Submissions from 2013

And They Didn’t Shut Up: Prison Narratives of the Mexican Dirty War, Aurelia Gómez

Zeuxis: Still Blue, John Goodrich

Bi-directional positive illusions in romantic relationships: Possibilities and pitfalls for the socially anxious, Elizabeth Gordon, K. Johnson, R. Heimberg, J. Montesi, and R. Fauber

Axial Age Religious Commitment in Theoretical Perspective, Mark Gould

God and the Problem of Order: The Role of Perfect Information and Absolute Power in Economics, Religion and Law, Mark Gould

How the Enlightenment invented la Bohème, a Review of Marquis de Pelleport, The Bohemians, Lisa Jane Graham

Out of the Darkness into the Darkness: Time Travel in Ernesto Sábato’s El túnel and Connie Willis’ Blackout and All Clear, V. Carpenter and P. Halpern, in Victoria Carpenter, Paul Halpern

The Localized Energy Distribution of Dark Energy Star Solutions, Paul Halpern

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Incarcerated Women: A Call for Evidence-Based Treatment, Holly M. Harner, Mia Budescu, Seth J. Gillihan, Suzanne Riley, and Edna B. Foa

Smugglers and saints of the Sahara: regional connectivity in the twentieth century, Deborah Harrold

Spatially Unassociated Galaxies Contribute Significantly to the Blended Submillimetre Galaxy Population: Predictions for Follow-up Observations of ALMA Sources, C. C. Hayward, P. S. Behroozi, R. S. Somerville, J. R. Primack, Jorge Moreno, and R. H. Wechsler


Submillimetre Galaxies in a Hierarchical Universe: Number Counts, Redshift Distribution, and Implications for the IMF, C. Hayward and Desika Narayanan

A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of an HIV risk-reduction Intervention for Sub-Saharan African University Students, G. Anita Heeren, John B. Jemmott, and Zolani Ngwane

Forster resonance energy transfer studies of calmodulin produced by native protein ligation reveal inter-domain electrostatic repulsion, Erik Hellstrand, Stephanie Kukora '04, Cynthia F. Shuman, Karin S. Akerfeldt, Sarah Steenbergen '07, and Beth Krouse '05

A New Raman Spectroscopic Probe of Both the Protonation State and Noncovalent Interactions of Histidine Residues, Kevin W. Hoffman '12, Matthew G. Romei '14, and Casey H. Londergan


Star Formation in Galaxy Mergers with Realistic Models of Stellar Feedback and the Interstellar Medium, P. F. Hopkins, T. J. Cox, L. Hernquist, and Desika Narayanan


Resolving the Generation of Starburst Winds in Galaxy Mergers, P. F. Hopkins, Dusan Keres, N. Murray, L. Hernquist, and Desika Narayanan


Dense Molecular Gas: A Sensitive Probe of Stellar Feedback Models, P. Hopkins and Desika Narayanan


The Meaning and Consequences of Star Formation Criteria in Galaxy Models with Resolved Stellar Feedback, P. Hopkins and Desika Narayanan

Type Theory, Type Shifting, and Studies of Modification in Chinese, Shi-Zhe Huang

Review of Brodsky and Rein's The New Jewish Argentina, Ariana Huberman

Calculus 6th ed., Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Gleason, and Jeffrey Tecosky-Feldman

Vulnerable children's health as described in investigations of reported children, Elin Hultman and Charlotte Alm


Herschel-ATLAS: A Binary HyLIRG Pinpointing a Cluster of Starbursting Protoellipticals, R. J. Ivison, A. M. Swinbank, Ian Smail, A. I. Harris, and Desika Narayanan

Curt Gacioppo's "Invocation and Dance of the Mountain Gods", Heidi Jacob


The Carbon Isotope Organic Geochemistry of Early Ordovician Rocks from the Annascaul Formation, County Kerry, A. H. Jahren, Brian A. Schubert, Leszek Marynowski, and Jonathan P. Wilson


Main-Sequence Star Populations in the Virgo Overdensity Region, H. Jerjen, G. S. Da Costa, Beth Willman, and P. Tisserand

33rd Mini Print Internatinal of Cadaquès, Hee Sook Kim

Berliner Liste, Hee Sook Kim

[Exhibition], Hee Sook Kim

Internationaal Podium Voor Heddaagse Kunst, Hee Sook Kim

Let Flowers Speak, Hee Sook Kim

Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Piccoli Gioelli: Little Treasures, Hee Sook Kim

Diaspora & Nationalism in the Eastern Mediterranean: Egypt’s 1919 Revolution and the Foreign Communities in Social Transformation and Mass Mobilization In the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Cities, 1900-1923, Alexander Kitroeff


Einstein@Home Discovery of 24 Pulsars in the Parkes Multi-Beam Pulsar Survey, B. Knispel, R. P. Eatough, H. Kim, E. F. Keane, and Fronefield Crawford

Formation Principles for Templated Vanadium Selenite Oxalates, Jacob H. Koffer '13, Jacob H. Olshansksy '12, Matthew D. Smith '13, Joshua Schrier, and Alexander J. Norquist


Using a Peptide System to test the Coiled-Coil Model of Polyglutamine Aggregation, Bashkim Kokona, Karl A. Johnson, and Robert Fairman

Jüdische Existenz in der Moderne: Abraham Geiger und die Wissenschaft des Judentums, Ken Koltun-Fromm

In the Image and Likeness of God: From Ancient Rabbis to Modern (Feminist) Jews, Naomi Koltun-Fromm

New Approaches to the Study of Biblical Interpretation in Judaism of the Second Temple Period and in Early Christianity, Naomi Koltun-Fromm

Review of Clifford G. Gaddy's and Barry Ickes' Bear Traps on Russia's Road to Modernization, Vladimir Kontorovich


The Preobrazhenskii-Feldman Myth and the Soviet Industrialization, Vladimir Kontorovich

The Activity of Being: an Essay on Aristotle’s Ontology, Aryeh Kosman


Flagellar Waveform Dynamics of Freely Swimming Algal Cells, H. Kurtuldu, D. Tam, A. E. Hosoi, and Karl A. Johnson


Hierarchical networks, power laws, and neuronal avalanches, Adam Landsberg and E. J. Friedman

Plainness and Simplicity, Emma Jones Lapsansky-Werner

Relationships, Benjamin Le and Lydia F. Emery '12


PEACE: Pulsar Evaluation Algorithm for Candidate Extraction - A Software Package for Post-analysis Processing of Pulsar Survey Candidates, K. J. Lee, K. Stovall, F. A. Jenet, J. Martinez, and Fronefield Crawford

Legendrian contact homology in Seifert fibered spaces, Joan E. Licata and Joshua Marc Sabloff

Does ego development increase during midlife? The effects of openness and accommodative processing of difficult events, Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl, R. Helson, and O. P. John

When is meaning-making unhealthy for the self? The roles of neuroticism, implicit theories and memory telling in trauma and transgression memories, Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl, K. C. McLean, and C. D. Mansfield

an Invitational, Artists invite Artists, Ying Li

Creative Hand, Discerning Heart: Form, Rhythm, Song, Ying Li

Ying Li recent Paintings, Ying Li

Bonhoeffer, Thomas Lloyd

Eternity’s Disclosure, Thomas Lloyd

Friday Arts, Thomas Lloyd

Writing Reason, Danielle Macbeth

Meaning and aesthetics in Kongo art in Kongo Across the Waters, Wyatt MacGaffey


Cholera Outbreaks in Nigeria are Associated with Multidrug Resistant Atypical El Tor and non-O1/non-O139 Vibrio cholerae., M. A. Marin, C. C. Thompson, F. S. Freitas, E. L. Fonseca, and Iruka N. Okeke


Axiverse cosmology and the energy scale of inflation, D. J. Marsh, Daniel Grin, R. Hlozek, and P. G. Ferreira

Review of “Contemporary Identities of Creativity and Creative Work” by Stephanie Taylor and Karen Littleton, Lisa McCormick

Ambivalence over Participatory Planning within a Progressive Regime: Waterfront Planning in Philadelphia., Stephen J. McGovern

Manipulating Action in the Mirror Box Illusion, Jared Medina, Priya Khurana, and H. Branch Coslett

Review of Wellman, James K. and Lombardi, Clark Benner, eds., Religion and Human Security: A Global Perspective, Barak Mendelsohn

SMG-ly Knocking out Gene Expression in Specific Cells; An Educational Primer, Philip M. Meneely and J. C. Bloom

Properties of statistical tests appropriate for the analysis of data in disparate impact cases, Weiwen Miao and Joseph L. Gastwirth

Doomed Couple [Book Review], Graciela Michelotti-Cristobal

The Women’s Suffrage Movement and Feminism in Argentina from Roca to Peron, Graciela Michelotti-Cristobal and Gregory Hammond

Bad Scorpion : Cacaemphaton and Poetics in Martial's Ligurinus-Cycle, Bret Mulligan


The Bridge, Bret Mulligan, Julie Ta '16, Carman Romano '16, Vanessa Felso '15, and Blair Rush '16

A Cosmic Growth Spurt in an Infant Galaxy, Desika Narayanan and Chris Carilli

Why is the Milky Way X-factor constant?, Desika Narayanan and P. F. Hopkins

Bounds on Dark Matter Properties from Radio Observations of Ursa Major II using the Green Bank Telescope, A. Natarajan, J. Peterson, T. Voytek, K. Spekkens, and Beth Willman

The Local Luminosity Function of Star-Forming Galaxies Derived from the Planck Early Release Compact Source Catalogue, M. Negrello, M. Clemens, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, and Bruce R. Partridge


Timing and Interstellar Scattering of Thirty-five Distant Pulsars Discovered in the PALFA Survey, D. J. Nice, E. Altiere, S. Bogdanov, J. M. Cordes, and Fronefield Crawford

Kuby Immunology, Judith A. Owen, Jennifer Punt, Sharon A. Stranford, and Patricia P. Jones


Misinformed Voters and the Politics of the Slippery Slope, Giri Parameswaran


Jet energy measurement with the ATLAS detector in proton-proton collisions at s√=7 TeV, Kerstin M. Perez

Progress on Large-Scale, Low-Cost Si(Li) Detector Fabrication for the GAPS Balloon Mission, Kerstin M. Perez

Progress on Large-Scale, Low-Cost Si(Li) Detector Fabrication for the GAPS Balloon Mission, Proceedings of IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, Kerstin M. Perez

The GAPS Experiment: Hunting for Dark Matter with Antideuterons, Kerstin M. Perez

The GAPS Experiment: Hunting for Dark Matter with Antideuterons, Proceedings of 33rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Kerstin M. Perez


The pGAPS experiment: an engineering balloon flight of prototype GAPS, Kerstin M. Perez


The SLUGGS Survey: Kinematics for over 2500 Globular Clusters in Twelve Early-type Galaxies, Vincenzo Pota, Duncan A. Forbes, Aaron J. Romanowsky, Jean P. Brodie, and Jonathan Hargis

Ceremonial Contingencies and the Ambiguous Rites of Freedom in Žižek Now: Current Perspectives in Žižek Studies, Joshua Alan Ramey

Desire at the Encounter: Nathan Widder’s Micropolitical Deleuze, Joshua Alan Ramey

Learning the Uncanny in Deleuze and Education, Joshua Alan Ramey


Protocols of Surrender: Stammering Along the Gothic Line in Sonic Bibles: A Radical Theologies Mix Tape, Joshua Alan Ramey

The Justice of Non-­Philosophy in Laruelle and Non-­Philosophy, Joshua Alan Ramey


Sophia Within, Without Sophia, Wither Sophia: A Commentary on Philip K. Dick in Glossator, Vol. 8: The Mystical Text: Black Clouds Course Through Me Unending, Joshua Alan Ramey and Aron Dunlap


Eight New Radio Pulsars in the Large Magellanic Cloud, J. P. Ridley and Fronefield Crawford

The Golden Ass, Deborah H. Roberts

Homeric Concerns: Metapoetic Elements in the Proem to Book 2 of the De Rerum Naturae, Sydnor Roy

Obstructions to Lagrangian cobordisms between Legendrians via generating families, Joshua Marc Sabloff and Lisa Traynor

The structural transformation of monoclinic [(R)-C5H14N2][Cu(SO4)2(H2O)4]·2H2O into orthorhombic [(R)-C5H14N2]2[Cu(H2O)6](SO4)3: crystal structures and thermal behavior, Salem Saïd, Noureddine Mhadhbi, Fadhel Hajlaoui, and Alexander J. Norquist

On Iraqi Nationality: Law, Citizenship, and Exclusion, Zainab Saleh

Effect of Cooling Injection on Transonic Tip Flows, Zainab Saleh and Andrew P.S. Wheeler

Chapter 19: John Quincy Adams, Cosmopolitan in A Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Bethel Saler


A Search for Rapidly Spinning Pulsars and Fast Transients in Unidentified Radio Sources with the NRAO 43 Meter Telescope, D. Schmidt and Fronefield Crawford