Submissions from 2023


The Source Code: Revenue Composition and the Adequacy, Equity, and Stability of K-12 School Spending, Bruce D. Baker, Matthew Di Carlo, and Zachary Oberfield

Order, justice and inequality: the curious case of jihadist divine justice, Barak Mendelsohn

Paper Tiger: The Enemy Image of America, Barak Mendelsohn and Dominic Tierney

Paper Tiger: The Enemy Image of America, Barak Mendelsohn and Dominic Tierney

Submissions from 2022

Deconstructing the Divides, Thomas J. Donahue


The Untaken Turn:Transnationalism in Political Theory - Inés Valdez: Transnational Cosmopolitanism: Kant, Du Bois, and Justice as a Political Craft [book review], Thomas J. Donahue


Territorial Rights for Individuals, States, or Pueblos? Answers from Indigenous Land Struggles in Colonial Spanish America, Paulina Ochoa Espejo


Driven from Home: Taking Stock of Central American Migration, Anita Isaacs

Anti-Terrorism Law and Foreign Terrorist Fighters [book review], Barak Mendelsohn


Zawahiri’s Legacy and the Prospects for an al-Qaeda Revival, Barak Mendelsohn and Colin P. Clarke

The Stora Report, Robert Mortimer

The Politics of Progressivity: Court-Ordered Reforms, Racial Difference, and School Finance Fairness, Zachary Oberfield

Locating the territoriality of territory in border studies, Anssi Paasi, Md Azmeary Ferdoush, Reece Jones, Alexander B. Murphy, and Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Submissions from 2021

Algorithm Ethics: Interrogating Incentives in the Age of Uber, Craig Borowiak

Justice for People on the Move: Migration in Challenging Times [book review], Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The state and its alternatives: Comments on Anna Stilz’s Territorial Sovereignty, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Commoning and the politics of solidarity: Transformational responses to poverty, Stephen Healy, Craig Borowiak, Marianna Pavlovskaya, and Maliha Safri

Litigating Socio-Economic and Women’s Rights in Benin’s Constitutional Court, Alice J. Kang and Sussana Wing

Casting Shadow: Founders and the Unique Challenges of a Terrorist Group's First Leadership Change, Barak Mendelsohn


Al-Qaeda Is Being Hollowed to Its Core, Barak Mendelsohn and Colin Clarke

Racial Discrimination and Street‐Level Managers: Performance, Publicness, and Group Bias, Zachary Oberfield and Matthew Incantalupo

Redistribution under General Decision Rules, Giri Parameswaran and Hunter Rendleman '18

Another Coup in Mali? Here's what you need to know., Susanna Wing

Submissions from 2020

On Borders: Territories, Legitimacy and the Rights of Place, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Border Wall as a Populist Challenge, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Political Value of Time: Citizenship, Duration, and Democratic Justice [book review], Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Analyzing Urban Politics: A Mobilization-Governance Framework, Stephen McGovern

Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Challenges of Succession in Terrorist Organizations, Barak Mendelsohn

In Limited Demand: The Other Foreign Volunteers in the Syrian Civil War, Barak Mendelsohn

The Limits of Ideologically-Unlikely Partnerships: Syria's Support for Jihadi Terrorist Groups, Barak Mendelsohn

Why Do Armed Nonstate Groups Use Foreign Volunteers? The Case of the Islamic State, Barak Mendelsohn

Parent Engagement and Satisfaction in Public Charter and District Schools, Zachary Oberfield

The Social Context of Charter Schools, Zachary W. Oberfield

The Place of Common Bond: Can Credit Unions Make Place for Solidarity Economy?, Marianna Pavlovskaya, Craig Borowiak, Maliha Safri, Stephen Healy, and Roberto Eletto


Combating Insecurity in Mali, Sussana Wing

Submissions from 2019

Poverty in Transit: Uber, Taxi Coops, and the Struggle over Philadelphia's Transportation Economy, Craig Borowiak

Taxi co‐ops versus Uber: Struggles for workplace democracy in the sharing economy, Craig Borowiak

Unfreedom for All, Thomas J. Donahue

The Battle for Algeria: Explaining Fratricide among Armed Nonstate Actors, Barak Mendelsohn

Change and stability in public workforce development: a 10-year study of new officers in an urban police department, Zachary Oberfield

Unionization and Street-Level Bureaucracy: An Examination of Public School Teachers in the United States, Zachary Oberfield

Discretion From a Sociological Perspective, Zachary W. Oberfield

Submissions from 2018

Navigating the Fault Lines: Race and Class in Philadelphia's Solidarity Economy, Craig Borowiak, Maliha Safri, Stephen Healy, and Marianna Pavlovskaya

Public sector diversity research: Taking stock, Leisha DeHart-Davis, Deneen M. Hatmaker, Zachary Oberfield, and Amy E. Smith

A Political Theory of Territory [book review], Paulina Ochoa Espejo


What Money Can’t Buy: Face-to-Face Cooperation and Local Democratic Life, Paulina Ochoa Espejo


Tear gas and intimidation won’t fix the root causes of migration, Anita J. Isaacs and Anne Preston


Bound to Fail: Transnational Jihadism and the Aggregation Problem, Barak Mendelsohn

Confounding Powers: Anarchy and International Society from the Assassins to Al Qaeda, Barak Mendelsohn

Deadly Clerics: Blocked Ambition and the Path to Jihad [book review], Barak Mendelsohn

Jihadism Constrained: the limits of transitional jihadism and what it means for counterterrorism, Barak Mendelsohn

Terrorism and Protean Power: How Terrorists Navigate Uncertainty, Barak Mendelsohn

The Future of al-Qaeda: Lessons from the Muslim Brotherhood, Barak Mendelsohn

Crisis and Intervention: Combating Terrorism in the Sahel, Sussana D. Wing

Submissions from 2017


Strangers in Our Midst: The Political Philosophy of Immigration, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

The Ethics of Immigration, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Misunderstanding terrorism [book review], Barak Mendelsohn

Are Charters Different? Public Education, Teachers, and the Charter School Debate, Zachary W. Oberfield

Troubled Waters: Tracing Globalization and Waste in the Delaware River, J. M. Ross, Craig Borowiak, Vicky Funari, and Helen K. White

Mali's Enduring Crisis, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2016

The analytical-Continental divide: Styles of dealing with problems, Thomas J. Donahue and Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Taking Place Seriously: Territorial Presence and the Rights of Immigrants, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

From the outside in: suburban elites, third-sector organizations, and the reshaping of Philadelphia, Stephen J. McGovern


The Streets of San Francisco: Policing and the Creation of a Cosmopolitan Liberal Politics, 1950-1972 [Book Review], Stephen J. McGovern

Israel and Its Messianic Right: Path Dependency and State Authority in International Conflict, Barak Mendelsohn

The al Qaeda Franchise: The Expansion of al-Qaeda and Its Consequences, Barak Mendelsohn

A Bargain Half Fulfilled: Teacher Autonomy and Accountability in Traditional Public Schools and Public Charter Schools, Zachary W. Oberfield

Why are Some Agencies Perceived as more Committed to Diversity than Others? An analysis of public-sector diversity climates, Zachary W. Oberfield

French intervention in Mali: strategic alliances, long-term regional presence?, Susanna D. Wing

Bargaining for Women's Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy, Sussana D. Wing

Submissions from 2015


Mapping Social and Solidarity Economy: the Local and Translocal Evolution of a Concept, Craig Borowiak

Assessing the Past and Promise of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey for Public Management Research: A Research Synthesis, Sergio Fernandez, William G. Resh, Tima Moldogaziev, and Zachary W. Oberfield

Threat Analysis and the UN's 1267 Sanctions Committee, Barak Mendelsohn


A New Hope for Peace, but Old Challenges Remain in Mali, Susanna D. Wing

Hands off my constitution’: Constitutional reform and the workings of democracy in Mali, Susanna D. Wing

Review of Emily S. Burrill. States of Marriage: Gender,Justice, and Right in Colonial Mali, Susanna D. Wing

States of Marriage: Gender, Justice, and Rights in Colonial Mali [book review], Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2014

Al Qaeda's Syria Problem, Ariel I. Ahram and Barak Mendelsohn

Considering the US Constitution through State Amendments:The 2011 and 2012 Elections, Sean Beienburg

Political Theory in the Liberal Arts: How It’s Different and Why It’s Not all the Same, Craig Borowiak

People, Territory and Legitimacy in Democratic States, Paulina Ochoa Espejo

New Bad Old Times for Guatemala, Anita J. Isaacs


Governance and Transparency at PEPFAR, Matthew Kavanagh

The Politics & Epidemiology of Transition: PEPFAR and AIDS in South Africa, Matthew Kavanagh

After Disowning ISIS, al Qaeda is Back On Top: Here's Why That Isn't Necessarily Bad News, Barak Mendelsohn

Al Qaeda and Global Governance: The Constraining Impact of Rigid Ideology, Barak Mendelsohn

Decoding Al-Qaeda's Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America, Barak Mendelsohn

Review of Michael W.S. Ryan, “Decoding Al-Qaeda’s Strategy: The Deep Battle Against America, Barak Mendelsohn

State Authority in the Balance: The Israeli State and the Messianic Settler Movement, Barak Mendelsohn

The Terrorist's Dilemma: Managing Violent Covert Organizations, Barak Mendelsohn

Threat Identification and the UN’s 1267 Sanctions Committee, Barak Mendelsohn

U.S. Strategy in a Transitioning Middle East: Reviving 'State Responsibility', Barak Mendelsohn

Accounting for Time: Comparing Temporal and Atemporal Analyses of the Business Case for Diversity Management, Zachary W. Oberfield

Becoming Bureaucrats: Socialization at the Front Lines of Government, Zachary W. Oberfield

Motivation, Change, and Stability: Findings from an Urban Police Department, Zachary W. Oberfield

Public Management in Time: A Longitudinal Examination of the Full Range of Leadership Theory, Zachary W. Oberfield

Mali: Incentives and Challenges for Decentralization, Susanna D. Wing

Submissions from 2013

Disorienting Cosmopolitanism: Democratic Accountability and the Politics of Disruption, Craig Borowiak

Review of Envisioning Real Utopias by Erik Olin Wright, Craig Borowiak

Terrorism, Moral Conceptions, and Moral Innocence, Thomas J. Donahue