Submissions from 2023


Singing City 75th Anniversary Concert: To be Certain of the Dawn, Friede auf Erden, Jeffrey Brillhart and Nathan Zullinger

A Cultural History of Western Music in the Renaissance, Richard Freedman and Jeanice Brooks

Metamorphosis I, Heidi Jacob

Has “Whiteness” limited the imagination of Western choral music?, Thomas Lloyd

Voices of Change: Impacting the Communities We Serve (Part 1), Thomas Lloyd

Voices of Change: Impacting the Communities We Serve (Part 2), Thomas Lloyd


Singing City Songbook, Nathan Zullinger

Submissions from 2022

Singing City: Messiah Sing-In, Jeffrey Brillhart and Nathan Zullinger

Lilacs, Heidi Jacob

Appearances, Thomas Lloyd

Ontology for Analytic Claims in Music, Emilio M. Sanfilippo and Richard Freedman

Submissions from 2021

The Cambridge History of Sixteenth-Century Music [book review], Richard Freedman

Submissions from 2019

"Very Good for an American": Essays on Edward MacDowell [book review], Myron Gray

Provenance. Kinnara Ensemble: J. D. Burnett, Conductor [concert review], Nathan Zullinger

Submissions from 2018

Music, Myron Gray

Singing Sedition: Piety and Politics in the Music of William Billings [book review], Myron Gray

Submissions from 2017

The Collaborative Musical Text, Richard Freedman, Raffaele Viglianti, and Adam Crandell


A Partisan National Song: The Politics of “Hail Columbia” Reconsidered, Myron Gray

Submissions from 2015

Dalle Dolomiti all'Etna, Curt Cacioppo

Divertimenti in Italia, Curt Cacioppo

Fantasy, Air & Rag, Curt Cacioppo

Gloria, Curt Cacioppo

The Valiant Crab, Curt Cacioppo

Women at the Cross, Curt Cacioppo

Renaud de Chateaudun's "Queen of France" and the Royalist Lament in Federal Philadelphia: A Study in Atlantic Musical Politics, Myron Gray


Review of Catherine Jones, Literature and Music in the Atlantic World, Myron Gray

Beneath Winter Light: the Music of Heidi Jacob, Heidi Jacob

You Must Know, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2014

Pavane-Variations for flute, violin, viola da gamba, cello, and harpsichord, Ingrid Arauco

Vistas [CD], Ingrid Arauco

Ritornello, Curt Cacioppo

The Renaissance Chanson Goes Digital, Richard Freedman


The Vocal Chamber Music of Hans Gál, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2013

As Well for the Poore as the Peere, Curt Cacioppo

Bonhoeffer - A Choral-Theater Work, Curt Cacioppo

Life Time, Curt Cacioppo

Curt Cacioppo's "Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods", Heidi Jacob

Eternity’s Disclosure, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2012

Laws of the Pipe, Curt Cacioppo, Peter Blue Cloud, Janice Fiore, and David Geber

Josquin, The Multi-Voice Chanson, and the Sublime, Richard Freedman

Les Imprimeurs et Leurs Publics: le Cas de Du Cheminm et d’Estrée, Richard Freedman

Music in the Renaissance, Richard Freedman

Beginning Again, Heidi Jacob

Curt Cacioppo's "Scenes from Indian Country", Heidi Jacob

Regard a Schubert: a Fantasy Impromptu, Heidi Jacob

Selections from Beginning Again, Heidi Jacob

Ben Unleashed, Thomas Lloyd

Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice!, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2011

Vistas for Flute and Piano, Ingrid Arauco

Invocation: Solo Piano and Chamber Music (CD), Ingrid Arauco, Paul R. Demers, Hirono Oka, and Burchard Tang

Heavy Pedal, Curt Cacioppo

Filling the Gaps: Report on "Restituer la polyphonie lacunaire: enjeux methodologie et perspectives," 25-29 October 2010, Centre d'etudes superieurs de la Renaissance (CESR), Tours, Theodor Dumitrescu and Richard Freedman

Listening to the Psalms among the Huguenots: Simon Goulart as Music Editor, Richard Freedman

The Chansonniers of Nicolas Du Chemin: A Digital Forum for Renaissance Music Books, Richard Freedman and P. Vendrix

Salome Revisited. Electroacoustic work, Heidi Jacob

Bringing Transformative Collaborations to Life, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2010

Divertimento for trumpet, violin, and cello, Ingrid Arauco

Envoi for Solo Piano, Ingrid Arauco

Pavane-Variations for flute, violin, bass viola da gamba, cello, harpsichord, Ingrid Arauco

A Pianist in Dante’s Hell: Marino Baratello’s Malebolge Cycle, Curt Cacioppo

ITALIA , Curt Cacioppo

Adam of Fulda, Richard Freedman

Alexander Agricola, Richard Freedman

Antoine Busnoys, Richard Freedman

Benedictus, Richard Freedman

Caput Masses, Richard Freedman

Conradus de Zabernia, Richard Freedman

Contenance angloise, Richard Freedman

Gilles Binchois, Richard Freedman

Guillaume Dufay, Richard Freedman

Heinricus Isaac, Richard Freedman

Homme arm, Richard Freedman

Johannes Tinctoris, Richard Freedman

John Dunstable, Richard Freedman

Leonel Power, Richard Freedman

Les chansonniers de Nicolas Du Chemin, Richard Freedman

Loyset Comp, Richard Freedman

Minor Composers, Richard Freedman

Motet and Mass, 1400-1500, Richard Freedman

Pierre de La Rue, Richard Freedman

Polyphonic Chanson, 1400-1500, Richard Freedman

Regard a Schubert, Heidi Jacob

Through the Looking Glass, Heidi Jacob

Fatherly Reflections, Thomas Lloyd

Fellowship of Miracles, Thomas Lloyd

Innovative new American sacred works: David Lang, the little match girl passion; Phil Kline, John the Revelator; Kile Smith, Vespers [CD review], Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2009

When the orchard dances ceased, Curt Cacioppo

Ainsi meurs vif: The Paradox of Choice in Renaissance Song, Richard Freedman

André Thomas, Way Over in Beulah Lan’ – Understanding and Performing the Negro Spiritual [book review], Thomas Lloyd

Camp Meeting, Thomas Lloyd

My Encounter with Estill Voice Training, Thomas Lloyd

The Revival of an early “Crossover” masterwork – Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2008

Ancestral Passage, Curt Cacioppo

Review of Claude de Jeune's Livre de melanges 1585, Pacschal de L’Estocart's Sacrae Cantiones 1582, Jacotin's Chansons, and Eustache Du Caurroy, Missa pro defunctis, Richard Freedman

Who Owned Lasso's Chansons, Richard Freedman

Pied Beauty, Thomas Lloyd

Review of Ahlquist's Chorus and Community, Thomas Lloyd

Stan’ Still Jordan – Egbe Nukopowo, Thomas Lloyd

Submissions from 2007

Burning with the Muse, Curt Cacioppo

How a Printer Shaped Musical Tastes: Adrian Le Roy and Listeners at the Royal Court of France, Richard Freedman