Submissions from 1998

Dominion of gender: women's fortunes in the high middle ages, Renate Bridenthal, Claudia Koonz, and Susan Mosher Stuard

Foreword, Linda Groves Gerstein

Talking to the Russians: Glimpses of History by a Voice of America Pioneer [Introduction], Linda Groves Gerstein and Victor Franzusoff

Yugoslavia and After: A study in Fragmentation, Despair and Rebirth [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

World's History, James Krippner

Fear of gynarchy in an age of chaos: Kong Qi's reflections on life in South China under Mongol rule, Paul Jakov Smith

Wind against the Mountain: The Crisis of Politics and Culture in Thirteenth-Century China [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

The Annales school, Susan Mosher Stuard

The Annales school and feminist history: opening dialogue with the American stepchild, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1997

Philadelphia Friends and African-Americans, 1680-1990 : an introduction, Margaret Hope Bacon, Charles L. Blockson, Roger Lane, and Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Crimes of opinion: policing the public in eighteenth-century Paris, Lisa Jane Graham

Visions and Revisions of Eighteenth-Century France, Lisa Jane Graham

Andreas G. Papandreou: a brief political biography, Alexander Kitroeff

The Greek Community of New York City: Early Years to 1910 [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

A New Take on American Violence?, Roger Lane

Murder in America: a History, Roger Lane

Quakers and the Institute for Colored Youth, Roger Lane

Since They Got Those Separate Churches: Afro-Americans and Racism in Jacksonian Philadelphia, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner


The Great State of White and High: Buddhism and State Formation in Eleventh-Century Xia [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

Submissions from 1996

Piety and Tolerance: Pennsylvania German Religion, 1700-1850, Edwin B. Bronner

Present at the creation: rethinking Du Bois's Practice Theory, Paul Jefferson

Crete in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Cyprus in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Greco-Turkish War 1897 in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Greece in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Makarios in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Venizelos in Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

A swift coming of age: history of medieval women, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1995

Bible Association of Friends in America, Edwin B. Bronner

Quaker volunteer organizations in three centuries, Edwin B. Bronner

Tract Association of Friends, Edwin B. Bronner

Wartime Jews: the Case of Athens, Alexander Kitroeff

Teaching world history: why we should start!, James Krippner

The Vision of the Victors: Power and Colonial Justice, James Krippner

Voluntary organizations among Philadelphia Afro-americans , Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

William Penn [videorecording]: a living legacy, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Ancillary evidence on the decline of medieval slavery, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1994

First among Friends: George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism., Edwin B. Bronner

William Penn on Religion and Ethics: The Emergence of Liberal Quakerism., Edwin B. Bronner

A Soldier's Sacrifice: Fidelity and Kingship in the Reign of Louis XV, Lisa Jane Graham

The autobiographical writings of William Wells Brown, Paul Jefferson

The new Negro, Paul Jefferson

Diaspora-homeland relations & Greek American lobbying: the Panhellenic Emergency Committee, Alexander Kitroeff

The Greek Minority in Istanbul and Greek-Turkish Relations 1918-1974 [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

Dark Deeds Seen Through a Dark Glass: The Historian as Detective, Roger Lane

Neighborhoods in Transition: William Penn's Dream and Urban Reality, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

World the Agitators Made: the counterculture of Agitation in Urban Philadelphia, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Do We Know as Much as We Need to About the Song Economy? Observations on the Economic Crisis of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, Paul Jakov Smith

Law and Order in Sung China [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

Burdens of matrimony: husbanding and gender in medieval Italy, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1993

Peace of Europe: the Fruits of Solitude and Other Writings, Edwin B. Bronner and William Penn

Greek-American Ethnicity, 1919-1939, Alexander Kitroeff

Greek diaspora in the Mediterranean & the Black Sea 18th-19th centuries: seen by American eyes, Alexander Kitroeff

Greek peasantry: from dictatorship to occupation, Alexander Kitroeff

Hellenism as a transterritorial concept: Cyprus and the Greek Americans in the 1950s, Alexander Kitroeff

Holocaust in the Balkans, Alexander Kitroeff

Discipline to the Mind: Philadelphia's Banneker Institute, 1854-1872, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

State power and economic activism during the new policies, 1068-1085 : the tea and horse trade and the Green Sprouts loan policy, Paul Jakov Smith

Songmo-Yuanchu Shushi liuyu dongnan wenti tantao (On the diaspora of Sichuanese intellectuals to the southeast in the late Song and early Yuan), Paul Jakov Smith and C. Shicong

City & the crown: Vienna and the imperial court, 1600-1740, John P. Spielman

Submissions from 1992

Emigration transatlantique et strategie familiale: la Grèce, Alexander Kitroeff

Griegos en América [The Greeks in the Americas], Alexander Kitroeff

The Eve of the Great Revival: British Traveler's Perceptions of Early C19th Greece [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

An Epic Story, A Nusery Tale Moral, Roger Lane

Black Philadelphia, then and now, Roger Lane

Mixed Reviews for "Criminal Justice": The Longest-Running Morality Play in Oakland, Roger Lane

Urban policing and crime in nineteenth-century America, Roger Lane

Family, landsman, and status-group affinity in refugee mobility strategies: the Mongol invasions and the diaspora of Sichuanese elites, ca. 1230-1330, Paul Jakov Smith

Mongolian Rule in China [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

A State of Deference: Ragusa (Dubrovnik) in the Medieval Centuries, Susan Mosher Stuard

The chase after theory, Susan Mosher Stuard

Citizens of no mean city: assessing medieval women's history, Susan Mosher Stuard and Margaret Schaus

Submissions from 1991

A Perfect Freedom: Religious Liberty in Pennsylvania., Edwin B. Bronner

Historian Nicos Svoronos and his relationship to the historiography of modern Greece, Christois Hadziiosif and Alexander Kitroeff

Travels of William Wells Brown: the Narrative of William Wells Brown, a Fugitive Slave, and the American Fugitive in Europe, Sketches of Places and People Abroad, Paul Jefferson

Patra 1820-1860: Mia Hellenike Protevousa ston 190 aiona [Patra 1820-1860: A Greek capital city in the nineteenth century] [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

Transformation of homeland diaspora relations: the Greek case 18th-19th centuries, Alexander Kitroeff

Introducing undergraduates to manuscript research, Margaret Schaus, J. Spielman, and Susan Mosher Stuard

Taxing Heaven's Storehouse: Horses, Bureaucrats, and the Destruction of the Sichuan Tea Industry, 1074-1224, Paul Jakov Smith

Submissions from 1990

George Fox and William Penn: unlikely yokefellows and friends, Edwin B. Bronner

Moderates in London Yearly Meeting, 1857-1873: precursors of Quaker liberals, Edwin B. Bronner

The Quakers., Edwin B. Bronner

The Transformation of American Quakerism: Orthodox Friends, 1800-1900, Edwin B. Bronner

Politics of conquest: an interpretation of the Relacion de Michoacán, James Krippner

Black presence in Pennsylvania "making it home", Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Patriotism, Values, and Continuity: Museum Collecting and "Connectedness", Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

A Symposium on Women, History and Literature; Theory and Methodology, organized by Jacqueline Murray, "Response", Susan Mosher Stuard

Response, Susan Mosher Stuard

Sources on medieval women in Mediterranean archives, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1989

Witness for Change: Quaker Women over Three Centuries, Elizabeth Potts Brown and Susan Mosher Stuard

Review essay: the question of Black Philosophy, Paul Jefferson

Continuity & change in contemporary Greek historiography, Alexander Kitroeff

I Vretaniki Politiki kai to Kinima stin Mesi Anatoli [British Policy and the Greek Forces Movement in Egypt], Alexander Kitroeff

O Venizelismos stin Egypto [Venizelist Republicanism among the Greeks in Egypt], Alexander Kitroeff

[Serifos under Turkish Rule 17-19th centuries] [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

Feminism and Freedom: Black Women's Strategies in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Feminism, Freedom, and Community: Charlotte Forten and Women Activists in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

A new dimension? North American scholars contribute their perspective on medieval women, Susan Mosher Stuard

From women to woman: new thinking about gender, c. 1140, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 1988

Ira De Augustine Reid, Paul Jefferson