly coupled mixed-valence cluster dimers of ruthenium, R. C. Rocha, M. G. Brown, Casey H. Londergan, and J. Catherine Salsman

Atomistic theory of coherent spin transfer between molecularly bridged quantum dots , Joshua Schrier and K. B. Whaley

Calbindin D-28k EF-hand ligand binding and oligomerization: Four high-affinity sites-three modes of action, Cheryl Selah, Karin S. Akerfeldt, James H. Robblee '98, and Peter C. Krecioch '98

Reply to comment on "Electronic transport, structure, and energetics of enclohedral Gd@C-82 metallofullerenes", L. Senapati, Joshua Schrier, and K. B. Whaley

Determination of microbial carbon sources in petroleum contaminated sediments using molecular radiocarbon analysis, G. F. Slater, Helen K. White, T. I. Eglinton, and C. M. Reddy

(C4H14N2)(2)[Mo8O26]center dot 2H(2)O: A new molybdate salt, Katherine J. Thorn '05, Amy Narducci Sarjeant, and Alexander J. Norquist

Deamidation and Disulfide Bridge Formation in Human Calbindin D28k with Effects on Calcium Binding, C. Vanbelle, F. Hagland, T. Cedervall, and Karin S. Akerfeldt

Isotopic constraints on the fate of petroleum residues sequestered in salt marsh sediments, Helen K. White, Christopher M. Reddy, and T. I. Eglinton

Abundance, composition, and vertical transport of PAHs in marsh sediments, Helen K. White, L. Xu, A. L. Lima, and T. I. Eglinton

Submissions from 2004


The role of electrostatic interactions in calmodulin-peptide complex formation, I. Andre, T. Kesvatera, B. Jonsson, and Karin S. Akerfeldt