Submissions from 2023


Social stratification and inequality in South Africa, Matthew McKeever

Submissions from 2022

Art of Transition: The Field of Art in Post-Soviet Russia, Elise Herrala

Submissions from 2021

Working through Contradictions: Parsons and the Harvard Intellectual Community during the Late 60s and Early 70s, Mark Gould

Submissions from 2020

Gendered morality in the sex toy market: Entitlements, reversals, and the irony of heterosexuality, Shelly Ronen

Submissions from 2019

History is Sociology: All Arguments are Counterfactuals, Mark Gould

Submissions from 2018

Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong, Matthew McKeever

Submissions from 2017

Educational Inequality in Apartheid South Africa, Matthew McKeever

Submissions from 2016

Does the Center Hold? Reflections on a Sociological Core, Jeanne Ballantine, Nancy Greenwood, Jay Howard, Edward Kain, Diane Pike, Michael Schwarze '18, and R. Tyson Smith

Marx and Weber and the logic of historical explanation: The rise of machine capitalism, Mark Gould

The Natural Law Foundations of Modern Social Theory: A Quest for Universalism [book review], Mark Gould

Submissions from 2015


Performing civility : international competitions in classical music, Lisa McCormick

Submissions from 2014

Don’t Play it Again, Sam: A Response to Eric Nylander, Lisa McCormick

Tuning in or Turning off: Performing Emotion and Building Cosmopolitan Solidarity in International Music Competitions, Lisa McCormick

Fighting for Recognition: Identity, Masculinity, and the Act of Violence in Professional Wrestling, R. Tyson Smith

Warring Identities: Identity Conflict and the Mental Distress of American Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, R. Tyson Smith and Gala true

Submissions from 2013

Axial Age Religious Commitment in Theoretical Perspective, Mark Gould

God and the Problem of Order: The Role of Perfect Information and Absolute Power in Economics, Religion and Law, Mark Gould

Review of “Contemporary Identities of Creativity and Creative Work” by Stephanie Taylor and Karen Littleton, Lisa McCormick


Bring Me Men: Military Masculinity and the Benign Façade of American Empire, R. Tyson Smith

The Crime of the Crime Report, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2012

Conversation about Cynthia Enloe’s ‘Nimo’s War, Emma’s War, Ethel Brooks, Shannon Lundeen, and R. Tyson Smith

Music Sociology in a New Key, Lisa McCormick

Review of “The Opera Fanatic: Ethnography of an Obsession” by Claudio E. Benzecry, Lisa McCormick

The Opera Fanatic: Ethnography of an Obsession [book review], Lisa McCormick

Over the Long Haul: The Persistent Economic Consequences of Single Motherhood, Matthew McKeever and Nicholas H. Wolfinger

El dolor en la acción: los significados del dolor que experimentan los luchadores profesionales, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2011

More Than Just Social Structure: The Poverty of Cultur(al) Analysis, Mark Gould

Thanks for Nothing: Income and Labor Force Participation for Never-married Mothers since 1982se, Matthew McKeever and Nicholas H. Wolfinger


Corbett’s Cuts and the Implications for Race in Philadelphia Schools, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2010

Economic Development and Income Inequality, Matthew McKeever

Beyond the Core: The Hot Topic Alternative to the Survey-Based Introduction to Sociology Course, Michael Schwartz and R. Tyson Smith


Gap Growing between Military and Civilians, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2009

Culture, Personality, and Emotion in George Herbert Mead: A Critique of Empiricism in Cultural Sociology, Mark Gould

Higher, Faster, Louder: Representations of the international music competition, Lisa McCormick

New Fish on the Block [Culture Review], Lisa McCormick

Review of “Josephine Baker in Art and Life: The Icon and the Image” by Benetta Jules-Rosette, Lisa McCormick

A Raw Export, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2008

Islam, the law, and the sovereignty of God, Mark Gould

Kemal A. Faruki's reconstruction of Islam(ic law): A modernist position in Islam(ic jurisprudence), Mark Gould

Welfare myths: the transmission of values, M. A. Lee, Joachim Singelmann, and Anat Yom-Tov

Regional Institutions and Social Development in Southern Africa, Matthew McKeever

Review of Ethnicity and Urban Life in China: A Comparative Study of Hui Muslims and Han Chinese, Matthew McKeever

Advertising, R. Tyson Smith

Passion Work: The Joint Production of Emotional Labor in Professional Wrestling, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2007

Religion within reason - Pope Benedict's critique of Islam, Mark Gould

Advertising, R. Tyson Smith

Pain in the Act: The Meanings of Pain among Professional Wrestlers, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2006

Music as social perfomance, Ron Eyerman and Lisa McCormick

Myth, meaning, and performance: toward a new cultural sociology of the arts, Ron Eyerman and Lisa McCormick

Fall Back or Spring Forward? Labor Market Transitions and the Informal Economy in South Africa, Matthew McKeever

Ethnic Inequalities and Educational Attainment in Taiwan, Matthew McKeever and Jui-Chang Jao

Wrestling with Kayfabe, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2005

Disentangling the Effects of Correctional Education: Are Current Policies Misguided? An Event History Analysis, Mary Ellen Batiuk, Karen F. Lahm, Matthew McKeever, Norma Wilcox, and Pamela Wilcox

Looming Catastrophe: How and Why "Law and Economics" Undermines Fiduciary Duties in Corporate Law, Mark Gould

Understanding Jihad, Mark Gould

Shifting Fortunes in a Changing Economy: Trends in the Economic Well-Being of Divorced Women in Fragile Families and the Marriage Agenda, Matthew McKeever and Nicholas H. Wolfinger


Pumping Irony: The Construction of Masculinity in a Post-feminist Advertising Campaign, R. Tyson Smith

The Hidden Discourse of Masculinity in Gender Discrimination Law, R. Tyson Smith and Michael Kimmel

Submissions from 2004

The ‘Reasonable Woman’ and Unreasonable Men: Gendered Discourses in Sexual Harassment Litigation, Michael Kimmel and R. Tyson Smith

Professional Wrestling, R. Tyson Smith

Roundtable on Advertising and the New Masculinities, R. Tyson Smith

Submissions from 2003

Population size, perceive threat and exclusion: a multiple-indicators analysis of attitudes toward foreigners in Germany, Moshe Semyonov, Rebeca Raijman, Anat Yom-Tov, and Peter Schmidt

Submissions from 2002

Developing Poverty: The State, Labor Market Deregulation, and the Informal Economy in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic [Book Review], Matthew McKeever

Research in Social Stratification and Mobility [Book Review], Matthew McKeever


Labor market competition, perceived threat, and endorsement of economic discrimination against foreign workers in Israel, Moshe Semyonov, Rebeca Raijman, and Anat Yom-Tov

Submissions from 2001

Empirical Sociological Theory and the Resolution of Normative Dilemmas, Mark Gould

Generalized Media of Communication and Logic of Cultural Intelligibility: Macro and Micor Analyses in Luhmann, Habermas and Parsons, Mark Gould

Inter-Minority Politics in the Consensus City: The Houston Mayoral Election of 1997 in Governing American Cities: Inter-Ethnic Coalitions, Competition, and Conflict, Matthew McKeever

Reexamining the Economic Costs of Marital Disruption for Women, Matthew McKeever and Nicholas H. Wolfinger

Submissions from 2000

Observations on modernity, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1999

Race and theory: culture, poverty, and adaptation to discrimination in Wilson and Ogbu, Mark Gould

Generational Differences in Attitudes and Socioeconomic Status among Hispanics in Houston, Matthew McKeever and Stephen Klineberg

Submissions from 1998

Environmental Concern: It Does Make a Difference How It’s Measured, Stephen Klineberg, Matthew McKeever, and Bert Rothenback

Race, Class, and the Changing Division of Labour Under Apartheid [Book Review], Matthew McKeever

"Reproduced Inequality: Participation and Success in the South African Informal Economy, Matthew McKeever

Submissions from 1997

Race and politics: normative orders and the explanation of political difference: the Simpson verdict, the Million Man March and Colin Powell, Mark Gould

The Persistence of Educational Inequalities in State-Socialist Hungary: Trajectory-Maintenance Versus Counter-Selection, Eric Hanley and Matthew McKeever

Differential Immigration and Reception: Asian Immigrants in Six U.S. Cities [Working Paper], Matthew McKeever

Submissions from 1996

Law and philosophy: some consequences for the law deriving from the sociological reconstruction of philosophical theory, Mark Gould

Racial Differences in Occupational Status and Income in South Africa, 1980 and 1991, Donald Treiman, Matthew McKeever, and Eva Fodor

Submissions from 1994

Advances in social theory and methodology: toward an integration of micro- and macro-sociologies, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1993

Measuring the Impact of Water Conservation Campaigns in California, Richard A. Berk, Daniel Shulman, Matthew McKeever, and Howard Freeman

Legitimation and justification: the logic of moral and contractual solidarity in Weber and Durkheim, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1992

Law and sociology: some consequences for the law of employment discrimination deriving from the sociological reconstruction of economic theory, Mark Gould

Theory and history: comments on Robert Wuthnow's Communities of discourse, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1991

Nuts and bolts for the social sciences, Mark Gould

Parsons' Economic sociology: a failure of will, Mark Gould

Reproduction of labour market discrimination in competitive capitalism, Mark Gould

Talcott Parsons: Theorist of Modernity, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1989

Voluntarism versus utilitarianism: a critique of Camic's History of ideas, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1987

Revolution in the Development of Capitalism: the Coming of the English Revolution, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1985

Prolegomena to any Future Theory of Societal Crisis, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1981

The Devaluation of Labor-Power, Mark Gould

Submissions from 1976

Systems Analysis, Macrosociology and the Generalized Media of Social Action, Mark Gould