Submissions from 2008

Greece and the 1904 ‘American’ Olympics in Anthropology Days and Olympic Games: Sport, Race, and American Imperialism, Alexander Kitroeff

Jim Crow moves North: The battle over northern school segregation, Roger Lane

Submissions from 2007

The struggle for freedom : a history of African Americans, Clayborne Carson, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner, and Gary B. Nash

Les Temoins dans le droit et la litterature: la construction de l'intimite dans la France du 18e siecle, Lisa Jane Graham

Astrology as Political Propaganda: Humanist Responses to the Turkish Threat in Early Sixteenth-Century Vienna, Darin Hayton

Martin Bylica at the Court of Matthias Corvinus: Astrology and Politics in Renaissance Hungary, Darin Hayton

Review of Lauren Kassell's Medicine and Magic in Elizabethan London, Darin Hayton


‘Fair play’ versus Competing to Win & Coubertin in International Olympic Academy Proceedings of 46th Session 19 June – 3 July 2006, Alexander Kitroeff

Greek American Identity in the 1980s in Arméniens et Grecs en Diaspora: approches comparatives, Alexander Kitroeff

Tassos Papadopoulos, President of Cyprus in Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Alexander Kitroeff

Framing Photographs: Contexts and Transpositions, James Krippner, Kimberly W. Benston, Laurie Kain Hart, and Graciela Michelotti-Cristobal

Murder on trial, 1620-2002, Roger Lane

Rooted in the earth, rooted in the sky: Hildegard of Bingen and premodern medicine, Susan Mosher Stuard

Satisfying the Laws: Legenda of Maria of Venice (1379-1399), Susan Mosher Stuard

Sienese Painting after the Black Death: Artistic Pluralism, Politics, and the New Art Market, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 2006

The Rodent is Myself: From Dostoyevsky to Murakami, in novels, Rodents Are Barometers of the Human, Andrew Friedman

Fiction, Kingship and the Politics of Character in Eighteenth-Century France, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Katherine Crawford's Perilous Performances: Gender and Regency in Early Modern France, Lisa Jane Graham

Michael Psellos’s De Daemonibus in the Renaissance, Darin Hayton

Review of Danielle Jacquart and Charles Burnet's Scientia in Margine. Etudes sur les Marginaliia dans les Manuscrits Scientifque du Moyen Âge à la Renaissance, Darin Hayton

Review of Wouter J. Hanegraaf and Ruud M. Bouthoorn's Ludovico Lazzarelli (1447-1500). The Hermetic Writings and Related Documents, Darin Hayton

E Metapolemike Metanastefsi, Alexander Kitroeff

Modern Greek Studies in the United States, Alexander Kitroeff

Post-War Emigration, Alexander Kitroeff

The Mobius Strip: A spatial history of colonial society in Guerrero, Mexico, James Krippner

Traces, Images and Fictions: Strand in Mexico, 1932-34, James Krippner

A concise history of euthanasia: Life, death, god and medicine, Roger Lane

Bourgeois nightmares: Suburbia, 1870-1930, Roger Lane

Women and gender in medieval Europe : an encyclopedia, Margaret Schaus and Susan Mosher Stuard

From War to Diplomatic Parity in Sung China [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

Irredentism as Political Capital: The New Policies and the Annexation of Tibetan Domains in Hehuang (the Qinghai--Gansu Highlands) under Shenzong and his Sons, 1068-1126, Paul Jakov Smith

Shuihu zhuan and the Military Subculture of the Northern Song, 960-1127, Paul Jakov Smith

Gilding the market : luxury and fashion in fourteenth-century Italy, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 2005

African American lives : the struggle for freedom , Clayborne Carson, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner, and Gary B. Nash

Scandal: Law, Literature, and Morality in the Early Enlightenment, Lisa Jane Graham and Christine Adams

Joseph Grunpeck's Astrological Explanation of the French Disease, Darin Hayton

The Astrolabe: An On-Line Resource, Darin Hayton

Greece & the Balkans: Identities, Perception and Cultural Encounters Since the Enlightenment [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

Greek Images of the Ottomans & Turks in Representations of the “Others” in the Mediterranean World and their Impact on the Region, Alexander Kitroeff


Modern Greece and the Olympics: Politics and Sport in in International Olympic Academy Proceedings of 45th Session 27 July – 11 August 2005, Alexander Kitroeff

Olympics in Athens 1896: The Invention of the Modern Olympic Games [book review], Alexander Kitroeff

The Press as a Source for the History of the Greeks in the United States inThe Greek Press Since 1784: Historical & Theoretical Perspectives, Alexander Kitroeff

Hoodlums: Back villains and the social bandits of American life, Roger Lane

The middle-class city: Transforming space and time in Philadelphia, 1876-1926, Roger Lane

At the End, an Abolitionist?, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Back to Africa : Benjamin Coates and the colonization movement in America, 1848-1880, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Eleanor Shipley Duckett (1880-1976) Historian of the Latin Middle Ages, Susan Mosher Stuard

Latent Feminist Loosed on Medieval History (1935-), Susan Mosher Stuard

Marriage Gifts and Fashion Mischief, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 2004

Cellular Phantasmagoria: Stealth Towers, Roaming Borders and Global Cities in the Air, Andrew Friedman

Lettre de Cachet, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Carol Blum's Strength in Numbers, Lisa Jane Graham

E Ellhnoamerikanike Toftotita tin Dekaetia tou 1990 [Greek American Cultural Identity in the 1990s], Alexander Kitroeff

North America: the Greek Communities in the U.S. & Canada in History of Modern Hellenism, Alexander Kitroeff

Oi Hellenes stis HPA [The Greeks in the U.S.], Alexander Kitroeff

The international Dimension of the Interim Olympics in Athens, 1906, Alexander Kitroeff

Voria kai Notia Amerike: Oi Omogeneis stis HPA, ton Kanada, thn Latinike Amerike [North and South America: the Greek Diaspora in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America], Alexander Kitroeff

Wrestling with the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics, Alexander Kitroeff


The Eurasian Transformation of the 10th to 13th centuries: The View from Song China, 906-1279, Paul Jakov Smith

Servants, Susan Mosher Stuard

Where History and Theory Interact: Frederic C. Lane on the Emergence of Capitalism, Susan Mosher Stuard, Melissa Meriam Bullard, S. R. Epstein, and Benjamin G. Kohn

Submissions from 2003

Build It and They Will Pay: A Primer on Guggenomics, Andrew Friedman

The Empire City: A Novel of New York City [book review], Andrew Friedman

Review of Christine Metayer's Au tombeau des secrets, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Joan Landes' Visualizing the Nation, Lisa Jane Graham

O Rolos tou Helleno-Amerikanikou Lobby stin Exoterike Politike ton HPA: 1992-2001 [The Role of the Greek-American Lobby in US Foreign Policy], Alexander Kitroeff

Improving your game: Bringing classroom discussions alive, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Impressions of the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition: The Evidence from Biji Memoirs , Paul Jakov Smith

Introduction: Problematizing the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition, Paul Jakov Smith

Introduction to the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition in Chinese History, Paul Jakov Smith

Song-Yuan-Ming transition in Chinese history, Paul Jakov Smith and R. Von Glahn

Submissions from 2002

Merchant Colonies and Immigrants in History of Greece in the C20th, Alexander Kitroeff

Late Colonial Mexico: Institutional, Social, and Cultural History, James Krippner

Building democratic communities, 1800-1850, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Quaker Aesthetics: Reflections on a Quaker Ethic in American Design and Consumption, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

An Empire for Liberty, A State for Empire: The U.S. National State Before and After the Revolution of 1800, Bethel Saler

Submissions from 2001

Rereading the Conquest: Power, Politics, and the History of Early Colonial Michoacan, Mexico, 1521-1565, James Krippner

Special issue: bloody murder (introduction), Roger Lane

New Eyes for the "Invisibles" in Quaker-Minority Relations, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Imperial China 900 – 1800 [book review], Paul Jakov Smith

A capital idea: pursuing demand, Susan Mosher Stuard

'Qui notus est de ancilla mea' in medieval church law, Susan Mosher Stuard

Submissions from 2000

If the King Only Knew: Seditious Speech in the Reign of Louis XV, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Benoit Garnot's Vivre en prison au XVIIIe siècle, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Jeffrey S. Ravel's The Politics of the Parterre, Lisa Jane Graham

Review of Michelle Vovelle's Enlightenment portraits, Lisa Jane Graham

Greek emigration to Latin America: 1900-1950, Alexander Kitroeff

Invoking "Tato Vasco": Vasco de Quiroga, eighteenth-twentieth centuries, James Krippner

American Frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi [Book Review], Bethel Saler

The Wisconsin Frontier [Book Review], Bethel Saler

Submissions from 1999

Greek Nationhood and Modernity in the C19th, Alexander Kitroeff

Transatlantic Emigration in History of Greece in the C20th, Alexander Kitroeff

Modern History in Greece in Modern Times An Annotated Bibliography of Works, Alexander Kitroeff and Lily Macrakis

Murder in America: a historian's perspective, Roger Lane

Violent death in the city : suicide, accident, and murder in nineteenth-century Philadelphia (2nd ed.), Roger Lane

Negotiating the Treaty Polity: Gender, Race and the Transformation of Wisconsin from Indian Country into an American State, 1776-1854, Bethel Saler

American Feminism and the Annales School, Susan Mosher Stuard

Gravitas and consumption, Susan Mosher Stuard

Ragusa, Susan Mosher Stuard

Single by custom and law, Susan Mosher Stuard