Submissions from 2010

Anthropocentrism and the Argument from Gaia Theory, Thomas J. Donahue

Terrorism and the Types of Wrongdoing, Thomas J. Donahue

At War with the Past? The Politics of Truth Seeking in Guatemala, Anita J. Isaacs

Guatemala on the Brink, Anita J. Isaacs

Fixing Broken Cities: The Implementation of Urban Development Strategies [Book review], Stephen J. McGovern

Bolstering the state: a different perspective on the war in the Jihadi movement, Barak Mendelsohn

Rule-Following and Discretion at Government's Frontlines: Continuity and Change during Organization Socialization, Zachary W. Oberfield

Submissions from 2009

Going Public: Hannah Arendt, Immigrant Action, and the Space of Appearance, Cristina Beltram

Sudan, Harvey Glickman and Emma Rodman

La Crisis post-Rosenberg y el rol EE.UU, Isaacs

Written Statement before House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Anita Isaacs

Truth and Challenge of Reconciliation in Guatemala, Anita J. Isaacs and Joanna Quinn

Mobilization on the waterfront: the ideological/cultural roots of potential regime change in Philadelphia, Stephen J. McGovern

Al-Qaeda's Palestinian problem, Barak Mendelsohn

Combating Jihadism: American hegemony and interstate cooperation in the war on terrorism, Barak Mendelsohn

English School, American Style: Testing the Preservation-seeking Quality of the International Society, Barak Mendelsohn

Hamas and its discontents: The battle over Islamic rule in Gaza, Barak Mendelsohn

Submissions from 2008

Theorizing Europe and its Divisions [book review], Craig Borowiak

The World Tribunal on Iraq: Citizens' Tribunals and the Struggle for Accountabilit, Craig Borowiak

Evolving Visions of Waterfront Development in Postindustrial Philadelphia: the Formative Role of Elite Ideologies, Stephen J. McGovern

Stretching Military Analysis to Include Asymmetical Conflict, Barak Mendelsohn

Pluralism Examined: Party Television Expenditures Focused on the Latino Vote in Presidential Elections, Zachary W. Oberfield and Adam J. Segal

Constructing Democracy in Transitioning Societies in Africa, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2007

Accountability Debates: The Federalists, the Anti-Federalists, and Democratic Deficits, Craig Borowiak

Downtown, Stephen J. McGovern and David Goldfield

Islam, democracy and the state in Algeria: Lessons for the western Mediterranean and beyond, Robert A. Mortimer

America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness, Sidney R. Waldman

Submissions from 2006

Islamism in Sudan’s Civil War, Harvey Glickman

The Nigerian ‘419’ Advance Fee Scams: Prank or Peril, Harvey Glickman

Confronting the Past: The Challenge of Truth, Justice and Reparations n Guatemala, Anita J. Isaacs

Philadelphia's neighborhood transformation initiative: A case study of mayoral leadership, bold planning, and conflict, Stephen J. McGovern

Algeria: Testing Bouteflika's Leadership, Robert A. Mortimer

State and Army in Algeria: the 'Bouteflika Effect', Robert A. Mortimer

Submissions from 2005

Political Questions, Thomas J. Donahue

U.S. v. American Library Association, Thomas J. Donahue

Africa in the War on Terrorism, Harvey Glickman


Securing the Spectacular City: The Politics of Revitalization and Homelessness in Downtown Seattle and The Prince of Providence [book review], Stephen J. McGovern

Sovereignty under attack: the international society meets the Al Qaeda network, Barak Mendelsohn

J’y crois – I believe in it: the road to decentralization in Mali [book review], Susanna D. Wing

Mali, Susanna D. Wing

Mauritania, Susanna D. Wing

Pluralisme juridique et droits de la femme au Mali et au Benin, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2004

Patrolling borders: Hybrids, hierarchies and the challenge of Mestizaje, Cristina Beltram

Farmers Rights: Intellectual Property and the Struggle Over Seeds, Craig Borowiak

Rewriting the Legal Family: Beyond Exclusivity to a Care-Based Standard, Matthew Kavanagh

Bouteflika and the Challenge of Political Stability, Robert A. Mortimer

Mali: Democracy's Bumpy Road, Susanna D. Wing

Mali: Growth and Reconciliation - Democracy Perseveres, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2003

Urban policy reconsidered : dialogues on the problems and prospects of American cities, Charles C. Euchner and Stephen J. McGovern

Government and Politics in Ecuador, Anita J. Isaacs

Guatemala's War Crimes, Anita J. Isaacs

Ideology, consciousness, and inner-city redevelopment: The case of Stephen Goldsmith's Indianapolis, Stephen J. McGovern

Neighborhoods, race and the state, Stephen J. McGovern

Response to Goldsmith: Reflections on government activism and community development, Stephen J. McGovern

Israeli self-defeating deterrence in the 1991 Gulf War, Barak Mendelsohn

African union, Robert A. Mortimer

Algeria, Vietnam, and Afro-Asian Solidarity, Robert A. Mortimer

The return of Bouteflika, Robert A. Mortimer

Against Ecofeminism: The Splintered Subject of Agrarian Nationalism in Post-Independent India, T. Roy and Craig Borowiak

Women in Mali, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2002

Los problemas de la consolidacion democratica en Ecuador, F. Burbano and Anita J. Isaacs

Questioning the State: Constitutionalism and the Malian Espace d'interpellation democratique., Susanna D. Wing

Women Activists in Mali and the Global Discourse on Human Rights, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2001

World Citizenship vs. State Sovereignty: Decisionism, Political Theology, and the Possibility of Democracy without a State, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Managing ethnic conflict in Africa: pressures and incentives for cooperation, Harvey Glickman

A Beauty that Hurts: Life and Death in Guatemala [book review], Anita J. Isaacs

Of centaurs and doves: Guatemala's peace process [book review], Anita J. Isaacs


City Against Suburb: The Culture Wars in an American Metropolis [book review], Stephen J. McGovern

Algeria, Robert A. Mortimer

Maghreb, Robert A. Mortimer

Submissions from 2000

Islamism in Sudan's civil war, Harvey Glickman

International assistance for democracy: a cautionary tale, Anita J. Isaacs and Jorge Dominguez

Bouteflika and Algeria's Path from Revolt to Reconciliation , Robert A. Mortimer

From ECOMOG to ECOMOG II: Intervention in Sierra Leone, Robert A. Mortimer

How congress does the difficult, Sidney R. Waldman

Submissions from 1999

Review of Allpanchis 49, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Arab Maghreb Union: myth and reality, Robert A. Mortimer

Submissions from 1998

Ethnicity, Elections and Constitutional Democracy in Africa, Harvey Glickman

Ecuador, Anita Isaacs

Politics of Downtown Development: Dynamic Political Cultures in San Francisco and Washington, DC, Stephen J. McGovern

Submissions from 1997

Tanzania: from disillusionment to guarded optimism, Harvey Glickman


The World Bank and Non-Governmental Organizations: The Limits of Development [book review], Isaacs

Cultural Hegemony as an Impediment to Urban Protest Movements: Grassroots Activism and Downtown Development in Washington, DC, Stephen J. McGovern

Mayoral Leadership and Economic Development Policy: The Case of Ed Rendell's Philadelphia, Stephen J. McGovern

Political Culture as a Catalyst for Political Change in American Cities: An Analysis of Competing Models, Stephen J. McGovern

Algeria: the Dialectic of Elections and Violence, Robert A. Mortimer

Resolving identity-based conflict in nations, organizations, and communities, Jay Rothman

The Anthropology of Anger: Civil Society and Democracy in Africa [book review], Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 1996

Race and Ethnic Relations, Harvey Glickman

Quest for Peace in South Africa: Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges, Peace Mission 1996, Selected Reports, Harvey Glickman and Michael H. Allen

Ecuador [book review], Isaacs

Multilateralism and the Promotion and Defense of Democracy and Human Rights: an Interim Report, Anita J. Isaacs

Sustaining democracy in Ecuador, Anita J. Isaacs

Theories of Dependent Foreign Policy and the Case of Ecuador in the 1980s [book review], Anita J. Isaacs

International support for democratization: a map and some policy guidelines derived from the four case studies, Anita J. Isaacs and Tom Farer

ECOMOG, Liberia, and Regional Security in West Africa, Robert A. Mortimer

Islamists, Soldiers, and Democrats: the Second Algerian War, Robert A. Mortimer

Senegal's Role in Ecomog: The Francophone Dimension in the Liberian Crisis, Robert A. Mortimer

Submissions from 1995

Ethnic Conflict and Democratization in Africa, Harvey Glickman

Ethnic Conflict Management in Tanzania, Harvey Glickman